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“AH”: Send Mother Earth A Valentine on the 14th of February, World Sound Healing Day

World Sound Healing Day – February 14, 2015 – A Sonic Valentine for Earth

“Become a Sonic Co-Creator,” says sound pioneer Jonathan Goldman ( Send a Healing “AH” sound to the planet with your voice! Attend or plan a local World Sound Healing Day event, join with online participants at or from wherever you are.
World Sound Healing Day - February 14, 2015 - A Sonic Valentine for Earth

Boulder, CO, January 29, 2015 –(– With the Earth, its waters and its people in such a dramatic situation of crisis, Jonathan Goldman and others believe that the use of intentionalized sound, such as occurs on World Sound Healing Day, can dramatically shift the consciousness of those on our planet from one of competition to cooperation–allowing us to work together to create solutions for these problems.

Goldman invites you to help co-create planetary and personal transformation during World Sound Healing Day, Saturday, February 14, 2015. And to view and share the latest World Sound Healing Day event information, activities and video at A special World Sound Healing Day AH Training Wave Video is posted at

On World Sound Healing Day, tone AH on your heart energy center (heart chakra) for 5 minutes at noon your time, created and projected with the energy of compassion and love. Blend your heart-centered AH tones with others in a healing wave of love for Mother Earth. Visit to enhance the event’s vibratory effect as we sound together for planetary peace and harmony. Participants may also choose to sound solo, with a group or attend/create their own local events.

What is the purpose of World Sound Healing Day?

To heal our planet
To heal our waters
To raise our consciousness

Anyone with a positive intention to enhance the consciousness of our planet can help co-create World Sound Healing Day. You don’t need to be a singer or have any musical ability to take part in this event.

Can people making sound together help create peace on the planet?

Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman thinks so. On Saturday, February 14, 2015, Jonathan and Andi Goldman and other like-minded individuals around the world, will co-create and send a Valentine frequency of love to the Earth as they sound for peace, understanding and love from Boulder, CO.

The “AH” is a universal, non-denominational heart sound that, when projected with focused energy, is extremely powerful and effective,” says Goldman. He’s found that creating a global sound such as the World Sound Healing Day “AH” creates a transformational wave of energy that can positively affect the Earth. He adds: “We heal the planet, we heal ourselves. We heal ourselves, we heal the planet.”

For a free global toning warm-up session on Saturday, February 14, 2015, 11 AM EST (US), tune in to Jonathan and Andi Goldman on Healing Sounds Radio at Healthy Life Radio or call into the show at 1-800-555-5453 |310-371-5444.

The synchronized waveforms of World Sound Healing Day have been measured by the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University. The event is a Sonic Valentine for the Earth using an intentionalized AH sound as a medium for peace, global and personal transformation.

The AH sound is the tone of the heart energy center known as a chakra in holistic healing modalities. It has been said for several years that “sound is a complementary modality for many healing paths,” benefiting body/spirit/mind and sending healing energies to the planet.

Mystic Edgar Cayce predicted sound “will be the medicine of the future.” Jonathan says Cayce’s prediction is manifesting now. Goldman’s music is a favorite of holistic and allopathic practitioners including massage therapists, RN’s, yoga & relaxation teachers and others such as Lynn Mc Taggart, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Drunvalo Melkchizedek and Gregg Braden. Jonathan and Andi Goldman are global teachers who have presented at The Royal College of Music in London; Omega Institute (New York); Sivananda Yoga Retreat (Bahamas); Cayce-A.R.E. Institute; Unity Village (Lee Summit, MO); and The University of Arizona Department of Integrative Medicine founded by Dr. Andrew Weil. Goldman recently spoke at the Institute of Noetic Sciences-Tucson, AZ Community.

The Goldmans are the only sound healers to have presented at the Royal College of Music in London. Jonathan led the 24-Global Chant on Dec. 21, 2012 during the Uplift Festival in Australia, joining Barbara Marx Hubbard and a host of teachers including Bruce Lipton, Deva Premal and Miten, Patch Adams, Grandma Agnes, indigenous teacher/wisdom keeper, and many indigenous teachers/musicians. Their yearly sold-out Healing Sounds Intensive each July in Loveland, CO draws people from around the world.

Brief bios:

Sound pioneer Jonathan Goldman, is a Grammy-nominated musician for “Master Tibetan Chant” (with Lama Tashi) in 2005. Jonathan’s “The Divine Name: I AM” CD has won accolades. The award-winning “Chakra Frequencies” by Jonathan and Andi Goldman (Destiny Books 2011), is endorsed by Deepak Chopra, M.D., and physicist Gregg Braden.

Goldman’s latest CD release is “Healing Sounds: Frequencies II.” His “Merkaba of Sound” won the 2014 COVR Visionary Award for “Best Sound Healing” Album of the Year. Wayne Dyer also endorses Goldman’s CD, “The Divine Name: I AM” (Spirit Music) ~ “It’s like meditating while being cradled in the arms of God.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Andi Goldman is a holistic psychologist, sound pioneer, musician, award-winning author and Director of Healing Sounds Summer Intensives celebrating their 20th consecutive year in 2015.

Jonathan and Andi Goldman are available for interviews.

Contact: Joan Vann, | 520-358-0575


Why we meditate … on a personal and planetary level

Meditation develops “inner sight,” which is an exploration into the world of the spirit, of self-knowledge, of the energies of divine light and love, of life and death, of consciousness … One does not begin to look inward at the world of spirit with one’s flesh eyes open and looking at the material world …

“Aim for a still, quiet mind. Cease thinking in words. Think instead in images and pictures. Let reality wash over you and learn to ‘just let go.’ Let thoughts and emotions rise and leave naturally, do not cling to them nor attempt to block them.  

“Meditation alters one’s very relation to reality. ‘People grasping their own shadows of discrimination become attached to this thing and to that thing and failing to abandon dualism they go on forever and thus never attain tranquility. By tranquility is meant Oneness.'” — Buddha Shakyamuni

“Buddhists … when they sit in meditation … enter a state of tranquility. This is because energy from the universe will start to gather around a person’s body when he calms down and settles his mind. ” — Master Li Hongzhi in Falun Gong (English Version), Chapter I
Shambhala Center
Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 10/1/2011, 10:34pm

“The necessary and welcome economic growth within our Sangha, in the form of business operations and commercial and domestic investments, has brought along as a byproduct an increasing frequency of disagreements and disputes. There is a need for our society to provide resources for the sane, non-agressive resolution of such conflicts in keeping with the principles of Dharma and the Great Eastern Sun. Accordingly I have decided to institute and appoint the Upaya Council. The function of the Upaya Council shall be to mediate and/or arbitrate commercial and domestic disputes among members of the Vajradhatu community, as individuals, groups, or businesses. It shall be the initial task of the Upaya Council to propose to me and my Privy Council a set of guidelines under which it shall operate. There shall be no internal hierarchy within the Upaya Council and each member shall have an equal voice; the findings of the Council shall be arrived at by unanimous consent.” — Vajracarya the Venerable Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche, Spring, 1979

Sound Healer Jonathan Goldman

“We are living in extraordinary times. There are frequency shifts occurring on both personal and planetary levels. We can learn to consciously raise our own vibratory patterns to align with these energies for health and transformation.”

“Breaking Through the Wall of Your Heart” … A Coherent Wave Between Your Heart and Your Celestial Soul

The inspiration for the title of this post goes to Bradley Nelson’s Healing Codes: “Breaking Through the Wall of Your Heart.”

Says Leonard Orr, in Breaking The Death Habit: “Finding eternal life in the human heart is the source of health in the mind and body.”

Says L. Ron Hubbard, in speaking of the state known as “Relief,” in in The States of Existence:


“Man has never known, except in some of the rare miracle workers he regarded as saints, how to bring relief to various ills. The secret was that one is connecting oneself to what he abhors* {italics mine}.”


Says Tom Kenyon: “When you’re connected* to your celestial soul {which is within — and which is the Christ energy Florence Scovell Shinn speaks of}, there is no fear {or anger …}”: There is Control, or Self-discipline, of “Spiritual C-P-R.” And there is Purification = Right Thought, as in: “As a man thinketh …”

As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 7

“Keep your hands firmly upon the helm of thought … Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power. Say into your heart: ‘Peace be still.’”

Is it possible for us to have the strength to connect to what we love/what we love with — rather than what we abhor — for health in mind and body?

As it has been noted by Jonathan Goldman, in speaking of , that breathing in and out from your heart center creates

… I ask you — toward the end of helping us look inward toward the celestial soul or heart — to consider the possibility of Your Heart and Your Celestial Soul … a “natural biofeedback loop” — instead of an electronic or mechanical one with physical universe equipment such as monitors.

A biofeedback loop is a closed loopthat ensures that the trainee focuses their attention inward, according to

A negative feedback loop is one that tends to slow down a process, whereas the positive feedback loop tends to accelerate it.

“[Practical experimenters] object to the mathematician’s definition, pointing out that this would force them to say that feedback was present in the ordinary pendulum {Think: Kybalion} … between its position and its momentum – a ‘feedback’ that, from the practical point of view, is somewhat mystical.

From The Unexplainable Store


“All that we are is a result of what we have thought” – Buddha

“10 Steps For Manifestation

1. Relax your mind, body, and soul. You should be totally relaxed

and allow positive energy {to} engulf your entire being.

2. Let your mind blockages go, and open your spiritual mind.

3. Once you reached an Altered Conscious State, it’s time to



“It can take extensive practice and intense training learn how to change your brain waves in order to obtain the proper manifestation mindset, but attaining the proper mindset is essential for Manifestation in its fullest effect.”


May it be so …

Shifting Consciousness from Unwanted Emotions in the Spirit of The Kybalion “Just for today”

Words, Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs are spirit … In Stillness … they may become conscious and recognized or listened to … and shifted or transformed — From the Header to this Blog

Who, In Fact, You Really Are By Cosmic Awareness — The Law of Silence

“The silence is found within the soul and is not limited to sound but also relates to silence in terms of motion, emotion and feelings.”

What is “Cosmic Awareness”? For educational purposes — and acknowledgment of those who put forth the laws such as The Law of Silence — so you may go to their website at, I give you the following information:


“Cosmic Awareness is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and other great avatars who served as channels for what is commonly referred to as “God.” The messages do not come from spirits, ghosts or discarnate entities, but directly from the source — Universal Consciousness.

“Early in 1962, a voice expressing itself as Cosmic Awareness began speaking through Ralph Duby, a university lecturer and ex-army officer who had been through the Bataan Death March in Philippines during World War II. The voice spoke whenever the subject was in a state of self-induced trance.

“Since that time, much valuable information has come through to us on this earthly plane from a source so high it staggers the imagination. The resulting flow of spiritual knowledge and the means of its practical application are similar to the work of Edgar Cayce, one of the most famous and documented psychics of all time.

“When the question was asked of Cosmic Awareness: “What is Cosmic Awareness?” we were told that Cosmic Awareness is the total mind that is not any one mind, but is the Universal Mind. It does not represent any unit other than that of complete and total Universality. We were told that we are all part of Cosmic Awareness and that we all have that God-cell within that can be contacted. {Note from Theta Networker: The Kybalion, too, states: “All is in THE ALL and THE ALL is in all.”} No need to run off to psychics or priests or spiritual mediators.”


Edgar Cayce Reading 2622-1

“Each soul’s entrance into material consciousness should represent to the entity the awareness that a universal consciousness, God, is aware of the entity’s purposes, the entity’s aims. And this consciousness represents an opportunity for the entity, in the material experience, to become a channel to glorify that purpose, that cause.”

  “The Enigma of Emotion”

Just what is this quality called human emotion? … how may we rise above unwanted emotions and … not “need to” manifest any emotion that is “wrong” to us or uncomfortable?

You And Your Brain, by Judith Groch, left me feeling that if paths of emotions do wind through so many levels that the trail is difficult to follow, and emotion/feeling itself is indeed private, invisible and know only to its originator/creator and then “floats out of reach, then emotion is so ephemeral that we have no need to be stuck on or in any particular emotion. That is to say: We created it out of our own “xing” or sentiment – as Falun Gong practitioners might say – “Why should we be {emotionally}be moved? … We ought to be able to “move on” from it, and in the spirit of what L. Ron Hubbard calls “the joy of creation,” intentionally create a new, more pleasing emotions or feeling at will even as we can self-create intentional sounds of differing frequencies as Jonathan Goldman has noted in his formula: VISUALIZATION + INTENT = MANIFESTATION. How may we make it so? … Applying the principles of the Kybalion looks like the way to me:

“As above, so below. As below, so above.” — The Kybalion – II. The Principle of Correspondence

The Kybalion – IV. The Principle of Polarity

The Kybalion V. The Principle of Rhythm

“Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic transmutation is a mental Art.” — The Kybalion, Chapter III  — Mental Transmutation

Tom Kenyon on The 23rd Psalm

Tom Kenyon explains the 23rd Psalm as a mantra that opens up/activates your celestial soul … which is not something outside of you … The connection is a shift of consciousness … the 5th dimension in your consciousness, which is outside of time and space … that still small place in consciousness where the small voice of your own divinity {not anything outside of yourself} can speak to you. And he notes: When you’re connected to your celestial soul {higher self}, there is no fear {no”unconscious”kickback or  reactivity} … Try out what I am suggesting in this post, and – as Colette Baron-Reid says in her chakra clearings: “experience what you feel” …

Let me know how it goes!

From The Five Principles of Reiki Dr. Mikao Usui

“Just for today do not worry”

“Just for today do not anger”

And so, I end this post as it began:

Words, Thoughts, Feelings and Beliefs are spirit … In Stillness … they may become conscious and recognized or listened to … and shifted or transformed

Rapport: Warm Empathic Connections, laughter and clear communication

Psychic Harmony

My idea of RAPPORT is a work-in-progress … although I consider it to be  Psychic Harmony, recognizable as a Warm Empathic Connection, laughter and clear communication going (at least) two ways … May your relationships with those around you be about expanding your choices and your freedom … with unlimited options and … opportunities for growth …

Btw, it may indeed be {citing what L. Ron Hubbard said in a related context} that the {flow of the} two-way communication is more important than the {content of the} message.

I welcome your ideas or experience … Here’s some thoughts on what rapport is via Chris Westra:

Practical Mind Reading

By William Walker Atkinson

“This book is a free book brought to you by Christopher Westra. You may freely share it with anyone. In fact, we hope you do!

Version 7/21/2011| brought to you by Christopher Westra Page 27

“Psychic Harmony, or {mental} Rapport

“The term “Rapport” is one frequently met with in occult and psychic books. The word is defined by Webster as ‘Relation; conformity; correspondence; sympathetic accord.’ It is used by occultists in the sense of: “having harmonious vibrations with another,” the occult teachings being that every person has his or her own rate of mental vibration which, when in harmonious accord with the vibrations of another, induces the most favorable conditions for the production of mental or psychic phenomena, or mental relations; sympathetic understanding, etc.

“This ‘harmonious vibration’ does not necessarily mean that the two persons must be attuned to precisely the same key, but that their keynotes must harmonize, instead of producing discord. The comparison of the notes of the musical scale will illustrate the principle thoroughly. When two persons are in ‘rapport’ with each other, there is a mental and psychic harmony between them” …

the end … page 66 … possibilities beyond … :

IN THE demonstrations described and explained in the previous parts of this work, the mental impressions travel from one mind to another over the channels of the “telegraphic wires” of the nervous system of the Transmitter and Receiver. In other words the Mind Reading that is employed in the feats and demonstrations given, is akin to the ordinary “telegraphic current” traveling over the wires from sending station to receiving station, the nervous system of the two persons furnishing a very close counterpart to the telegraphic wire, etc.

But there is a step beyond this, many steps in fact. While the “Contact Mind Reading” which we have described and explained is surely wonderful enough to attract the attention of all thinking minds, still when the advanced student passes on to the field of the Higher Phenomena he is destined to meet with marvelous results which in some cases almost surpass belief. This Higher Phenomena of Mind Reading, or “Telepathic Mind Reading,” when compared to the Contact Mind Reading, is as the “wireless telegraph” when compared to the ordinary telegraph using wires.

In Lesson 1 of this book, we have given you the theories held by scientific men regarding the nature of the waves or currents that proceed from one mind to another, and the mechanism by which these waves are registered. We think it will be interesting to many of you to know that certain Occultists have their own theory regarding this matter, which while not widely known is still of the greatest interest to earnest students of the scientific side of the subject. We allude to what is known as “The Pineal Gland” theory.

The Pineal Gland is a small gland, cone-shaped, and of a reddish-gray color, situated in the brain about the middle of the skull, nearly above the top of the spinal column. It is a compact mass of nervous matter, containing a quantity of what has been called “brain-sand” which is composed of very small particles of gritty matter.

The anatomists and physiologists confess their ignorance of the function and purpose of the Pineal Gland, and it remains for the Occultists to explain its real nature, which is the receiving and registering of the waves or currents, or vibrations of thought and Will received from another person.

This Pineal Gland is, according to the Occultists, the receiving instrument for the “wireless Mind Reading,” and in fact it resembles the actual receiver of the wireless telegraph in more than one respect.

Empathic … Spiritual Connections

Communication at any level consists of two directions, sending and receiving. Whether the sender and receiver each may be  able to sense what the other is feeling or thinking … depends on intention {or intent}. As has been mentioned in this blog: Sound healer and teacher Jonathan Goldman has said that “Intent + Frequency = Manifestation,” which really is heart-centered.

When two people are in rapport, they are spiritually close to each other, they have empathy, they trust each other and would not be blocking each other’s communication in any form: verbal or silent … perhaps even telepathic …

Ways to Start Your Day Walking in the Spirit

Galatians 5: 25

If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit.

As A Man Thinketh, Chapter 7

“Keep your hands firmly upon the helm of thought … Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power. Say into your heart: ‘Peace be still.'”


Be still … Calm the Mind


1. Upon awakening, breathe in and out from your heart center. State affirmations, prayers and invocations.

It has been noted by Jonathan Goldman, in speaking of  , that breathing in and out from your heart center creates   …

{Holographic creation}

2. Ask for a word, sentence or image to hold in your mind & heart for the day.

{Intent + Visualization}

3. Visualize your day happening the way you wish it to happen.



Let Vibrations of Higher Frequency Radiate From Your Heart and Awaken Spirit

Play Colette Baron-Reid’s less-than-15 minute guided meditation mp3, Indwelling Spirit … and “experience how you feel” …

Says Colette: “All of life is a conduit for a conversation with spirit, as the divine intelligence dwells within all things … in invisible as well as visible places” …

Spiritual Frequencies: Healing Frequencies: The Kybalion

As I learned from Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds — The Power of Harmonics, that there are 7 Principles, originated by Hermes Trismegistus — some of which may readily be seen to apply to the field of sound and harmonics — which have come to be known as The Hermetic Principles …

The Kybalion – Online
by Three Initiates

“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding”

“An online ebook edition of The Kybalion {at*} this book is a study of basic hermetic teachings that outline an ageless wisdom. In ancient times (and even today) these teachings were not understood by the lay person, but were readily understood by students, after the axioms and principles had been explained and exemplified by the Hermetic Initiates and Masters to their Neophytes. The Kybalion was originally written in the early 1900’s and is now in the public domain. A priceless gem!”

*Indeed a priceless gem … of over 100 pages comprised of the words of The Kybalion [sometimes, elsewhere, spelled as Kyballion] with appropriate explanation designed for the thoughtful reader with a view — or a starting point — toward actually applying this age-old universal teachings.

Here is how the Content is layed out:


I The Hermetic Philosophy

II The Seven Hermetic Principles

III Mental Transmutation

IV The All

V The Mental Universe

VI The Divine Paradox

VII “The All” in All

VIII The Planes of Correspondence

IX Vibration

X Polarity

XI Rhythm

XII Causation

XIII Gender

XIV Mental Gender

XV Hermetic Axioms

For Further Reading

These are the seven Hermetic Principles:








Healing Sounds: Transformational Musical Journeys: Breathe Out the Old … Breathe in the New …

The Ison Method: Transformational Musical Journeys to Awaken Your Energy Within and Experience Your Essential Self

In The Musical Body Harmonizer, David Ison says: “Breathe into the [chakra] blockage” … In The Musical Body Vitalizer, he speaks of the [outer] Universal Life Force and Qi [within] in terms of the Hermetic [from Hermes Trismegistus, the Greek “Scribe of the Gods”] Principle of Correspondence: ‘As Above, So Below’: He says: “Listen … Breathe … Relax … and Receive … “the boundless, life-giving energy that surrounds us all” descending from your crown chakra … to the base of your spine.

I can’t promise you that your brain waves will be theta if you play David Ison’s Musical Body CDs and follow the Ison Method of guided breathing, listening and meditation, putting your attention on each chakra, in turn …  but you sure won’t be stuck in beta …

It’s an application of what sound healer Jonathan Goldman calls       INTENT + VISUALIZATION = MANIFESTATION … without vocal toning the chakras …


Breathe out the old … Breathe in the new: See where it leads you …

Healing Vibrations: “Don’t bother me, man! … I’m in ‘alpha'” …

Thus we may have spoken  in the days before the awareness of the deep meditation brain waves of theta or delta 🙂

Now is the time for

“There is no such a thing as a single cause of any health problem. We can only talk about cofactors, causative agents and life situations that like pieces of puzzle interact with each other, and together promote a chain of events ending with a named set of symptoms and health problems …

All disorders and health problems that happen to humans are multidimensional, because we, humans are multidimensional. Modern medical science is mainly interested in the physical and tangible world. It blames too many problems on bad genes, bad viruses, bad bacteria …”

Healing Sounds: “Music As the Bridge” … Let’s make sound together …

“Sound heals … Let’s make sound together”

Near the end of Healing Sounds – The Power Of Harmonics, Jonathan Goldman notes, from his observations and experience, that:

“When two people are creating vocal harmonics together, other tones begin to emerge. these are not tones that have been specifically created by either of the two people. These are tones that seem to appear out of thin air.” When this occurs, says Jonathan, he is “always reminded of” the statement of Jesus [Matt.: 20] that: ‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them,’ for when two or more people gather to create sacred sounds, there are other sacred sounds that are heard. It is one of the most mystical experiences imaginable and one that you must experience for yourself.”  

Music As the Bridge

From Music As the Bridge: Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings — by Shirley Rabb Winston, we know that Edgar Cayce, in his readings, said: “Music is the bridge between heaven and earth.”

In Bridge of Waves: What Music Is and How Listening to It Changes the World, W. A. Mathieu speaks of music as bridging mind and heart, self and other, and affirming our place in the world.

The Healing Forces of Music by Randall McClellan Ph.D. speaks of: a manifestation of energy, a force that interacts with the physical world …

“Nothing can be better than a sweet love song
So sweet so sweet so mellow
When you got the girl that you love in your arm
Oh honey I love you I love you yeah
Music is the healing force of the world
It’s understood by every man woman boy and girl
And that’s why that’s why I say
I love music
Any kind of music
Long as it’s swinging
All the joy that it’s bringing”

So I say with Jonathan Goldman: “Sound heals … Let’s make sound together.”

Polarity is Caused by Fear or … Other Human Attachments

I’m not really speaking, of course, of “any kind of music.” I speak here of music that helps create unity in your life instead of the negative polarity of fear or … other human attachments.

A (tongue-in-cheek) aside, from me, recalling the words to rocker Big Bopper’s Chantilly Lace:

“Chantilly lace had a pretty face and a pony tail hanging down.
That wiggle in the walk and giggle in the talk makes the world go round.

“There ain’t nothing in the world like a big eyed girl
That make me act so funny, make me spend my money.”

Kind of makes me wonder if Big Bopper was onto something and he was warning us to not emulate the words of that song 🙂

The Teachings of Jean Cambreau: “Take the fear from your heart”

One morning, toward the end of February 2011, lying in bed on my back … before getting up, I thought, meditatively: What would I do if I woke up without my body? … And it came to me that fear is indeed constrictive … physically and spiritually … This post evolved from the “threads” that followed …

“Words are spirit. That’s why it is so large a task to feel them, instead of read them. When you try to understand what is written here you must understand in your heart — not in your brain. For when you think about the words, you consider their human possibility and you consider their human application and you suddenly perceive that you are considering everything about them through your own senses and that they are beyond that … You cannot catch them with your senses. You must catch them with your heart, with the love which you can feel, the gratitude which you express …” — Jean Cambreau to Philip LaSalle — Not Too Narrow … Not Too Deep

“Take the fear from your heart” … Trusting in your own guidance … to follow the path of the highest resonance of your soul … is expansive …

Let’s look, once again, at the book written in 1936 by Richard Sale,  entitled Not too Narrow … Not too Deep. In the three-dimensional earthworld, it is about the escape of ten men from a prison colony and the eleventh man who joined them on their journey: Jean Cambreau.

The narrator, as always, recounting this part of the story is one of the ten: Dr. Philip LaSalle, who learns spiritualization from Cambreau …

“Hello,” Cambreau said. “Sit down and catch your breath, Jesus.”

“I cannot! I cannot! Telez’s eyes rolled agonizingly. “She’s dying.” His voice dropped, became taut and low. “She is dying, senor. It is the fever.”

“What are you saying?” I asked.

“Conchita,” Telez said. My cousin’s smallest. It is the fever. When I reached there tonight, she was lying there dying. Pedro told me she had been sick witht the fever for three days. The doctor can do nothing. He says it is hopeless. He says she will die before tomorrow.”

Cambreau asked: “Why did you come back here, Jesus?”

“I came for you!” Telez said. “You can stop it! You can heal her! God of mercy, you can heal her. You are the only one.”

“But you have believed that I am a devil,” Cambreau said.

“Forgive me,” Telez said, pleading. He went down on his hands and kissed Cambreau’s hands. “God forgive me!”

“You said I was a devil.”

“I know, I know, but you aren’t a devil. You are an angel!”

“Sit down,” Cambreau said.

Telez hesitated.

“Sit down,” Cambreau said. “And take that fear from your eyes.” …

“You’re still afraid,” Cambreau said. “If you know that I can heal her, why are you afraid?” … … …

“You love her?” [Cambreau asked.]

Telez nodded. … “Her face was red and her head was hot–”

“It’s cool now, Cambreau said. She’s asleep. Tomorrow morning she’ll get up as though nothing had happened at all.” … “Remember that I did not do it. Remember that you did it because you loved her. That’s why she’ll be well, Jesus, because that love you have for her is God.

Says Dr. Darren Weissman, in the Lifeline Technique Glossary of Terms to his book, AWAKENING TO THE SECRET CODE OF YOUR MIND: Your Mind’s Journey to Inner Peace:

Emotions: Energy in motion will stay in motion unless met by another force. Emotion is part of everything and everyone, everywhere and all the time. There is only one emotion, and that is love. Love is infinite, and therefore everything is love expressing itself the best way it knows how. The power of emotions is experienced in our thoughts, feelings and actions. These emotions are then filtered into our physical bodies and relationships and flow throughout the acupuncture meridians of the mind-body, connecting all parts of a person’s physical self and life. Harmonizing subconscious emotional patterns of reaction is the key to healing, wholeness and transformation.”

There is “a simple meditative technique which you may use to mitigate the fear and transform it into a powerful force for positive effect in your world,” in one of Lois Wetzel’s newsletters. It may be found at

Jonathan Goldman in chapter 1 of THE DIVINE NAME … The Sound That Can Change the World, speaks of the concept of:

“Listening to the sound of the Divine Name helping to encode the awareness of ‘God/Eternal within the body,’ and what may happen “for those truly able to resonate with the energy of the Divine Name” …

Gretchen Vogel wrote a book, CHOICES in the AFTERLIFE”… What we can do and where we can go after death

From L. Ron Hubbard, we learn much on that subject … in that realm:



“For thousands of years men have sought the state of complete spiritual freedom from the endless cycle of birth and death and have sought personal immortality containing full awareness, memory and ability as a spirit independent of the flesh.

“By eradicating the reactive mind we not only achieve in the state of Clear an erasure of the seeming evil in Man, who is basically good, we have overcome the barriers which made it so difficult to attain total spiritual independence and serenity.

“We call this state ‘Operating Thetan.’ To operate something is to be able to handle it. Thetan is from the Greek letter ‘theta’ the traditional philosopher’s symbol (from the letter in the Greek alphabet ‘theta’) of thought, spirit or life. Thus it means a being who as a spirit alone can handle things.”


It’s your choice: Trusting in the illusions of human law OR Trusting in your own guidance … to follow the path of the highest resonance of your soul …

Cultivating Compassion: Being Free of the Need to Respond in Like Kind Is Truly Necessary for Spiritual and Physical Health and Healing …

Masaro Emoto researched and wrote a visionary book entitled “Messages From Water,” and you may get some idea of the scope of his discoveries from web sites such as

The above is a picture of “Thank you” from Masaru Emoto’s work of recoding the crystalline structure of water in the presence of various sounds … music … words: dissonant and hateful as compared to loving and harmonic such as “Thank you.”

… Ever found resentment to be healthy? … How many people have you known who look like they’re “sucking on a lemon” who are actually healthy? …

What would stop a person from forgiving, but an attachment to the past? …

Falun Gong practitioners practice cultivating to higher levels of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance and the orientation is: “Why should I be moved [by trials and tribulations] to anger or fear [a human attachment], when I know that Master Li, Falun Gong’s teacher, has said that I should be thankful when I am suddenly faced with a tribulation by [the actions of] others … as this gives me a chance to strengthen my character as well as work off some karma and [self-] cultivate …

“Our highest task in living is to live from our soul’s deeper urges. The deepest desire of our spirits, our souls is to learn to love ourselves. This is a lifelong journey and one of the major steps to fulfilling our soul’s desire is learning to practice forgiveness of ourselves and others. When we put love in place of hatred or anger towards self and others, we free ourselves to live from our authentic selves and fulfill our own unique destinies. Forgiveness is a miracle that brings vitality and healing of body, mind and spirit.”

Medical intutitive Caroline Myss has observed healing to be blocked by the inability to forgive …

ThetaHealing’s Vianna Stibal has learned from her practice that:

If a person is cleared of what she calls programs of “the three R’s,” Rejection, Resentment, Regret, they will “open enough space in their mind to be able to move objects,” as “your mind spends an incredible amount of time on these three issues and the neurons of the brain are occupied with resentment and regret.” — ThetaHealing (paperback), page 92

How could the neurons of the brain be affected by emotions? … Check out the work of Candace Pert [Molecules of Emotion] or Bruce Lipton [The Biology Of Belief].

Come up to present time!

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, wrote an article entitled What is Greatness? In it, he said that the greatest secret of the universe may be for man to be able to love his fellows in spite of all … The orientatation of a Scientologist, and many other spiritual practitioners, to the question of forgiveness might be to understand that a “ridge” [like two water hoses of equal force aimed against each other, and where they “meet” in the middle] is part an old facsimile [mental image picture] from an incident long past, and to “ridge on” [feel in strong opposition to] not forgiving someone for something they did to you … is to not be in present time and not healthy.

Sound healer Jonathan Goldman and Shamael, the Angel of Sound, Gregg Braden who has written Walking Between The Worlds — The Science of Compassion, Louise Hay, Darren Weissman who has written Awakening To The Secret Code Of Your Mind — Your Mind’s Journey To Inner Peace, as well as BodyTalk practitioners have come to believe similarly … based on their actual experience and life’s work

You may draw your own conclusions … I suggest it would be most healthy to emulate the behavior of a brother who, some years ago, when I impatiently bumped into him while running for a train in NYC — instead of getting angry at me as he “had a right to” — just looked at me and said, quietly, with a smile in his voice: “I hope you don’t drive like that” …

“Live Simply, Love Generously,
Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Be
Kinder Than Necessary For Everyone
You Meet Is Fighting A Battle.
Simply Leave The Rest To GOD” — From Barbara Cohen, Scheduler for US Congressional Representative Heather Wilson, circa 2009

Healing Sounds and The Indispensability of …

The Indispensability of Breathing: The Gradient Below Toning

There is a step or level [“gradient”] to master and apply BEFORE toning the chakras, or making any sounds for that matter, with one’s own voice, and that is something so taken “for granted” that it may be overlooked: Breathing!

… The Indispensability of Scientology Study Tech

To anyone familiar with the Study Tech of Scientology of overcoming Barriers to Study, it is a familiar concept that, for APPLICATION, if one step of a procedure or process  not mastered [not done correctly or fully], the next step will not be done effectively and for real … 

Thus — in this case — as I read Jonathan Goldman’s explanation of correct [i.e. diaphragmatic] breathing as necessarily coming ahead of being able to vocal tone the chakras to resonate them, I understood that I had been skipping right over that gradient, and so I was not having the expected results from vocal toning the chakras: I had not mastered [diaphragmatic] breathing — which is necessary to making self-created sounds “as fully and powerfully as possible” — and so I could not master truly resonating the chakras with my own self-created sound. 

Jonathan Goldman Explains Diaphragmatic Breathing

THE DIVINE NAME — The Sound That Can Change the World, Chapter Eight


“Breath is the source of life. It is also the source of sound. You can’t make sound — at least not any vocally created sound — without breath. Thus it’s important to be sure that you’re able to breathe as fully and powerfully as possible before beginning to work with self-created sounds.” 

“What is most important is to focus your awareness on taking as deep a breath as possible. When you breathe deeply down into your lungs and abdomen, you can feel your chest expand, as well as your stomach rise. This is called ‘diaphragmatic breathing.’ If you find your rib cage and stomach beginning to expand as you inhale, you’re probably breathing in this manner.”

“Here is a simple way to experience diaphragmatic breathing: Lie on the floor, put your hands on your stomach, and take a nice deep breath….”

“1.   Watch as your belly relaxes and rises.”

“2.   Feel your lungs and abdomen expanding as you inhale.”

“3.   Exhale and feel your stomach relax as the air is pushed out of your lungs.”

“Do this again and again until it begins to feel natural.”


As with any spiritual path: If you choose to learn from Jonathan and engage in sound healing: May this help you follow the path of greatest resonance … physically … emotionally … mentally … etherically …

Healing Sounds: Resonating the Chakras to Stimulate the Body’s Ability to Balance and Heal: Vibrations: Resonance, Entrainment and Emotion …

As Jonathan Goldman has observed: “We are all unique vibratory beings.” In a previous post — Healing Sounds Found Me — I touched upon his concept that: “There are frequency shifts occurring on both personal and planetary levels. We can learn to use our own sounds to consciously affect our own vibratory patterns and align with these energies for health and transformation.” I have included links to several of his articles on this blog.

On the Qi Without Borders web site, the work of Jonathan Goldman and John Beaulieu is cited:

“According to Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics book:

Resonance is the basis of every sound therapy that I have examined. As you may recall, resonance is the basic vibratory rate of an object. Everything in the universe is in a state of vibration. This includes the human body. Every organ, bone, tissue and other part of the body has a healthy resonant frequency. When that frequency alters, that part of the body vibrates out of harmony and this is what is termed dis-ease. If it were possible to determine the correct resonant frequency for a healthy organ and then project it into that part which is dis-eased, the organ should return to its normal frequency and a healing should occur.”

“When an organ or another part of the body is in a state of health, it will be creating a natural resonant frequency that is harmonious with the rest of the body. However, when dis-ease sets in, a different sound pattern is established in that part of the body, which is not vibrating in harmony. Therefore, it is possible, through use of externally created sound that is projected into the dis-eased area, to reintroduce the correct harmonic pattern … and effect a curative reaction. Through the principle of resonance, sound can be used to change disharmonious frequencies of the body back to their normal, healthful vibrations.

“The different rhythms of the body may also be changed through sound. This is known as ‘entrainment’ and involves the ability of the more powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object to change the less powerful rhythmic vibrations of another object and cause them to synchronize their rhythms with the first object. Through sound it is possible to change the rhythms of our brain waves, as well as our heartbeat and respiration.

“It has been verified recently that sound can be used to affect and change our brain waves. These principles of using resonance and entrainment are the fundamental concepts behind the use of sound to heal and transform. They are found in every practice that uses sound, regardless of tradition, belief system or culture. … Examination of these practices, from the Hindu use of mantras to shamanic use of chanting and drumming, reveals a commonality in these principles of resonance and entrainment as the basis of sonic transformation and healing.

“According to John Beaulieu’s Music and Sound in the Healing Arts: An Energy Approach book:

Resonance occurs when the vibrations of one object reach out and set off vibrations in another object. The word ‘resonance’ comes from the Latin verb resonare, meaning ‘to return to sound.’ If the two objects have closely similar frequencies and one is vibrated, the other object will also sound, e.g. if you have two tuning forks of the same pitch and you strike one, the other will also make sound. This is called ‘sympathetic resonance.’”

“The intervals of the tuning forks create a sympathetic resonance with the quality of Sacred Sound deep within us. The archetype begins to align our thoughts and physical body around its vibration, e.g. when the forks are tapped, it is quite common to observe the head and body move and adjust to the proportions of the sound. If we look at our bodies as actual manifestations of the pattern of the Sacred Sound, we can begin to understand how the sound of the tuning forks can be used for healing.”

Says Ricardo Serrano:

“There has to be a reason or an explanation to why sound has this effect to my emotional body which was answered by Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of Dawn – Teachings From the Pleiadians book, “Emotion, because it brings feeling and connects you to feeling, allows you to recognize different states of consciousness. The logical mind does not allow you to recognize states of consciousness because it holds onto its own identity. It is locked into the boundary of ego and does not want to recognize other areas. Feeling, however, always acknowledges other areas because feeling discerns the difference. You can read the signs and the definitions by the energy that you call feeling. It is, in actuality, a vibration. Sound brings about states of emotional feeling. When you create harmonics of sound, it reminds your body of something. It reminds your body of Light, of deep Cosmic love and other worlds. Your body comes into joy and sometimes overwhelmingly into sadness. It seeks and accesses a frequency that it has been longing for, of which the sound has reminded it. As you allow your sound to play your body, you discover a frequency that you have sought. This frequency is connected to the evolution of the helixes within your body. Sound is a vehicle or conduit to connect you to the higher chakras outside your body because you do not have a way of accessing them logically. You must access all frequencies and chakra centers by feelings, and sound will connect you with feeling, which will allow you to understand the information.”

“When you do sound healing, the sound resonates from you and moves energy to remove unwanted blocks or beliefs, like a thread between you and the other person. Sound stirs energy at deep levels, releasing all emotions and increasing the flow of intention. Cells have vibrational memories and just have to be reminded to release and balance themselves,” says Renee Brody in The Healing Sounds of CrystalBowls.

I would like to call your attention, also, to the work of Penney Peirce, who notes that “you are a vibrational being moving through a sea of vibrations,” and (y)our “personal vibration is evolving to a higher frequency along with the planet and everyone else.” I am in the midst of reading her book, Frequency — The Power of Personal Vibration, and I want to share, from her chapter 4 — Freeing Yourself From Negative Vibrations:

You are able to choose, says Penney, “to feel expansive, loving, and connected to the high vibrations of your soul — to literally be your soul.” And if “you choose to feel connected to life, you’ll need very little of the old type of willpower. You’ll discover that concepts like flow and synchronicity {Has anyone read any of the work of Caroline Myss?…} take the place of willpower.”

I’m citing this, here, with the note that it will of course have more (depth of) meaning to you, when you have read her first three chapters. Plus chapter 5 — Feeling Your Home Frequency — goes more deeply into the process she’s speaking of. Edgar Cayce spoke, through his Readings, of vibrations as “spirit in motion,” and I see the work of Jonathan Goldman and Penney Peirce in that spiritual tradition …

Innate Wisdom … “Healing Sounds” Found Me … Resonating the Chakras to Stimulate the Body’s Ability to Balance and Heal …

Innate Wisdom

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” — Buddha

It is only when we have the courage
To face things exactly as they are,
Without any self-deception or illusion,
That a light will develop out of events,
By which the path to success
May be recognized. — I Ching — From Steve Wells —

Spiritual Pathwork

May each of us who are evolving and discovering their own truths and paths have the help of the “Personality Self” in channeling the “Higher Self” as Edgar Cayce, in a number of his readings spoke of  …

“No personality has the right to ask spiritual pledges from other personalities. The only pledge that any human being should give is, first of all, to his own inner divinity, the soul, and later to the master under whose guidance he can more efficiently serve his fellow man.” — Alice Bailey, The Unfinished Autobiography, Cassette 4, side 2

Healing Sounds Found Me

It has been said that “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” One day, in 2008, I was on the platform of a train station, and as I was about to sit down on a bench, I noticed a book on the platform. Thinking that someone had dropped it, I looked around … Not seeing anyone, I looked in a wider sphere … No, there was no one there for me to return the book to … and there was no contact information written in the front or back of the book … Finally I understood that the book, Healing Sounds – The Power of Harmonics, was there for me … As I have said, I am making choices on my spiritual journey, and one of the best was to get onto Jonathan’s Healing Sounds Correspondence Course … but first there was the synchronicity of that book materializing …

In his book, Healing Sounds – The Power of Harmonics, Jonathan Goldman thanks others for their work in the field of sound and music for health and transformation, and he also says on the Acknowledgments page that “Healing Sounds has been a special work” for him. Says Jonathan:

“We are living in extraordinary times. There are frequency shifts occurring on both personal and planetary levels. We can learn to use our own sounds to consciously affect our own vibratory patterns and align with these energies for health and transformation.”

Resonating the Chakras to Stimulate the Body’s Ability to Balance and Heal

I have included links to some of Jonathan’s articles, which appear on his web site, in the Links to this blog: I do not mean to suggest that (the reading of) these articles will give one full conceptual understanding of what sound healing is based upon, how it works to resonate the chakras to stimulate the body’s ability to balance and heal — or how to practice it — but they may be a starting point, particularly since some are extracted from the book, Healing Sounds

In the Glossary of her book, Frequency, Penney Peirce defines etheric or subtle energy as: “The vibratory frequency that is one level higher than matter; a malleable form of energy that acts as a kind of ‘modeling clay’ or energetic blueprint for the physical dimension,” and she defines chakra as: “A vortex-like concentration of spinning subtle energy located primarily along the spine; one of seven main centers of spiritual force in the etheric body.”

I am not attempting to teach anyone how to use their voice for toning or sound healing. I am suggesting some teachers to look to for those who are interested in this realm … of the possibility of resonating the chakras to stimulate the body’s ability to balance and heal

Could it be that one of the greatest joys there is in life is to make self-created sounds? …

I recall that it has been said, by L. Ron Hubbard, that “A being causes his own feelings,” and “The greatest joy there is in life is creating.” Could it be that one of the greatest joy there is in life is to make self-created sounds? …

Sounding Using One’s Own Breath and Voice … Let’s Make Sounds Together

Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation, and our innate ability to make sounds with our own voices, is universal: Sounding [the making of sounds with ones own voice] is something that can be done by people from all corners of the planet … and by people together, in groups …This is a very “inclusivist” practice – which is to say it welcomes people of other healing practices … whereas “exclusivists” would say that only their application has the truth [“you can’t get it anywhere else!!”]; you must follow their rules or else. Sound healers do not consider other healing techniques to be “mutually exclusive” with what they do, and they sometimes work with other energy healing techniques as well … After all, sound is not the only vibration … There are spectrums of frequencies … I have heard Jonathan, in that same inclusive and expansive spirit, welcome other sound healers, such as John Beaulieu, to his Healing Sounds Radio Show broadcasts, which air at 12 noon Eastern Time on the 2nd Wednesday of each month on


“Jonathan Goldman is an international teacher and pioneer in Sound Healing. He is the author of HEALING SOUNDS, president of Spirit Music and director of the Sound Healers Association in Boulder, Colorado. Jonathan has created numerous recordings, including ‘Angel of Sound’. He travels throughout the world presenting Healing Sounds Seminars. He may be reached at (303) 443-8181. Shamael is the Angel of Sound, an inter-dimensional being whose energy has been on this planet since its inception. Shamael is the true name of the angelic presence known as “Metatron”, guardian of the Kabalistic energies of Kether. He is present on any sacred sound. He is a consultant of Jonathan. He may be reached by chanting ‘Eheih Shamael.’”
Jonathan has a blog online at

I flashed on the words of a song that went: “Music is the healing force of the world,” without remembering what song/whose song it was … On a deeper level … you [the soul] are your own healing force or that the Creator of All That Is [God] is the Source of all healing:

Elsie Sechrist, who knew Edgar Cayce and had readings from him, wrote a book, Meditation – Gateway to Light based on the Cayce readings, in which she says:


“All healing is of God, and comes from within. Whether it be a prayer, a poultice, medication or surgery; all are for the purpose of creating a harmonious balance within the body so that the forces of God within may heal. For who planted the herbs or plants that give healing? [I would say: Who grows … or Who created … rather than “Who planted …”] Who gave wisdom to the mind of man? Who gave skill to the surgeon’s hand? Who created the mind of man in His image so that healing would be possible?”



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