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Intention Training from Ana Maria Vasquez: Here We Grow Again … Developing Your Intuition

As soon as I listened to one of Ana Maria Vasquez’ MP3s, which went from her understanding of how we — knowing that everything is energy — energetically “soak up” layers of beliefs that we do not consciously choose, particularly in the first 7 years of our lives … to a meditative exercise of how we may release ourselves from “playing out” these beliefs any time a similar energy shows up … I could feel the truth from within her …

How I came upon her web site I do not even recall … It was just one of those synchronicities or incidents of divine timing that I am grateful for.

How People With Inner and Outer Riches Make the Law of Attraction Work: The Mind Body Training Company

I believe Matt Clarkson, who mentions the Law of Attraction in a video introducing his guided visualizations in his manifesting package at, works in the same realm of what I would call enlightened self-hypnosis as Ed Lester does: I mean to say that they do NOT operate in the “old school” self-hypnosis practice of putting you at the effect of someone {an “operator”} who causes you to be put into a trance — if you are “susceptible” — and re-molds your beliefs while you sleep.

Deep Neural Repatterning

Rather they work in the realm of deep neural {neurological} re-patterning as mentioned at

Matt Clarkson’s Meditations for Manifesting includes a Past and Future Self Integration using hypnotic techniques to increase wholeness and integration within “to connect the ‘you of the past’ with the “you of the future” so that all aspects of who you are can work harmoniously toward your intentions,” a Future Visioning process to “help you harness the power of belief so that you expect your intentions will happen,” and seven additional modules relating to beliefs, manifestation and gratitude. As Matt says: “We do not get what we want — We get what we expect!”

How People With Inner and Outer Riches Make the Law of Attraction Work: The Abundance Index

Ed Lester, on a video at, speaks of what he calls the Law of Creative Force, in outlining the Abundance Mastery Program, says that “your mind creates your reality,” and makes a discernment between the conscious and subconscious mind. The program he presents is about mastering the subconscious — using the Laws of Attraction and Creative Force — and “unplugging from the negative energy” of beliefs about yourself like you are “unlucky”  … or lacking: the opposite of abundance! And labeling yourself as such …

Lester notes that if you are looking for solely financial wealth without caring about (other) people, then “you are not in the right place, i.e. this program is not for you. You will learn to unplug from such {false} beliefs or myths e.g. success can only be achieved at the expense of others.

His presentation of this program resonates with me, and that is why I am posting and giving you a heads-up on this:

“Ultimate Law of Attraction”: Abundance Mastery Program: The Abundance Index in 16 Training Modules

Says Lester:

“Whether you choose to focus on becoming more relaxed and happy…more confident and self-assured…more healthy and energetic…more motivated…wealthier…even if you have a specific goal in mind… attracting the love of your life…or building your dream business. Whatever your desired outcomes, this training program will be your secret weapon of success.”

Note: There is an unconditional guarantee {on ClickBank} good for a full 60 days from the date of purchase. So you get to try out this product, risk free for a full 60 days!

The Abundance Index is said to unleash the power of your creative imagination along with the Law of Attraction. Your map to success is indeed within …

I’ll keep you posted.

Saturday Vibrations: When You’re Relaxed and Not Rushed

I have had this thought in mind for a while:

Saturday and Sunday are, for most folks who “earn a living” {an interesting expression it itself, come to think of it, as living is innate to you … as you’ve been doing it for eons} on weekdays, 9 – 5, a (momentary) vacation .

We do indeed, as I have learned from more than one lightworker, have to “slow down” in order to raise our frequencies, .

This is one of those “inspirations” that I do not believe come to me entirely from within:

This morning, in the midst of listening to one of the beginning audios on Ed Lester’s Ultimate Abundance: Unleashing The Laws of Attraction and Creative Force course and while reflecting upon the work of Alicia Power, who speaks of why our circumstances become challenging/how our soul history creates disturbing realities, and teaches of learning from “spirit tutors” who may help us rediscover our soul’s primary agenda and reconnect with our soul’s “heart,” I came to this from Daniel Jacob at, and I share this with you, as permitted, for purposes of personal growth and/or research. Thank you, Daniel!


“In their transmission entitled ‘Pleasure and Pain in Transformation,’ The Reconnections have this to say to us, regarding our journey into 3D:

“You come here to the physical dimension from a place where you can do or have anything, just by thinking it. {Italics mine — Theta Networker} Being in a place of limitation and despair is quite a vacation for someone that powerful. And truly, it is only for a season, a micro-second in the flow of eternity. And the connected, expanded parts of you who realize this are doing everything they can to insure that you get to suck every drop of juice from your “lemons” of 3D drama, before you allow yourself to rise again to power and glory.

“Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious minds, you are really a bunch of Cosmic Houdinis, trying to outdo each other in the number of handicaps you can overcome. Of course, when the pendulum swings to pleasure again, the feelings are so much sweeter because of their contrast to the pain.”

A Final Word

I am at a “place” in my journey, where I would like to evolve/re-claim the BEingness to once again be in a place where you can do or have anything, just by thinking it — even if that place is still this planet which is — or  has been until relatively rececently — a 3D “haven” for souls who have been behind a “Veil of Forgetfulness” … I want to be in my “Saturday vibration” 24/7 … How about you? …

The Word from Dr. Brad: Follow Your Heart

I recall Robert F. Kennedy, when he was a senator from New York, saying that: Some people see things as they are and ask ‘why’ … Others dream things that never were and ask: ‘Why not?’

What’s Your Passion?

What do you do that you become so engaged in … that you are so passionate about, in your heart, that you lose all track of time … that you do not even (feel like you want to) stop to eat? …

The Heart Wall

As Dr. Brad has said:

When you graduate from school, what are you told? … to follow your spleen? … your kidneys? … your liver? … NO!! Your are told to “follow your heart” … your dreams … which is pretty hard — sometimes spelled I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E, while you have a “heart wall.”


The Emotion Code: Working on the energy body or the human energy field

I want to share this with you as I have been burning the midnight oil over the last week, studying … and starting to practice, on myself, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code, as put forth in his Emotion Code Transformation Package … He has posted an introductory video that gives you an understanding of The Emotion Code at

Why We Work on the Energy Body or the Human Energy Field

“The energy body is the template for the physical body,” notes energy healer Dr. Brad, the creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, who leads from the heart …

1 tem·plet : a gauge, pattern, or mold used as a guide to the form of a piece being made

I am grateful, as well, to Rudy Hunter for saying on his web site that: “There are reasons you’re stuck.* They’re in your energy field.”

The Emotion Code — which provides a way, for anyone who is at all teachable, to be able to use kinesiology to understand what the body is telling us and from there, to release trapped or stuck* emotions in oneself as well as in service to others — so resonates with me that I am projecting it to be my “flagship practice.”

Between Father God and Mother Earth, There is a Gateway: Breaking Through the “Wall of your Heart”

This is not me being “poetic” or speaking symbolically, but rather speaking in the spirit of what we know of the human heart from the HeartMath Institute and, for example, what Gregg Braden has observed in his book Walking Between The Worlds — The Science of Compassion about choosing between fear and love …   In my opinion:

It is not only the release or clearing of “trapped emotions” that occurs, but The Emotion Code provides a way to open one’s heart … and thus,  it is a gateway to healing, recovering one’s dreams and … being able to choose what spiritual path to walk … which is why we are here, is it not?

My Thoughts

We know that whole, sound health, as we learn from the Native American Medicine Wheel, includes  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual … in various aspects. And so:

My feeling, as I have been studying Dr. Brad’s experiential applications of his practice on numerous people, and learning how to apply what he does, is that what he has developed — to the huge degree that getting rid of “trapped emotions,” known to one and all as stressful, emotional traumas that distort or alter the innate human energy field contribute to the wellbeing of us all — Dr. Brad’s Emotion Code {and his Body Code} may be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s overall health and wellbeing practices … for self and others …

I am grateful to Dr. Brad, who is fond of saying that he “is only the messenger,” for discovering and creating {along with his wife} this “gateway” …

The Word: “Man does not live by ‘bread’ alone”

It is true that, as we find at, that this biblical saying means that:

“people need things such as art, music and poetry as well as food, in order to live a happy life.”

I envision it to also mean that — as all is NOT material {In truth: All is in vibration … “Vibration,” as Edgar Cayce said, ” is spirit in motion” … Thus, for all intents and purposes: All is spirit} — We cannot live by that which is physical alone — such as “facts,” data or information … In essence, that which is spiritual is our true “food” …

And so, complete health is not to be found in “finding out” or studying more or endlessly about the body or that “dis-ease” which may ail you, but rather, as we learn from the Native American Medicine Wheel:

In order to be healthy or whole we must integrate into our lives the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual … in various aspects. Just one example: The physical includes but is not limited to: nutrition, exercise, partaking of the fresh air of Nature, eliminating toxicities, correcting possible structural deficiencies …

Are you teachable?

I post this in the spirit of L. Ron Hubbard’s observation that, really, the first barrier to learning is getting past the {fixed} idea that there is no point in studying it {whatever the subject at hand may be} as one already knows it all …

Grateful acknowledgment to Amy Flynn and Robert Anthony for this:

This is from Amy Flynn of  — who posted the following as Excerpts courtesy of Robert Anthony at

Beginner Mind – No Struggle – All Comes in Divine Timing

“The ability and willingness to be teachable is an important aspect of the higher Levels of Awareness. At the Victim and Struggle Level, there is a lot of resistance to being told anything by anybody.There is a tendency to respond with ‘I know that’ or ‘I read that,already!’ Both of those statements are clues of defensiveness. In addition, having read or heard a concept does not mean you are actually practicing it {in} action on a daily basis.

“Being teachable means that you must start out with a ‘beginner mind set’ and a humble attitude. How easy is it for you to admit that you don’t know something? How often do you pretend or exaggerate what you really know? Can you be humble without feeling vulnerable?

“We are all students of life. How often have you heard or read something many times and finally one day you hear it in a new and different way and finally it sinks in?”

Does this ring true for you as it does for me? …

Special 6-Day Event: The Sedona Method Releasing Fest via Learning Strategies

I first became aware of Learning Strategies’ programs/presentations of healing, spiritual, mindful practices when I decided to participate in their Spring Forest Qigong of Master Chunyi Lin. I mentioned The Sedona Method of Letting Go, very briefly, in an earlier post … at a time there was no Releasing Fest available to enlighten me and thee … Now there is:

The Event Runs From Monday, September 9th – Saturday, September 14th

This six-day Event started yesterday morning, Monday, September 9, 2013, but the Lesson and Process {2 videos} of the first day are still available — as each day’s presentation by Hale Dwoskin, is available online for 48 hours when you go to

You may ask: “Releasing or letting go what?” … I am glad you asked that question 🙂 It is releasing in the spirit of what, in Buddhist teachings, are “attachments” … emotional attachments … to such as unwanted emotions such as anger, which no longer serve. That is how it feels to me … After having completed going through the first day’s experience of the process, very early this morning, I felt not only a release … I also felt as calm within … or more … than I have ever felt from any spiritual practice or meditation. I felt like I was in the silence after sounding or toning … when a frequency shift occurs … so much so that I did not want to — and did not — open my eyes for quite some time … (Although there apparently is some “technique” to The Sedona Method, in that moment: I flashed on what Frank Kinslow speaks of “pure awareness” … saying that you don’t need to do anything … just BE “pure awareness” … and Ron Hubbard teaching us that each of us {the spiritual being known to one and all as “you”} is an “awareness of awareness” unit … )

A “Middle Path” or Alternative {Option} to the Widespread Patterns of Suppressing or Expressing Emotions

Says Hale: “What we call The Sedona Method  is the {creation of a} balancing point and natural alternative to inappropriate suppression {of emotions — anger or grief, for example} or expression.” There is  a momentary welcoming, in the spirit of the Law of Non-resistance, of what comes into your awareness in the present moment, and then a “releasing, or letting go — It is the equivalent of turning down the heat and safely beginning to empty the contents of your inner pressure cooker.”

In other words:

Have you — or anyone you know — ever tried to “feel better” by EXPRESSING: reactively dramatizing or acting out … or SUPPRESSING: totally/holding in or attempting to bury your feelings {Think: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die — You may want to refer to the book of that title by Karol Truman}? … Or have you ever tried to suppress any unwanted, uncomfortable emotions by resorting to habits or addictions such as drinking, sex, watching TV ad infinitum or even “running the tape” over and over to a (sympathetic) friend or anyone who will listen to you of your stories of how you were victimized or why your anger or other emotion is still with you, in body and mind — without healing your heart or having any relief from the resultant high blood pressure or other physical manifestation that you may have been carrying with you … for years … long after any traumatic incident actually occurred? … {Think: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” — Gautama Siddhartha Buddha}

What The Sedona Method Is NOT

It is NOT saying affirmations that do no good (as you don’t believe them to be true) … It is not saying affirmations at all. It is NOT “thinking positively,” — although, as Hale Dwoskin says: “Of course, thinking positively is better than thinking negatively.”


In chapter 4 of The Game Of Life — which is based upon The Word {Old, as well as New Testaments as understood in the realm of “all is in vibration”}, Florence Scovell Shinn teaches us of The Law of Non-resistance, that:

As she heard a metaphysician once say: “If you do not run your subconscious mind yourself, someone else will run it for you.” And she goes on to teach that: Resistance is hell, for it places man in a “state of torment.” Thus, she states: “We see the great Law of Transmutation, founded on non-resistance.” And … “Where there is in him {(wo)man}, no emotional response to an inharmonious situation, it fades away forever from his pathway.” Which truly echoes the words of Hale Dwoskin. Or, I might say: The words of Hale Dwoskin’s truly echo the teachings of Florence Scovell Shinn — AND give us a gentle, deep, quantum (in the often, rapid or instantaneous shifts created} way of being that puts her teachings into practice. I welcome this … as I welcome the teachings of those who have given us techniques … or better: ways of BEing that put the “new” epigenetic science of Bruce Lipton into practice. In fact, we might say that The Sedona Method of letting Go also is within the realm of what Dr. Lipton calls us to do: BE in growth mode rather than protect mode.

My Thoughts

Over the last recent days, I have been engaged in Misa Hopkins’ Root Of All Healing course, in which she mentions that the Native American Medicine Wheel treats of 4 Levels of Healing: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Emotional. And, also, in this recent time, I have been studying some of what The Word {New Testament of Jesus} considers to be the difference between Spirit and Soul … and how each may relate to Mind or Heart …

And then … There I was … listening to Hale Dwoskin … who met Lester Levinson, who developed The Sedona Method after he healed his own heart and had the beneficial “side effect” of healing his physical heart … ulcers … and some other manifestations in his body — after doctors had “given him” a short time to live … He was in his forties, back then, in the early 1970s, and he lived another forty years … And he wanted others to experience what he did … physically and spiritually … and the benefits therefrom in many aspects of life (which, these days, a lot of folks do their version(s) of the “Law of Attraction” to manifest). To continue: Hale recounts the story of how, after he met Lester, he knew that this was the work that he {Hale} was meant to do … And he has been doing it for over thirty years …

In the spirit of Gretchen Vogel, who wrote Choices in the Afterlife, and who notes that “emotion creates reality,” I leave it to you, while embodied in this life, to discover and experience for yourself some new choices of reality via The Sedona method if it resonates with you to do so … I say with Hale: Don’t believe something because I say it. Blessings … Thank you for letting me be part of your journey … And let me know how it’s going …

It is only when we have the courage
To face things exactly as they are,
Without any self-deception or illusion,
That a light will develop out of events,
By which the path to success
May be recognized. — The I Ching {The Book of Changes}

Namaste: The Separateness of Pornography … The Connectedness of Love


I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells.
I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.
Steve Beckow permalink
Staff of The 2012 Scenario
February 22, 2011

Oh, hey, {Comment poster’s Name} no need to ask for permission to use anything I write. Fill your boots. Once it leaves my pen, I seldom give it another thought. Articles, graphics – they’re all yours.


It is in that spirit of Steve that I cite this from

We will be shown that our prejudices create false divisions which have been ramified over centuries. Some beliefs … will be hard to remove. And the galactics will not force us to remove them. They will simply present us with the truth and leave the rest to us. But our choices will have consequences. If we cling to these beliefs, we cannot raise our vibrations in preparation for Ascension.

High amounts of adrenaline and other chemicals are released as the … mindbody switches into “fight or flight” {or separateness} mode. Why does this happen?

Because the mindbody is experiencing so much stimulus and {reactive} physiological activity at once, that it cannot adapt to it fast enough. In other words, the … mindbody goes into stress {rather than being centered and connected and in growth or health mode}.

Internet porn … creates a chain reaction in the male mindbody with hundreds of hormonal, chemical, emotional, physiological and biological processes all converging at once!

THEO {channeled} via Sheila Gillette who speaks of “beings … connected over time, on the same wavelength who incarnate together to support each other’s growth.”

Sexuality is sacred, for it is creation which is God.  Frivolousness in this expression of self is doing oneself a disservice.  In sacred sexuality there is an honoring of it and the individual you are with. It is the connectivity that is important from the heart.  And the true expression of the self, the ability for vulnerability, allows the connection to one another.”

When “The Real Being” is on the Line: Manifestation and Healing Happens

I am inspired to write this post, early this morning having heard Joshua Bloom say, on his Manifest Anything video — which is part of his Quantum Energy Transformation Attraction Formula course which I am engaged in — that wanting/needing is not the same as having … It IS quite true that they are different energetic flows.

“Quantum Time” is Not Linear Time …

Gregg Braden shows on a video at how doctors in a medicineless hospital in Beijing, China — having been  trained in a technology of (human-generated) emotion, believing that the cure “already happened” —  instead of wanting or needing or hoping that a cure will manifest “some day,” in the future — were able to cure cancer. This video actually shows this happening: You can see on a computer screen a woman’s tumor shrinking and disappearing! I have never seen a more powerful, moving video …

When you have what I like to call the real being on the line … that is when the universe gives you what you ask for … what you expect … When you are BEing, in that spirit  of “already happened,” as Gregg has captured for us in that video —  and as Joshua speaks of in his Manifestation video — you are sending the universe a different signal from “some day … some day … some say” … And that is when what (western or conventional) medicine calls “miracles” may happen. I highly recommend that you go to Joshua Bloom’s web sites and to learn more and feel how this can happen … Hint: A year or two ago, I was introduced to the idea of “being in your body” by Michael Smith,  whose teachings in The Empath Toolkit I began to apply … and the concept of “quantumness” from Christopher Westra … and now I am blessed, through the good offices of the synchronicities of the universe, to be learning from Joshua Bloom …

My Thoughts

If you have been looking for a way to apply in your own life, what Bruce Lipton discovered, as Joshua Bloom explains and clarifies to us (and as L. Ron Hubbard observed, years earlier) about trauma/unwanted feelings being recorded at the cellular level, you may be moved to say, as I am, that Joshua’s Quantum Energy Transformation may be what you have been looking for 🙂

Could this be the true meaning of “As a (wo)man thinketh” as in The Word ?… With the practice of  Joshua’s Quantum Energy Transformation (and, possibly, Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing) may we be entering the realm of — or in the Spirit of –Divine Time, which is to say: Healing may be instantaneous … I welcome anyone’s thoughts or experience along this line …

 The Biology Of Belief

Bruce Lipton researched and discovered that one cannot be in “protective” or fear mode and growth mode at the same time. Stated differently: Your cells are either in fear/fight or flight, in which you react to a present time stimulus as if it were something from a traumatic incident of the past — when you were vulnerable, for example as a child … Or you are in growth/healing mode, which is expansive … and healthy spiritually and physically … You cannot be in both or “half and half.”


“Engram is a term much used in Scientology though the concept predates the founding of Scientology {by L. Ron Hubbard} and is actually based in medicine. The term was initially invented by Richard Semon, a German zoologist and biologist. Semon used the term to describe a stored impression or stimulus impression. Under certain circumstances the impression, could be reawakened.”

As a student of Dianetics (which, btw, one can study and apply independently of the current organizations of Scientology), I know that  L. Ron Hubbard’s research in the field of the mind, years before 1950 when he completed the writing of the book entitled Dianetics — The Modern Science Of Mental Health, led him to the discovery of what he termed the “reactive mind.” The “reactive mind” is a stimulus-response mechanism which contains “recordings”   “on automatic” at the time of traumatic incidents. They are, indeed, “stimulus impressions” {Thank you, Richard Semone} stored at the cellular level, as far as the body is concerned, and as mental image pictures {Thank you, Ron Hubbard} which exert force and the power of command over a person’s awareness/spirit, purposes, thoughts, body/health and actions/behavior, later on or in the present,  and are  “baggage” being carried around in life which may be triggered if someone pushes your buttons. Thus the term, “engram,” was the appropriate one for Ron Hubbard to adapt … with the meaning of the word extended in Dianetics to include the concept that these traumatic incidents, could be causatively restimulated — or “reawakened, as Richard Semone said — and with the proper procedure, be released or erased!

That is exactly what Ron did: He discovered and evolved procedure, to release or clear engrams … to unburden one from these traumatic incidents, and thus free people from the effects on their mind and body of incidents long past which they may have once actually needed — at that time — to go into fight, flight or avoidance mode.

Dianetics, however, is NOT done in quantumness or holographically … Rather, it entails repeatedly “running through,” along the “track” of linear time, painful incidents, until they/their feelings {emotional and physical} are released or erased from body and mind , and if one were to think of them, they would be “neutral” or simply memories without emotional charge rather than “baggage” being carried around in life which may be triggered if someone pushes your buttons.

Envision new Choices of Behavior, Health and Future and May Peace Come From Within

As we know in quantum and from other practices/from people such as medical intuitive Caroline Myss {“Your history is your biology”}, Louise Hay, and Karol Truman {Feelings Buried Alive Never Die}, to be stuck in that mode in present time serves no useful or healthy purpose.

L’chaim {To life} and awakening to and then letting go of feelings that  have not been conscious and are reactive or no longer serve us … and helping our friends and others to do the same …

Blessings to Gregg Braden, Joshua Bloom, Bruce Lipton and L. Ron Hubbard.

Don’t “Cut the Cords” via Julie Umpleby of Diamond Light World

As sound healer Jonathan Goldman has said, “We are all unique vibratory beings. ” The following goes against what I have learned … Decide for yourself what resonates for you 🙂 , and I would be interested in your experinces either way …

Says Julie: Please feel free to share or distribute this article as long as the author and website are acknowledged. Thank you.

An article by Julie Umpleby,

I’m sure that many of you in the course of your spiritual journey have come across the concept of “energy cords”. Whenever we have contact with somebody, we literally connect with them via invisible, yet often tangible threads of energy that connect us to others usually via our chakras. These threads of energy can also connect to us via specific organs and other areas of the body.

It is through these energy threads that we exchange – receive and transmit – information and energy between ourselves and others as well as with more subtle energy realms (angelic, guides,our own Higher Self etc). Our intuitive sense are also fed via these connections. If a relationship is intense, whether negative or positive, these threads will often become thicker and more defined energy cords, some of which can remain long after the physical connection with an individual has ended.

We can either be nourished by the energy moving through the cords, or find ourselves becoming drained of our ability to sustain our internal power if the relationship was a negative one. In other words, the other individual either lovingly supports or literally sucks our power from us – I have known a few of the latter in my lifetime!

As we develop greater self-awareness, we begin to learn about the management of our energy and for most of us, this also means becoming aware of how to protect our auric space and free ourselves of negative or energy draining links with others.

At the vibrational level all energy attachments or cords are at their core simply a vibrational mass of fear manifesting in any number of emotional disguises such as resentment, an inability to forgive, envy, hurt, anger and so on. I am sure you can think of many more ‘unloving’ emotional connections that you can add to the list! These essentially represent patterns of behaviour that we must transform if we wish to move into higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness.

Whenever we hold thoughts or emotions of fear, unworthiness, anger, hatred, dislike, self- loathing etc, this vibration ripples out attracting the same vibration back to us through circumstances and people resulting in an energetic linkage, or energy cord. It is clearly in the interest of our evolution and development to release or remove as many of these cords as possible to increase the overall vibration of our being.

The traditional way of doing this in almost all of the spiritual literature I have come across is Cutting the Ties, or cutting the cords. From working with Archangel Michael and his flaming sword, to imagining pink ribbons that you cut, most of the processes involve a severing concept of some sort. In other words, you would go into meditation, find out where the energy cords are and where they are attached and then see yourself cutting them, then sending loving energy to seal and protect your space (in one way or another).

This method of releasing one from the energetic connections through the cords was the way that I was also taught to work earlier on in my own spiritual journey. I even experienced the reality of this connection when I received a phone call from an ex-partner just as I was about to cut the cord! He actually said he didn’t know why he was calling, just that he had a sudden urge to do so – the timing was incredible, and I know that at an unconscious level he felt what I was about to do.

However, a number of years ago, I was busy doing some remote healing with a client and I could see an energy attachment to a past life personality that I was told the person needed to detach from as part of their healing. I immediately prepared the space to cut the energy cord (along with some other work), and heard a booming voice in my head that said :

“Don’t Cut the Cords!!”

The voice was so loud that I immediately opened my eyes to see if there was anybody else in the room! I closed my eyes again and placed a loving intent into the space, thinking that perhaps I hadn’t quite prepared and protected the space correctly and prepared to do it again.

“DON’T CUT THE CORDS!!” I was again told in no uncertain terms, and even louder that the first time!

So, realising that I was hearing Spirit, this time I listened and asked “why not?”, and received information that made such beautiful sense.

I was told that any time we ‘cut’ the energy cord between our own being and any other person, being or entity, it is akin to a trauma that leaves an imprint or memory in our energy field resulting in a weakness or distortion within our energy field. This area of weakness leaves us open to attracting further energy vibrating in alignment with the original fear.

I could feel the truth in these words as I heard them, and recalled a friend, who, many years ago did a cord cutting exercise and realised that the energy cord was so thick that she had to visualise a chain saw to cut it. She physically felt pain as she did this which is not surprising. Can you imagine being hacked at in order to release yourself from another??

Spirit then showed me a way of working that literally resulted in the cords dissolving, and as they did I could see and feel the deep fear of the energy within the cord – this in turn generated an incredible surge of love and compassion that infused the energy field of the person I was working with. My spiritual helpers were then on hand to assist with a loving, gentle release of the attachment and the cord literally began dissolving.

Do not CUT energy cords when you find them, but seek to find the source of the cord within yourself. Concentrate on filling up your heart centre with a golden rose coloured energy, then transmit this loving soul energy from your core into the source of the cord. As you do this, the energy cord will literally dissolve from the inside out, transforming the negative pattern of energy and gracefully releasing you and the other person from this pattern.

There is an elegant simplicity to this process.

Even while I seek and sometimes go deeply into the esoteric understanding of spiritual development and energy work, the energetic alignments I have been gifted to work with have been a constant reminder of the simple and uncomplicated nature of our deepest essence. It is the human mind and ego that seeks to complicate things and set up elaborate structures when this simply is not necessary.

Love, beauty and honouring Your own truth are Your gift to the world.

This insight and exercise are part of a Home Development program, “A Call to Presence”, which has been developed by Julie to provide a practical framework for strengthening your own Higher Self connection.

This program is focussed on supporting you in becoming your “diamond self” in a non-fluffy, down to earth way that is also guided by Spirit and supported by science.

Julie is the originator of “The Diamond Light Grid Alignment”, a process that assists you in restructuring your energy fields for optimising your potential and maintaining balance. It is “ascension” in its most practical form!

Julie also runs a number of hands-on Diamond development and other spiritual expansion workshops.

Fear Processing Meditation via Soul’s Rapture by Inelia Benz for

This is for any and all who feel they are a work in progress … who this resonates with 🙂

Fear Processing Exercise, by Inelia Benz

CALL TO ACTION – Let’s reach 10 Million individuals who are willing to change the course of history.

I first saw this as “Fear Processing Meditation”
by Soulsrapture at

Share, forward, email, copy/paste, post and DO the Fear Processing Exercise. If we get 10 million individuals around the planet to do this just for 5 minutes out of their entire life, we will shift the planet into a higher vibrational reality: 

You can do this exercise at any time, whenever you feel fear.

For best results, it is best to do it in a quiet and private space and working through a list of fears you have written beforehand. Sit or lie down comfortably with your back straight and close your eyes.

Breathe in deeply and slowly into your abdomen, then breathe out as fast as you can.

Repeat, breathe in slowly, then out as fast as you can. And once more, breathe in slowly and slowly, then out fast. Now continue breathing at your own pace.

Scan you physical body from head to toe, to find the energy of fear. Look for fear.

If you cannot find it, read one of your fear items in your list and scan your body again.

Once you find fear in your body, simply look at it.

Don’t analyze it, just look at it. Allow it to be there. Allow it to exist. Allow it to grow and to be.

It could be a physical discomfort, such as a knot, a pain, a location of energy, or through a thought or memory, or it could be just the emotion of fear.

Just look at it. Observe it. Feel it. Allow it to be here. And say, “fear, you are welcome here.” Welcome here.

Welcome fear and allow it to grow. Let it get bigger and bigger. Allow it to grow, and grow… as big as it can go.

Let it be as big as it can possibly get.

Allow it to express itself to you. But don’t analyze. Simply allow whatever comes.

Whether words, thoughts, memories.

Follow it if it changes into another emotion, or changes locations in your body.

Whatever it does, welcome the new expression.

“you are welcome here, thought… you are welcome here emotion, words, memories, you are welcome here fear.”

You are welcome here. Watch it. Observe it.

Now, allow yourself to get closer and embrace fear in whatever expression it has chosen.

give it light and love, and allow it to exist. Thank it for whatever job it had for you, for being with you for so long.

Now, release it into Oneness. Allow it to go free back into Source.

Breathe deeply now. As you breathe in, breathe in light and love.

And as you breathe out, allow that light and love to go to and fill the space where fear used to be.

Now, simply breathe deeply and slowly.

Breathing in light and love, and as you breathe out, allow that light and love to expand throughout your body and out into your environment.

Now, scan your body from your toes to your head and see if there is any of that fear left.

If so, repeat the exercise straight away. If not, you can use your list to repeat the exercise, or end now by opening your eyes and having a good stretch.

Repeat this exercise every day until there is no more fear in your life.

Healing “The Medicine Wheel”: Aligning Your Four “Bodies” and Empathic Connection

Empathic Responsibility

I write this post from a wish that has been expanding in me, over the last few days, to go toward helping spirit heal others … particularly since my energy told me that it’s not only that  “The physical universe is actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to how we think,” but:

If I have “bad energy,” I can almost feel that resonate into a person or persons around me — especially if I have rapport with them — and possibly {There is free will, after all} “resonate them into” following path that is not of the highest resonance of their soul, either. So I had better get my head aligned with my heart … as I do believe/know{Ref:} that:

“Energy with intent (in the form of prayer) can move through time and space to assist another in need, the more intense the energy is, as in group prayer the more effective it can be.”

Spiritual Alignment: Aligning Your Four “Bodies”: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical

Michael Smith, in his Empath Toolkit (which has been mentioned previously on this blog),  has a number of MP3s, two of which I have just been re-listening to: one on addictions/getting rid of the energy that you don’t need … and one on intuition. This post is inspired by both.

 Balancing the Heart {Spiritual} and the Head {Mental}

Spiritual {heart} The language of the heart exists in ambiguity. It’s more feminine in nature. It’s unpredictable … non-linear: meaning that there’s no space and no time (in it).

Mental {the head/ego} (It’s full of) “The verbal chatter that you create.” It’s masculine/certain/it doesn’t like to be wrong … It’s job is to be confident/knowledgeable … to “make sense of things” … It’s going to keep whatever belief it comes up with unless you unlearn it. It’s linear/one thing follows after another. It goes by rules … This follows that … it jumps to conclusions … which are wrong 80 – 90% of the time

Michael Smith walks you through exercises, on his Intuition MP3, which make your head aware of — and which guide you through learning — the language of the heart. His Empath Toolkit is so  appropriately named …

Daily Practice

I echo what Michael recommends: We should make a daily practice of doing whatever it is we choose to be in spiritual alignment/keep the head and heart balanced. Note: In his exercises, he emphasizes that we must remain grounded/It’s NOT about what I would call “fleeing from” or ignoring the body. In fact, listening to {the subltle energetic changes within} your body … distinguishing what is from within and what is coming from someone else is part what we, who “feel into” ourselves, others and the world, are learning …

Btw, one such daily practice, in the spirit of Dr. Mikao Usui — Free Reiki Self-Healing — may be found at Reiki Resources For Everyone

If you use this, please do give in some way to others for what you receive.

Images, Thoughts, Beliefs and Feelings are spirit … In Stillness … they may be recognized or created …shifted or transformed … transmuted as the Kybalion speaks of …

Another such daily practice is The Healing Codes, developed by Dr. Alex Loyd, which was featured on this blog at the beginning of last month

As Dr. Loyd said when speaking of The Success Codes that he developed after The Healing Codes: “You just have to change some emergy patterns inside.”

Healing “The Medicine Wheel”

It was my hearing a phrase used in Michael Smith’s Addiction MP3 {which, by the way, addresses the vulnerability of those of us who are empathic to diverse types addictions or (suppressed) pain} — “healing the medicine wheel” — which moved me to search for “healing the medicine wheel”!005235937639662612447%3Ad6zlnt0cblq&sbSource=&customtag=sbtgCmpSearch9&q=healing+the+medicine+wheel, and to find

How to Make A Medicine Wheel

It is also, not only a place for healing, but a place for creation and enlightenment. All things are welcome in a Medicine Wheel or Sacred Circle, with the



“The Medicine Wheel is a map of the spiritual universe. It is both a physical and a philosophical communication and navigational device which connects the above and the below. By establishing the coordinates on the wheel through the universality of the sacred directions, the context is established to properly interpret spiritual messages and synchronicities, which can reveal a great deal of ‘hidden’ information. The alchemical process begins, in consciousness.

“The wheel is a model and a blueprint for wholeness {Italics mine — Theta Networker}. It holds the power to bring into our conscious existence deep knowledge of the Self and therefore reveals the nature of the forces of the Universe, so that we can better command ourselves and navigate our lives. It teaches us to see with second sight, hear through deep listening, speak with truth, feel with creation, touch with joy and relish taste by biting into life.

“The wheel is the keeper of the portal of all that is. It is all things and yet it is nothing. It doesn’t exist in space and time! Yet, it is a masterful creator and healer. In a sense it is an archetype of all creation” …


I will be creating from the wisdom of this web site, and you may want to as well …

Earth: A Symbolic Meeting Place of Souls …

Earth: A Symbolic Meeting Place of Souls … Between 4th and 5th Dimensional Sojourns …

“Because we are more than physical matter, we can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” — From The Monroe Affirmation

If: The physical universe is actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to how we think {as Gregg Braden speaks of in Walking Between The Worlds — The Science Of Compassion}, and there is truth in the quantum idea of the observer of an experiment … or … life … being able to influence the outcome,

Then: Shouldn’t we be Looking at Archetypes — as described by Caroline Myss — such as: Prostitute [Guardian of Faith]; Victim  [Guardian of Self-Esteem]; Child [Guardian of Innocence]; Saboteur [Guardian of Choice], through the Holographic Quantum lens of Gregg Braden:

If: We believe that everything happens for a reason … life lesson … synchronicity,

Then: Wouldn’t  Synchronicity/Divine Timing include such Archetypal manifestations [as part of All That Is] situations/tribulations such as one that challenges {including those which may be made to us by anti-social/vampire personalities — Yes, such do exist} us to not be a Victim, for example? …

If we believe that: “Vibration is spirit in motion” as Edgar Cayce said, and that: “ALL IS IN VIBRATION”  as THE KYBALION says:

Then: Is it not true that :

All is spirit?

If we are to: “Begin with self. Find the peace in self and ye will find that ye can bring it to others,” as Edgar Cayce said in Reading 3902-2,

Then is it not true that:

“You cannot really look into someone else’s eyes unless you have looked behind and beyond your own,” as Jason & Skye Mangrum have observed in Uber-Man: Almost Superhuman –Techniques for Unlocking Ultimate Human Potential.

In ICreateReality — How You Can Master Holographic Time, Chris Westra says:


“A useful description for F.E.A.R. is –





“Whenever we are experiencing fear, we are using our imaginations very powerfully. I always laugh when people tell me they aren’t able to visualize. Everyone visualizes very effectively when they are in a state of fear. We envision all kinds of scary things, hunger, war, losing our job, and then pretend that these things are happening now.

“Fear is the energy we feel when we imagine negative scenarios in great detail and believe these events or situations will come to pass.”


May we then possibly find our way out of Fear, which Chris Westra says is linked to Linear {NOT Holographic} Time … and into the only other mode really available to us other than supposed Self-Protection/Fear — that of Growth — which Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks of, by Holographic Visualization/imagining positive  scenarios in great detail and believing these events or situations will come to pass, which we may call Conscious Creation …

Perfect love casteth out fear — 1 John 4:18

A few years ago when I was doing Falun Gong exercises and reading/listening to Teacher {Master Li Hongzhi}’s lectures on RealPlayer, it came to me that I cannot have both compassion and hatred in my heart at the same time. As said by blogger “Renaissance Man,” who cannot currently be found on Yahoo: When perfect love fills your heart and soul, there is no room/no space remaining for fear … Fear is cast out {Italics mine — Theta Networker} …

Stated another way: How we may BE in Growth mode would seem to be: “Keeping our vibrations high  and connecting through our hearts,” as suggested by The High Council of Orion council-orion-72511,  …

I would like to know: Do you feel some of this, as we move forward in this time of heightened vibrations? …


Spirituality. Positive Psychology. Wellness.

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