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The Word: The UNIVERSAL Holy Spirit … The “Direct Line to the Divine”

The Holy Spirit is the I AM ~ the Oneness ~ the Intelligent Universal Energy that can be accessed by All and … the Christ Consciousness that came through the Readings of Edgar Cayce.

“Christ Consciousness is the direct line to the Divine, the Holy Spirit. Whether it be God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and many more Masters that have walked this Earth, they all have the same thing in common, they wished for, studied, and walked in Peace.”

John 14:26-27 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you. 27 “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”

The Word: God is Non-denominational

Several hours ago — after being handed a denominational church’ invitation to a performance of the history of John Newton’s song “Amazing Grace” — the thought that I could have said that the only church that I could be with is the “Church” of the Universal God … Where is that “church,” someone may ask? … “Right here,” I could have said, “right here” {placing my right hand over my heart chakra} … I do thank the Baptist church in NY for handing out the invitation, as it gave me an interest in the story behind John Newton and “Amazing Grace” … Thanks to William Anderson for posting this from Ephesians on Dr. Bruce Lipton’s facebook page 🙂  “There is one body and one Spirit, one hope … one faith … one God … of all who is over all and through all and in all.” Ephesians 4:4-6

The Word The 23rd Psalm … A Note From … William Blake

“He preparest a table in the midst of mine enemies.” — From The 23rd Psalm

There is a Moment by William Blake

“There is a Moment in each Day that Satan cannot find…& when it once is found It renovates every Moment of the Day if rightly placed.”

What might this moment be? …

Just sayin 🙂 I have another post on the 23rd Psalm from the perspective of sound healer Tom Kenyon so stay tuned [No pun intended]

The Word: The Convoluted Relationship to Sex and Gender via Symeon Rodger

One of the facets of the “new earth” consciousness” that we all — men as well as women — can be grateful for is the process of “unplugging from the patriarchy,” such as Lucia Rene and others speak of, without animosity by the way.

What could be more polarizing, and by the way un-natural, than women vs. men based upon the patriarchal foundation / “interpretation” of the biblical Garden of Eden story … while dropping out the truth that the Word of God or Jesus was in no way {no way} originally meant to establish women as “temptresses” or evil or any of that misogynist mythology … What it was, was a “fall” IN CONSCIOUSNESS! “Tradition,” ya know … Except that the so-called traditions have been buried or falsified and used to promote separation …

I came across a post by Dr. Symeon Rodger, at, within which he highlights an insightful video by Sheila Kelly.

Why didn’t I know this years ago 🙂 , Dr. Symeon? … Well … of course we know why: It’s the “anti-nurturing” programming that we breathe in … the letting in of toxic [stereotypical] thought-forms which become our beliefs, and, without inspection, which we have tried to emulate …

As I experienced on one of Dr. Symeon’s courses on Qigong … that went way beyond qigong and the need, in exercising, to take one’s muscles tendons and bones through their full range of motion … he is on-point on more than one level … and he is right on-point when he says that: “One thing is certain: equality is not enough, and sexual freedom is not enough. Real relationship, meaningful relationship between the sexes on the basis of equal partnership, whether in a romantic relationship or in everyday life, is a skill that much of our society has yet to rebuild.”

I would add that what Dr. Symeon speaks of is a global issue tho it may be, as he says, that there are some “authentic ancient traditions of each sex having something to learn from the other, and that in the (Eastern) Orthodox tradition” that he is familiar with and a part of, “female saints are often described in terms that in Greco-Roman culture were stereotypically male — strength, warriorship, perseverance, wisdom, courage and so on — while male saints are often noted for stereotypically feminine virtues of gentleness, humility, compassion and so on,” the toxic thought-forms of which he speaks have taken root around the world …

And the resulting behavior / violence against women and girls is not at all limited to the west. Put differently, how many citizens of earth believe in their heart of hearts as rapper KRS 1: “Before I am a man, I am a human being … before I am a human being, I am a spirit,” or something comparable? …

As we are all connected / we all have the same divine,  life-force energy flowing through us, I ask you to consider this:

While most white folks for example would not likely join the KKK or  put on a white sheet and go out and kill black folks, do not those who bad-mouth / slur / harbor hatred or resentment toward people of color contribute toward such events happening somewhere in the world? … Similarly, while by no means every man would rape a woman or girl, or commit domestic violence, do not those who harbor hatefulness / resentment toward women / slur them with words used to dehumanize … also contribute toward such happening? … And is it not true that “mercy killings” are a standard practice in some parts of the world? …

If not for the “standard operating procedure” of collaboration between “third world”  and “western” countries — despite the best efforts of some such as Congressman Chris Smith

  •  › specialfeatures
    Combating Human Trafficking. Congressman Smith has chaired numerous hearings and is the prime sponsor of three major laws and several international resolutions aimed …

— would it be possible for human trafficking to still exist? … Can there be any doubt that the widespread beliefs Dr.Symeon Rodger speaks of are global / planetwide, not limited to any one culture or ethnic group? …

Spiritual CPR: Control-Purification-Relinquishment …The Path to Living by the Spirit

Control, Purification and Relinquishment are not “a sideshow” … They are The Main Event, the core of any successful spiritual practice …

“All is in vibration” … “As the within so the without” — The Kybalion

“Vibration is spirit in motion” — Edgar Cayce

Life Energy Flows Where Spirit Consciousness Goes: It is not only “as a man speaketh, but: “What we view … What we open our hearts to, becomes part of us” …

So … knowing that “everything is energy” and that divine love is the highest vibrational energy that there is … If we Open our Hearts to the One Mind ~ One Energy and Still, Small Voice in All … we will go towards the proverbial “highest and best,” yes? …


“Because we are more than physical matter, we can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” — From The Monroe Affirmation


Once the illusions are out-created, reality changes for us and we can choose different realities full of connection, freedom and joy.


“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.” — Buddha


As our bodies are physical manifestations of our mind and our energy … can we expect out bodies to fully manifest well-being if we haven’t done the work from within to detoxify our minds and heart-energy? …

On a higher level: Can we be a channels for the light to help others to heal if we have not the discipline or CONTROL, which equates to starting, changing or stopping things within ourselves? …

OR if we have not engaged in PURIFICATION of my heart of toxic thought-forms and beliefs as often as needed similar to a colon cleanse for the body? …

OR if we have not practiced RELINQUISHMENT of lower, personal will, which equates to letting go of the “needs” or desires of the flesh rather than the spirit,  to divine will … so that I may walk the path of Living by the Spirit?

(Some exclusivist Christians who tell themselves and others that Jesus “belongs to” them ONLY, or Trinitarians — believers, or so they say, in the ”Holy Trinity” — may, in holding to “the Council of Nicea/Early Day Illuminati version of the scriptures, confuse the “Holy Spirit” as being a separate Spirit from God. I would ask: Who does that serve but the “divider and conquerors,” the colonizers? … This I do not put forth to you in any way, shape or form!)

We who are Opening to Oneness … who know something of the Quantum nature of the Universe … understand that the “Holy Spirit” can manifest in different ways simultaneously. That is, it is surely possible for “the Holy Spirit” to be at two places at once.

God, the eternal Spirit, is “Omni-present” — everywhere at the same time; therefore, his Etheric/Ethereal “Substance” fills the universe. The way God may manifest in our hearts is by … emanation, which in essence is to issue forth from a Source. We in Oneness (shall) know God through PERSONAL Revelation … personal Epiphanies … personal “eureka moments” …

Living by the Spirit

And it is in that spirit, I suggest that we may see eye-to-eye with Galations 16 – 18:

16 But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.

17 For the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, so that you may not do the things that you please.

18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the Law …

Blessings … May it be so …

The Word: The Power of “The Devil” is an Illusion … “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is One”

This post is inspired by Saryon’s The Devil Insight of August 28, 2012 which begins:

“I witnessed something incredible while out-of-body the other night.  At first I was on the inner plane, observing the physical world from an angel’s eye view.  Then, I noticed a lot of energetic movement taking place. There were illusions being created, popping up in some places and …”

I find the experience that Saryon shares to be so illuminating … It evokes, for me, the words of Dr. King that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” And it gives me some new understanding: Not only is it true that peace — and the light of truth — do come from within and, as is written in the Kybalion,” As the within, so the without,” but also: Any of us [not only fundamentalist Christians] may have “perceptions” based upon what Saryon so insightfully recognizes as (internal, self-created) filters that create illusions for us that only serve to block us from being connected to our Higher Self and the Omnipresent force of love and divine guidance of God. Blessings to Saryon Michael White for sharing this …

“Our Father who art in Heaven”? … Reflect on that for a moment and consider: Does that not make for a SEPARATION between each of us and our Creator? … Kudos to Gregg Braden, an extremely good researcher, for alerting me to the fact that a more accurate translation of the original scripture is: “Our Father who art Everywhere.” Of course! That is exactly what Omnipresent means: Everywhere.

My understandings: Some of us believe at least some of the time in an external Power, “Satan,” that we so fear … And in so believing … are we not turning our backs on God! May we, now, realize that we have gone down a dark path that is a violation of what came to us from the Old Testament/Deuteronomy: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is One.” Have we come to believe in two Powers — not One? … Have we sunk, ironically, to a point where we say — even if only to ourselves — “Get thee behind me God; I need to focus on {how to overcome} Satan” or “I need to overcome temptation”? …

Let’s cultivate a more responsible spirituality: We know: Energy flows where our focus, our attention goes … Better we put our attention on God — not the illusion of a “Satan” — particularly one that we believe to be equal to God! It takes but a modest amount of research to confirm that the horrific and powerful “Satan” of the present-day churches was a HUMAN creation that evolved either from mistranslations or deliberate alterations of both the Old Testament’s mention of “Ha Satan” and the mentions in the early Christian Bibles.

How We Show Up for Each Other, All Year Round Makes a Difference

I am grateful to Saryon Michael White for being a channel for the ascended masters through The School of Manifestation 

In the spirit of Matthew 25:40 “As ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Feeling the words of Metatron, in week 5 of the course, that: “What you have to share is important, and how you show up for each other makes a difference,” I am moved me to say that: How We Show Up for Each Other, All Year Round, Makes a Difference …

The Word via Kim Michaels: There is a Co-Creative Christianity Based on Love, NOT Fear

May the blessings be to Kim Michaels for the work that he does, in the spirit of Jesus, who, as she reminds us, was “a spiritual revolutionary.”

And I am grateful, too, for the divine timing of an evolution that brought me, years ago, from hearing of Malcolm X speaking of Jesus the person being a black man … to my two fundamentalist friends … through the Universal perspective of Paramahansa Yogananda … back to A.R.E. of NewYork and Edgar Cayce’s readings on Master Jesus as “the pattern for every man in the earth, whether he be Gentile or Jew, Parthenian or Greek … whether they call on that name or not” … and to Saryon Michael White’s School of Manifestation {of the Ascended Masters} all of which helped open me to finding and being able to receive the message of Jesus via Kim Michaels, who regardless of the powers that were of biblical or present day times … “gets it” and presents it in such a way that … “connects the dots” …

Was Jesus a hellfire and brimstone preacher?

Did Jesus want to start a religion like the one that had him killed? {Note from Theta Networker: Yes, I know that Jesus was crucified, not stoned as Old Testament Biblical Jews did, so it was not “the Jews” or any Jews, who physically killed him. My understanding, from Kim Michaels and from other research I have done, which I will speak of in another post, is that what we of today would call the religious establishment (the synagogue that Rabbi Jesus came out of) wanted him killed … more than Pontius Pilate … }

Co-Creative Christians are determined to develop an approach to spirituality that is not based on fear but based on a deeper understanding of Jesus’ message and intentions.

Being of Service: The Wisdom of St. Francis …

I am blessed by an inordinate amount of synchronicity in my journey … and by the frequency shifts occurring within me … that I could not have possibly orchestrated on my own … And so I am moved to share with you …

Do not override your intuition searching for knowledge

I had that thought recently, once again, after having put it aside earlier this year, that I would like to say to myself and “others”: “Do not override your intuition searching for knowledge (data).”

And so of course, in divine timing — as over a month ago I came across Ana Mari Vasquez’ work, which helps people to develop their intuition  — I came upon Tori Hartman’s spiritual work at, which teaches people to know and trust their intuition.

The Meaning (to me) of Divination

Btw, upon hearing of her course, I realized that the word “divination” — instead of meaning dowsing for water or something beyond me — has its roots in the divine, and so, for me: Divination means the exercising of insight or intuitive perception … in the same spirit as the words passed down by Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, which I say daily, the first words before beginning the exercise: “I open myself to divine love and wisdom. I open myself to divine love and wisdom. I open myself to divine love and wisdom. “

In the spirit of Being of Service: It is holier to outflow than to inflow

Thank you, Tori Hartman, for teaching/making reference to what St. Francis said about (the value/preciousness of) understanding:

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved, as to love.

(Interesting, too, that — in the course of checking for the exact words of  St. Francis that Tori was referencing, I came across the fact of St. Francis also having been Ascended Master Kuthumi)

I would like to close by echoing the words of sound healer Jonathan Goldman and Shamael, the Angel of Sound, in Shifting Frequencies: Sounds for Vibratory Activation:

“We are living in extraordinary times. There are frequency shifts occurring on both personal and planetary levels. We can consciously affect our own vibratory patterns, and align with these energies for health and transformation.”

God bless

An Event of Global Harmony and Unity

Sorry for the late notice of this event which ran, live, all day Friday, October 24, 2014 … I missed most of the live broadcast myself, in the midst of researching … upgrading my nutritional health …

I actually learned of these broadcasts in the wee hours of Friday morning … from an e-mail from Kenji Kumara, since I have participated in one of his programs

…The ongoing web site is and unbeknownst to me the folks have been having this event for 4 years — before this …

Btw, I say in the spirit of my understanding of what I came across from some of  sound healer Tom Kenyon’s channeling of the inter-dimensional Hathors, that — as the parts or cells of a human body make up an inter-connected “community” but are not all identical AND they have boundaries or they would not be able to function {For example a kidney cell does NOT EQUAL a heart cell} — we are all connected … Yet: “Ascending,” to me does not mean losing one’s individuality in the name of letting go of the polarities and separations of “old earth” to become part of one “unified mass or community” … That would be like communism, which is a most unspiritual, i.e. materialistic, philosophy … Neither do I resonate with the illuminati types who use “globalization” as a cover for their planned “New World Order.” Bohemian Grove is not an online chatroom {sarcasm intended} … It’s a location in the US of A that the powers that were meet in a spirit and actual ceremony of worshipping the devil … evocative of those who in another era wore white sheets and burned crosses … Don’t take my word for it: Search and ye shall find …
The Word, even when looked at from a universal, inclusivist perspective — and in terms of “the fall” in the Garden of Eden being symbolic of a fall in consciousness … and of Jesus being of a higher (dimensional) vibrational frequency … speaks, too, of making distinctions between judgment and discernment and of more than one type of love {Search for “agape love,” and see what you find …} … For me, “the jury is still out” as to whether it is for the highest and best to always practice purely the “unconditional love” that folks, such as those who follow A Course In Miracles, for example, say and teach …
That said, the Global Oneness Event which began on Friday is running “Free 48-hour replays at which are available within 24 hours after the Summit ends” … The event ended close to midnight, EST on Friday, so the Replay may run into Monday … I am not sure … They, of course have an option for us to purchase the day’s worth of broadcasts/interviews with awesome spiritual folks … It’s … a learning experience from such as I’m sure you’ve heard of:
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Neale Donald Walsh, Patricia Cota-Robles, Dr. Larry Dossy, Doreen Virtue, Lynne McTaggert, Panache Desai, don Miguel Ruiz, Kenji Kumara and a host of others … who offer much … to learn … assimilate … resonate with …
I believe it would be in the spirit of these folks to say:
Let’s enter into a new consciousness … create our kingdoms of heaven within … and help the new earth to appear …

The Word: Dig deeper and ye shall find higher, sacred cycles at work in the universe

Yesterday I received an e-mail, which took me to

This post was inspired by listening to the Ancient Explorers’ first video, and then reading the comment posted by Carolynn Most, that after she had watched the film, and “considered the bigger picture,” as she put it: … “On some level” she has “felt for some time that there are larger cycles at work in the universe – moreso than conventional wisdom admits to especially in our educational system.”

Thank you, Carolynn. Well said!

There are larger cycles at work in the universe — If you have not ever looked at the ancient, sacred wisdom that came through Thoth of Atlantis who in another time was Hermes Trismegistus the likely true author of The Kybalion, you may want to, as (for me) it “connects the dots” … Indeed, and of course, there have been and are cycles: That is why there have been multiple teachings of myth-realities of such as epoch floods and the rise of avatars such as Jesus … who, during “the missing 18 years” referred to in the Bible, may have learned what later became known as His teachings from others who came before him … perhaps from (The Emerald Tablets left by) Thoth at the Great Pyramid of Giza … Or he may have learned from others in a region of India called Nalanda …

My understanding: There is much archaeological evidence that the people of/ the stories of the Bible (Old and New Testaments) did occur … but Jesus and others were universal: They came to unite … perhaps to “save,” but NOT to divide or to put the “fear of god” into folks or to use ALTERED sacred teachings to divide and colonize people. As I believe Bishop Desmond Tutu said, in speaking of the colonizers who used THEIR VERSION of “the Word,” when they came to Africa: When they came, they had The Word and we had the land. They said: “Let us pray.” When we opened our eyes, we had “The Word,” and they had the land … At last … thanks to the work of many, such as the Ancient Explorers/presenters of The Great Year videos, the truth is now coming out … As we move into a New Age … toward unity … the masters of “divide and conquer” and deception, who we know in the present-day world as the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati types, will fade away as they must …

As we dig deeper {pun intended :-)} than any version of anyone’s “Sacred Word” that teaches such as “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” or that “You can only come to the Father through the Son” … We, any of us —  in the same spirit as Quakers hearing (the whispers of) the Holy Spirit — may hear “the still, small voice” WITHIN … YES we do each need to look within and cleanse spiritually. However, as we seek, we may find (perhaps ironically) the truth of a Creator-God who may be omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and giving of love, and thus of course has no need to be  a god of punishment who would condemn “unbelievers” to an eternity of torture, otherwise known as a literal “Hell.” In the words of Thoth as translated from The Emerald Tablets by Dr. Doreal: “Free me from darkness and fill me with light.”

THE WORD From The Emerald Tablets of Thoth of Atlantis

I have just watched and listened to the {15+} Emerald Tablets at, with its rhythmic, poetic tone (in spite of intermittent audio issues with this video), and I am inspired to put this forth:

“Free me from darkness and fill me with light.”

Man is One with the Fire
Open the Gateway Within Ye
Manifest Power, Wisdom and Love
Be Not Afraid of the Power Within Ye
Light is Eternal and Darkness is Fleeting
Knowledge and Power Descended From Old
Close Thou Thine Eyes and Draw in the Light
Transmute Evil, Assist Good, Use Discrimination
Hear Ye THE WORD That Shall Fill Ye with Life
Know ye are Threefold: Physical, Astral and Mental in one
Transmute Darkness, Ere You May Enter the Portals of Light

Thoth was a scribe, as he was when as Hermes Trismegistus he authored the The Kybalion, and much more …

Then God made the islands of Atlantis sink into the ocean. * Hermes Trismegistus is the name of Thoth-the-Atlantean in His next incarnation in Egypt.

The Ancient Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean: Free me from darkness and fill me with light

Thoth in another lifetime is said to have been Hermes Trismegustus — the true author of The Kybalion

This Reading of The Ancient Emerald Tablets of Thoth, with Full Text On Screen, to be found at, is worth listening to …Note that in this video, Jesus is said to have learned from Thoth, at The Great Pyramid, and there is much evidence — including in The Word, the words of Jesus in the Bible — that this was so.

Btw, although parts of the reading are somewhat choppy, (the rhythm of) it feels poetic to me 🙂

The Word Via Paramahansa Yogananda: Jesus and His Universal Teachings and The Universality of Christ Consciousness …

Almost three years ago, this appeared as a longer post. Now, I am posting what I consider the “highlights” of that post … several hours after having had a 2-hour discussion with a devout/devoted Christian friend of mine, who I had not yet met three years ago … who “meets people where they are,” as I hope I do. That is to say: There is no pushing of one’s beliefs or understanding of The Word or, as she would say — rather than “understanding” — what she knows has come to her through The Holy Spirit

Both my friend and myself recognize the synchronicity of our meeting … our coming together … and discussing things of the spirit as a great synchronicity. While I don’t quite call it a “divine appointment,” it is something special … I don’t yet totally understand how or why it is that she, who is an exclusivist — meaning to say: a believer in Jesus as the {only} way — and myself, an inclusivist, have come together and (are able to) engage for hours on things of the spirit 🙂

Life Lessons From “Noble Friends”

I can, however, echo the words of St. Thomas Aquinas: “We must love them both, those whose opinion we share and those whose opinions we reject. For both have labored in the search for truth and both have helped us in the finding of it.” (Thank you, Nancy Many, for passing those words of wisdom on to me, back in 2010.) People come into our lives (even if only for a moment) for a reason … although we may not always see or know why, from this dimension … In the spirit of how Caroline Myss  puts it, in Sacred Contracts — Awakening Your Divine Potential, in speaking of a Buddhist concept relating to our “noble friends” {those souls who we must meet in our journeys}:  We learn from our adversaries as well as our friends … either of whom may see our blind spots. As has been realized and said by many: We are all connected …

As we move beyond the old earth of polarities and separation from each other as well as our Creator … almost an antidote to the fear or “doom and gloom” that some, including the corporate mass media outlets, preach to us over and over … For me, it is important to put these words, this vision, and the spirit therein, out into today’s world …

A View of Jesus and His Teachings as Universal …
Not Belonging Only to Those who Believe … Free of the Horrific, Unhealthy Fear of “Burning for Eternity” in a “Hell” of Fire and Brimstone … Free of the Need to “Worship” a Creator-God

The idea — which likely was put into the Bible by those white males who were not “channeling” or connected to The Holy Spirit, but were “the powers that be” of that time in history {at the Council of Nicaea} — is a blasphemy in itself as it is akin to Man making God into his own image, and a low, cowardly, craven, bullying one at that.

Are some of these “believing Christian” folks attempting to make “Father-God” into the dad they are familiar with who threatened to punish them, or beat them with a strap, or worse if they didn’t “behave”? … This is a valid question, for I have heard some of the folks say that they were (heavily) beaten when they were being raised, and — they say — it was a good thing. Think I’m joking? … Have you ever heard of a parent saying to a child: “I’ll put the ‘fear of God’ into you”? …

Note that it is human beings who have the “need” or urges or politics to punish and torture each other. Why would a Creator-God, a Supreme Spirit-Being who is considered to be Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent, and who speaks of “Love they neighbor as thyself” and many other parallel teachings, engage in — or approve of — anything even remotely resembling practices such as stoning someone to death or beheading them or burning them at the stake, with  justifications {for that last} for example, such as: “The Bible says: ‘Though shalt not suffer a witch to live.'” That last will be a subject for another post.

For now, consider this: Is not the burning of a so-called witch at the stake obviously torture?!? … And further: Do you not get a mental picture of a crucifixion when you think of a human being being burned at the stake? …

How dare anyone who calls themselves a Christian advocate that! If you are reading this post: Consider yourself rebuked.

Is it not a sin to do unto someone who is “other” than yourself what you would not want them to do to you? …  And, as it says in The Word: I, or you, did not create this vessel {that is the human body}, and I have no right to destroy it.

Paramahansa Yogananda’s message yet resonates with me … and so I am not moved to “editorialize” on what he has said, as the way he put it forth is so eloquent, it can stand alone in my book with no explanation or clarification.

And so, I give you:

The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda:
A View of Jesus and His Universal Teachings

“The saviors of the world do not come to foster inimical doctrinal divisions; their teachings should not be used toward that end. It is something of a misnomer even to refer to the New Testament as the “Christian” Bible, for it does not belong exclusively to any one sect. Truth is meant for the blessing and upliftment of the entire human race. As the Christ Consciousness is universal, so does Jesus Christ belong to all …

“Christ has been much misinterpreted by the world. Even the most elementary principles of his teachings have been desecrated, and their esoteric depths have been forgotten. They have been crucified at the hands of dogma, prejudice, and cramped understanding. Genocidal wars have been fought, people have been burned as witches and heretics, on the presumed authority of man-made doctrines of Christianity.

“Divine incarnations do not come to bring a new or exclusive religion, but to restore the One Religion of God-realization.
Many are the churches and temples founded in his name, often prosperous and powerful, but where is the communion that he stressed — actual contact with God? Jesus wants temples to be established in human souls, first and foremost; then established outwardly in physical places of worship.

“The lack of individual prayer and communion with God has divorced modern Christians and Christian sects from Jesus’ teaching of the real perception of God, as is true also of all religious paths inaugurated by God-sent prophets whose followers drift into byways of dogma and ritual rather than actual God-communion.

“Those paths that have no esoteric soul-lifting training busy themselves with dogma and building walls to exclude people with different ideas. Divine persons who really perceive God include everybody within the path of their love, not in the concept of an eclectic congregation but in respectful divine friendship toward all true lovers of God and the saints of all religions.

“The heart of the great dispensation of Jesus has survived not necessarily in any temporal power of an outer institution, but in those great devotees and saints whose protracted devotions and meditations established within them temples of Christ Consciousness and God-communion.”

A Voice for Love: DavidPaul

David Paul is a voice for love … helping us to move into feeling it … in all it’s peaceful, harmonious qualities …

I know, in my head, that [as has been discussed previously, that the Michaelson-Morley experiment has been validated as Gregg Braden has pointed out, and so] we ARE/italics all connected through the Divine matrix … It is the same, universal life force energy that flows through us all … Yet, it was only when:

I began listening to the first of DavidPaul’s 4 free videos. that I suddenly realized what has all too often blocked me from feeling, in my heart, that “we are all connected” in the same spirit as Chief Robert TallTree says “Hello to all my relatives.”

What came to me … without asking … is this:

We are connected: THROUGH THE DIVINE … Re-looking at that to myself, I found myself “saying” Yes, it is through the Divine that we are connected to “others” … who we might not otherwise/on our own “be up to” feeling connected to in any way, shape or form in any moment … if we so choose … Namaste: “The divinity in me sees and recognizes the divinity in you.”

Birthing Connectedness: Wholeness on the Within … Unity on the Without: Being Willing to “Look For” Comes Before Being Able to See …

It is the Divine within ourselves/our hearts that enables us to be willing to look for and “see and recognize the divinity” in another … without the “need” to judge or dismiss as unworthy that “other” being across from or in front of us OR feel like there is an “infinite distance” between ourselves — aka “separation” — and that “other” who “isn’t family or friend in any way and never could be … because I don’t like ‘that one.'”

Indeed, as Kriyananda has said: “Divine persons who really perceive God [I might say: Persons becoming aware of their own/others’ divinity] include everybody within the path of their love.”


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