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Being of Service: The Wisdom of St. Francis …

I am blessed by an inordinate amount of synchronicity in my journey … and by the frequency shifts occurring within me … that I could not have possibly orchestrated on my own … And so I am moved to share with you …

Do not override your intuition searching for knowledge

I had that thought recently, once again, after having put it aside earlier this year, that I would like to say to myself and “others”: “Do not override your intuition searching for knowledge (data).”

And so of course, in divine timing — as over a month ago I came across Ana Mari Vasquez’ work, which helps people to develop their intuition  — I came upon Tori Hartman’s spiritual work at, which teaches people to know and trust their intuition.

The Meaning (to me) of Divination

Btw, upon hearing of her course, I realized that the word “divination” — instead of meaning dowsing for water or something beyond me — has its roots in the divine, and so, for me: Divination means the exercising of insight or intuitive perception … in the same spirit as the words passed down by Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki, which I say daily, the first words before beginning the exercise: “I open myself to divine love and wisdom. I open myself to divine love and wisdom. I open myself to divine love and wisdom. “

In the spirit of Being of Service: It is holier to outflow than to inflow

Thank you, Tori Hartman, for teaching/making reference to what St. Francis said about (the value/preciousness of) understanding:

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved, as to love.

(Interesting, too, that — in the course of checking for the exact words of  St. Francis that Tori was referencing, I came across the fact of St. Francis also having been Ascended Master Kuthumi)

I would like to close by echoing the words of sound healer Jonathan Goldman and Shamael, the Angel of Sound, in Shifting Frequencies: Sounds for Vibratory Activation:

“We are living in extraordinary times. There are frequency shifts occurring on both personal and planetary levels. We can consciously affect our own vibratory patterns, and align with these energies for health and transformation.”

God bless

Metaforms: Sacred Geometry Tools said to Enhance the Human Energy Field

I pass this on for you to draw your own conclusions … All I know is: Sacred geometry is real … and the earth grid is real …

Special Offer Page
with testimonies from Barbara Marx Hubbard … Jonathan Goldman … and others …


Telepathic Communication with Your Spirit Tutors, the Human Energy Field and Reconnecting with Your Soul’s Agenda

I first told you of Alicia Power and her Spirit Tutors … and teaching others to connect with and co-create with our own … when she was interviewed by Debra Poneman on her Your Life Without Limits series at Recently, Eram Saeed  interviewed Alicia on her Heartache To Joy Series 7, with the Interview Replay to be found (still available for the moment) at Alicia’s program is offered at and — I noticed — the same offer is still available at Why We Work on the Energy Body or the Human Energy Field Alicia speaks in terms of the “web” {akin to the shattering of a car’s windshield after something hits it} in our auric field as a {an energetic} pattern that your spirit tutors/technicians can see … and their ability to change that pattern {of your “electrical” wiring} … manifests … There is an opportunity in our stuckness if {IF} we are willing to let yourself feel the truth about yourself if even for a moment … It is, indeed, Rudy Hunter has said on his web site “There are reasons you’re stuck. They’re in your energy field.”

“The energy body is the template for the physical body,” says energy healer Dr. Bradley Nelson, the creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code

1 tem·plet : a gauge, pattern, or mold used as a guide to the form of a piece being made

There Is An Opportunity in our Stuckness

What I take away from Alicia’s interview with Eram is that she is saying that: It is a change in the energetic pattern within your auric field, by your spirit tutors/technicians (at your request), that creates the change {changed pattern} in your emotions / emotional response pattern — if you create a tiny moment of letting yourself feel the truth about yourself. Also:

A “Pattern Interrupt” is Not Simply an Emotional Manifestation

{Note: I admire those of us who “train themselves” into new behavioral patterns, whether it be through The Sedona Method of Letting Go or Colette Baron-Reid’s way to shift the internal landscape of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs  (as she teaches in her book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life)  in The Landscape of Peace and Calm, or Ed Lester’s Unleashing The Laws of Attraction and Creative Force teachings, or any other practice} That gives me a deeper understanding of what has been called a “pattern interrupt”: an interruption of the (reactive) patterns of response {known as the “fight-or-flight” or “stress response”} that we so often see between people … I note that: We are in the midst of evolving patterns of behavior born out of a relaxation response or love response, which I believe equates to the healthy, “growth mode” spoken of by Bruce Lipton. At this point, I — who have been one of those who often does not “feel” the subtle energy shifts due to the work of those lightworkers who are able to channel higher-dimensional beings on such broadcasts — am feeling that this program which I perceive as a journey of soul empowerment to co-creation with the spirit world may be the next step in my journey … If it feels like that for you, perhaps I will “see” you there …

The Word from Dr. Brad: Follow Your Heart

I recall Robert F. Kennedy, when he was a senator from New York, saying that: Some people see things as they are and ask ‘why’ … Others dream things that never were and ask: ‘Why not?’

What’s Your Passion?

What do you do that you become so engaged in … that you are so passionate about, in your heart, that you lose all track of time … that you do not even (feel like you want to) stop to eat? …

The Heart Wall

As Dr. Brad has said:

When you graduate from school, what are you told? … to follow your spleen? … your kidneys? … your liver? … NO!! Your are told to “follow your heart” … your dreams … which is pretty hard — sometimes spelled I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E, while you have a “heart wall.”


Why my “default value” for doctors or medical treatment is NOT drugs or surgery: Overview

The Word: “Let your fruits be for food and your herbs be for medicine.”

The “white lies” of history are the BIG ones … the HUGE ones.

As the unifying Christ-ianity of Jesus was hijacked by those (white) supremacists/”chosen people-ists” who were … have been divisive … colonizers and enslavers, the medical profession, broadly/systemically has engaged in massive violation of the spirit — and letter — of The Hippocratic Oath.

Btw, be advised that I would never say or advocate something as fooolish as: “OK, you were {for example} just in an auto accident … Now, even though your spleen is lying over there across the road, let’s get you to a practitioner of bioenergetic healing and find out what blocked emotions you have … ” Of course not: You would be blessed to have in that moment  a (conventional or mainstream, or wholistic or integrated) medical practitioner who could put your spleen back where it belongs … You get the idea!

That understood, let’s continue with the main sense of this post:

Why do you suppose Hippocrates had the wisdom to say: “do no harm” and why was this adopted as the “Hippocratic Oath” that all medicos are supposed to be true to?

When did doctors start relying upon drugs?

Hint #1: It was way way more recent than the New Testament … Traditional Chinese Medicine’s  Chinese Herbal Medicine  — Materia Medica {which I call “TCM’s PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)”}… Homeopathy

Hint #2: When was the first PDR written and published?

Answer: From Dr. Norm Shealy’s book, Energy Medicine — Practical Applications and Scientific Proof , chapter 1 — Modern Energy Medicine:


“What we call modern medicine or conventional medicine has only developed primarily over the past sixty to seventy years. Prior to that, we had some surgical procedures, very few drugs, a few herbs and a lot of dangerous or outmoded approaches such as bloodletting and leeches.”


The psycho-pharmaceutical-medical vested interests, such as the US FDA which oversees approval of “new drugs” {synthetics, very often derived from plants, but produced AND patented for profit} often has board members affiliated with or investors in or on the boards of drug companies … in some cases to the point of conflict-of-interest.

As chiropractic Dr. Matt Mannino has so aptly  stated:

When he was in school, he was taught that:

Patients always have the power to heal on their own … The doctor’s is to find out where the healing is blocked or suppressed … NOT to rip out body organs or administer drugs {which suppress symptoms}. He makes the connection that, as chiropractors who are oriented to remove “blocks” to the flow within our nervous system or (physical) subluxations, doctors would do best to be oriented to removing additional block to healing, such as beliefs that one cannot heal oneself.

From this perspective, sez me, empowerment to heal oneself … with the help {or jump-start} of any needed medical assistance, conventional or traditional, is nothing more than putting into practice what some have forgotten: As we each, through our life force energy, animate our bodies, we can certainly heal them …

Why We Work on the Energy Body or the Human Energy Field

Again, as Dr. Bradley Nelson, the creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, has noted:

“The energy body is the template for the physical body.”

It is time that patients and doctors alike — remember this AND act in the spirit of The Hippocratic Oath

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Your body is talking …

… If you are listening … and your “hear” — that is to say: If you feel … unwanted attitudes, emotions, sensations or pain or a sense of contraction rather than expansion, then know this is a sign or sign that:

Your Energy Field, as part of the Universal Consciousness that is the “database” of All That Is knows that there is a need for a change or shift … and …

These symptoms are language from your body telling you that … and these symptoms need not materialize into physical as dis-ease:

BE in Stillness and with a quiet mind and emotions … Relax into the Universal Consciousness of All That Is: of Spectrums of Light, Sound and Life Force Energy … of Thought-Pictures, Words, Feelings and Beliefs

And … In the spirit of the teachings of Genevieve Behrend: Hold an Intention for Love or Peace or Health or … And, as Capt. Kirk would say on the holodeck, “Make it so.”

The Emotion Code: Working on the energy body or the human energy field

I want to share this with you as I have been burning the midnight oil over the last week, studying … and starting to practice, on myself, Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code, as put forth in his Emotion Code Transformation Package … He has posted an introductory video that gives you an understanding of The Emotion Code at

Why We Work on the Energy Body or the Human Energy Field

“The energy body is the template for the physical body,” notes energy healer Dr. Brad, the creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, who leads from the heart …

1 tem·plet : a gauge, pattern, or mold used as a guide to the form of a piece being made

I am grateful, as well, to Rudy Hunter for saying on his web site that: “There are reasons you’re stuck.* They’re in your energy field.”

The Emotion Code — which provides a way, for anyone who is at all teachable, to be able to use kinesiology to understand what the body is telling us and from there, to release trapped or stuck* emotions in oneself as well as in service to others — so resonates with me that I am projecting it to be my “flagship practice.”

Between Father God and Mother Earth, There is a Gateway: Breaking Through the “Wall of your Heart”

This is not me being “poetic” or speaking symbolically, but rather speaking in the spirit of what we know of the human heart from the HeartMath Institute and, for example, what Gregg Braden has observed in his book Walking Between The Worlds — The Science of Compassion about choosing between fear and love …   In my opinion:

It is not only the release or clearing of “trapped emotions” that occurs, but The Emotion Code provides a way to open one’s heart … and thus,  it is a gateway to healing, recovering one’s dreams and … being able to choose what spiritual path to walk … which is why we are here, is it not?

My Thoughts

We know that whole, sound health, as we learn from the Native American Medicine Wheel, includes  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual … in various aspects. And so:

My feeling, as I have been studying Dr. Brad’s experiential applications of his practice on numerous people, and learning how to apply what he does, is that what he has developed — to the huge degree that getting rid of “trapped emotions,” known to one and all as stressful, emotional traumas that distort or alter the innate human energy field contribute to the wellbeing of us all — Dr. Brad’s Emotion Code {and his Body Code} may be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s overall health and wellbeing practices … for self and others …

I am grateful to Dr. Brad, who is fond of saying that he “is only the messenger,” for discovering and creating {along with his wife} this “gateway” …

The Word: “Man does not live by ‘bread’ alone”

It is true that, as we find at, that this biblical saying means that:

“people need things such as art, music and poetry as well as food, in order to live a happy life.”

I envision it to also mean that — as all is NOT material {In truth: All is in vibration … “Vibration,” as Edgar Cayce said, ” is spirit in motion” … Thus, for all intents and purposes: All is spirit} — We cannot live by that which is physical alone — such as “facts,” data or information … In essence, that which is spiritual is our true “food” …

And so, complete health is not to be found in “finding out” or studying more or endlessly about the body or that “dis-ease” which may ail you, but rather, as we learn from the Native American Medicine Wheel:

In order to be healthy or whole we must integrate into our lives the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual … in various aspects. Just one example: The physical includes but is not limited to: nutrition, exercise, partaking of the fresh air of Nature, eliminating toxicities, correcting possible structural deficiencies …

A symptom is nothing more than a sign that you need to shift or change

I have spoken of balance, harmony and peace coming from within as energy moves and spirit flows through us … and  he universe being actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs …

This morning,  after I read some words of wisdom from Ping Li, awakened spiritual master and mentor  — who so often sends me e-mail :-), I  read also an e-mail from Lauren Galey about Louise Swartswalters’ practice of Geotran. And so …  I was led to re-look at the “widgets” on the right side of the front page of this blog … do some reordering of what I had put there … and inspired to write this post:

Says Ping Li,  in Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose on Earth:

“When your physical body is aligned with the forces of the universe {Think: The “Relinquishment aspect of what I call Spiritual Control-Purification-Relinquishment: Relinquishing personal will to the Divine — or at least aligning personal will with Divine will}, you can heal not only your physical body but every aspect of your life,” and it is then {Italics mine} that your body “becomes a conduit of the spirit.”

Thanks to the e-mail I received from Lauren Galey (, I learned of Louise Swartswalters’ practice of Geotran, which almost instantly guided me to her Geotran Interview — The Basics video This video actually included some demonstration of the energetic technique of
Geotran — that I found beneficial, spiritually and physically almost immediately. The video mentioned Louise’s web site which led me to notice Louise’s statement that: “A symptom is nothing more than a sign that you need to shift or change.”

And so … this post came to be …

“Vibration is spirit in motion” — Edgar Cayce

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.” — Buddha

“Because we are more than physical matter, we can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” — From The Monroe Affirmation

Your body is a physical manifestation of your mind and your energy …

Stated alternately, as Ling Pi has: “Your physical body is not only solid as you see with your physical eyes but also a vast vibrational energy field” … Looking at that understanding, I realize that  — if one substitutes “flesh eyes” for physical eyes — it is almost an exact (duplicate) statement of the teachings  found within Falun Gong’s Master Li Hongzhi’s Zhuan Falun {Turning The (Buddha) Law Wheel} …

 And so: A symptom is indeed nothing more than a sign that you need to shift or change …

The universe is actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs … And thus … as we ascend in the course of fulfilling “our soul’s purpose on earth” … with our Thoughts … Prayers … and Holographic Creation … we may manifest … multi-dimensionally … as we align more with spirit/the universe.

May it be for the highest and best … personally and for the planet …

OBE’s: A Gateway to Becoming Multi-Dimensional or “What you CAN take with you”

Thanks to host and interviewer {and listener, really} Lauren Galey’s Healing Conversations at and to William Buhlman, of The Monroe Institute, for sharing his experience with OBEs {Out of Body Experiences} with us, and the resulting shifts, spiritual and physical that he felt within himself …

He is an Out of Body Facilitator/Instructor with The Monroe Institute who is very familiar and experienced with the target  technique — and many others — you can use to travel out of body. This was, for me, an engrossing audio, which included William describing briefly  a personal healing episode during an OBE which he feels to have cured him from what was diagnosed as Stage 4 cancer.

Here are my first  thoughts {my “translation” or assimilation of what he said}, after this particular session, in a series of such (spiritual) guest appearances on, offered this (fall) season for free … and posted as Replays for at least several days after each conversation — with an option to buy all as MP3s or CDs.

William speaks of the only reason that there’s such a lag between our thought(s) and what occurs (manifests), being that the physical world is (so) much denser than the world within … the dimensions higher than this three-dimensional world.

Some fears or beliefs {such as: It will all be taken care of for you when you die … You will go to a heaven or elsewhere {which are considered to be locations, but which are actually different vibrational levels} — with the expectation of then/or thus you will be “saved” — may block us from having the reality … from knowing, as one does for sure when they have an OBE,  that we are more than our {individual} body …

We all will have an OBE when we “die,” Why not learn … now? … If we learn, through OBEs or meditation or shamanic techniques … for example, to be muti-dimensional, we will take that (ability) with us when we pass out of our body at the end of this lifetime …

What Your Body Is Telling You via Kathy Wilson

Thanks once again to Kathy Wilson’s  Journal of Spirited Coaching

What Your body Is Telling You

You and your body are carrying on a never-ending conversation with each other. The quality of this conversation directly affects the quality of your body’s health.

Unfortunately, this conversation is not one in which most people are actively, consciously participating.

When you begin to consciously communicate with your body, the benefit you enjoy is that it becomes easier for you to discern what your body wants so it can heal illness, disease, or other malfunctions it may be suffering. Additionally, you’ll be able to discern what it needs in order to stay in optimum health and avoid falling into a state of disease.

The language you and your body use is very simple, making it an easy language for you to learn. As you’ll soon discover, your body is very literal, and the messages you and it are constantly exchanging are easy to decode… once you’ve learned the basics of the language.

How Your Body Talks to You

{Note from Theta Networker: There are many, such as Louise Hay, Karol Truman, Deborah King, Caroline Myss and … Florence Scovell Shinn who use similar, symbolic interpretations of what your body — or energy field — is telling you. 

The physical sensations you experience, the illnesses you contract, the pains you suffer, and the “accidents” you have are just a few of the ways your body talks to you.

Here are a few real-life examples of the physical body communicating with its owner:

A client was complaining of neck pain that had become so painful his doctor was suggesting surgery.

Another client mentioned during our coaching session that his wrist had become painful when he played his favorite sport – tennis.

A friend was experiencing lower back pain.

A student shared that she was experiencing intense shoulder pain in her right side.

My right knee suddenly became very painful, possibly indicating a torn or stretched ligament.

Because the language your body uses to communicate with you is so simple it’s important that you don’t try to make it complicated or complex. The messages the body speaks are very straightforward.

To give you a preview of how messages from the body are interpreted, here is what the previous examples mean:

A client had been thinking what a “pain in the neck” it was to have to go back to work when he was having so much fun being retired and doing as he wished.
This client wasn’t following through completely in certain situations in his life. In his tennis game he wasn’t following through with his strokes. The abrupt stoppage of motion was causing strain, and thus pain, on his wrists.

A person was continually using the phrase, “pain in the butt.”

The student confided that she felt like she had to do everything for everyone else around her. She was “shouldering” the weight of all that responsibility
While I was trying to make a choice about whether to move to one locale or another, I stated aloud often that I was “torn” about which direction to take.

When the body talks it doesn’t use words. So, how do you decode the messages from your body?

There are areas within your body that commonly attract and retain certain thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. In order to decode the messages your body is giving you, the first important step is to define what part of the body is affected. The side of the body, the organ, limb, joint, or body part – all have meaning.

I’ve created the following Quick Reference Guide which lists a few of the main areas of the body, with basic interpretations of issues in those areas. This is by no means a complete list, but it’s enough to get you started.

Quick Reference Guide for Decoding the Messages From Your Body

Begin your deciphering of your body’s messages by determining which side of the body is affected.

The left side of the body is where you receive incoming energy. Issues on the left side represent resistance to energy that’s coming toward you. This can be people, challenges at work, choices you’re being forced to make, etc. This is the feminine side and is also related to the spiritual realms.

The right side of the body is the side where you send out energy. Issues on the right side represent resistance to taking action. It is the masculine energy and is associated with the physical world.

After determining the side of the body on which the issue resides, move on to the specific part of the body.

Back/Spine This is your support. The lower back is the area of financial support
Bones are where you hold resentment and anger. This is also an area of your foundation and structure.

Ear issues represent resistance to what you hear.
Eyes Health issues with the eyes represent rejection of what you see.

Feet represent moving or movement. They also indicate how grounded and connected you are to your physical life. Fingers are the details – the little things in life.

Heart represents love, of course. Issues here relate to an inability to give and/or receive love.

Hips are the balance point of the body.
Joints represent flexibility or inflexibility in attitude and action.
Lungs are the area of the breath of life. Issues here represent a fear of fully living or feeling like you don’t deserve to live.

Muscles indicate the strength and well-being of your personal will.
Nerves are the pathways of your inner communication
Shoulders represent responsibility and burdens in life.

Stomach Issues here indicate what’s eating you or what you can no longer stomach.

Tendons represent your flexibility in life.
Throat issues indicate whether or not you’re speaking your truth and are speaking out.

As you can see, it becomes fairly easy to interpret the messages your body is giving you because it’s so literal. When you experience pain, disease, or discomfort in any of these areas, you’ve created an energy blockage with your thoughts and/or emotions.

To discern what your body is telling you about it, reflect on a recent situation or event that was distressing for you. Discern what you’re thinking and feeling about it.

Here are some examples of interpretations:

If you’re suffering discomfort in your knees, it can indicate that you’re you having difficulty making a decision about moving in a specific direction. The right knee indicates blocking the energy of stepping into action. The left knee may indicate refusal of accepting the situation in which a choice of direction needs to be made.

If your eyes are painful, what are you seeing that hurts you? If your distance vision is blurry, what don’t you want to see – or can’t see – in your future? If your close vision is blurry, what is there in your life now that you don’t want to see?

If you have a toothache on the left side of your body, what tough problem might you be chewing on? If it’s on the right side, it may mean it’s time for you to stop chewing on the problem and do something about it.

If your throat is sore and infected, what is making you angry, but you’re afraid to say something about? If it aches, what would you love to say but are holding back?

The first step to healing is awareness. Become aware of what your body is telling you so you can help it heal.


There are many, such as Louise Hay, Karol Truman, Deborah King, Caroline Myssand … Florence Scovell Shinn who use similar, symbolic interpretations of what your body — or energy field — is telling you. What are your understandings?

THE GAME OF LIFE via Florence Scovell Shinn and AUTOGENIC TRAINING

The Vibratory Power of Words

(Autogenic Training Via Dr. Norm Shealy)

Chapter 1: The Game

Man can change his conditions by changing his words. Any man who does not know the power of the word, is behind the times.

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.” (Prov. 18:21.)

Chapter 2: The Law of Prosperity

One of the greatest messages given to the race through the scriptures is that God is man’s supply and that man can release, through his spoken word, all that belongs to him by divine right. He must, however, have perfect faith in his spoken word. Isaiah said, “My word shall not return unto me void, but shall accomplish that where it is sent.” We know now, that words and thoughts are a tremendous vibratory force, ever moulding man’s body and affairs.

His clear vision pierced the “world of matter” and he saw clearly the fourth dimensional world, things as they really are, perfect and complete in Divine Mind. So man must ever hold the vision of his journey’s end and demand the manifestation of that which he has already received. It may be his perfect health, love, supply, self-expression, home or friends.

They are all finished and perfect ideas registered in Divine Mind (man’s own superconscious mind) and must come through him, not to him.

I replied: “I suppose you {~gave up~} your power. You can control any situation if you first control yourself.”

We Are All Connected: Thalassemia

I write this as I have a person close to me who is heading out to MD Anderson in Texas — and I notice at that “MD Anderson offers cell therapy for other life-threatening childhood disorders:

Severe aplastic anemia
Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome
Severe combined immunodeficiency
Sickle cell anemia
Amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia
Inborn errors of metabolism

I was moved by a young woman, yesterday, at a blood drive in my workplace … when she came over to some of us who had donated blood and introduced herself as someone who has been receiving repeated transfusions of blood, since childhood, due to the manifestation of thalassemia in her body …

She was saying that, without blood donors, there would be no blood transfusions.

All the spiritual people I have been learning from, and cited on this blog, say in one form or another either that “We are all one” or “We are all connected.” I can only say: Here is a new demonstration {for me} that we ARE all connected … in more ways than one …


Thalassemia, or Mediterranean anemia, was first described in 1925 by a Detroit physician who studied Italian children with severe anemia (low levels of red blood cells), poor growth, huge abdominal organs, and early childhood death. In 1946, the cause of thalassemia was found to be an abnormal hemoglobin structure. The body reacts by destroying red blood cells, causing anemia. To compensate for the loss, the body tries to make red blood cells more rapidly, causing other thalassemia complications, such as bone abnormalities and spleen enlargement.

In the 1960s, doctors treating thalassemia patients started to transfuse them with fresh red blood cells every month. This alleviated most of the childhood symptoms and led to a major improvement in survival. It is still used as a treatment today. However, since blood contains large amounts of iron, which the body cannot eliminate naturally, most patients died in their teenage years from damage caused by too much iron. Researchers later found that excess iron could be removed from the body by treatment with a drug called desferoxamine. This drug prevented iron-induced heart disease and helped patients live much longer. Recently, two oral drugs have become available to remove iron. They have dramatically improved the quality of life of patients with iron overload from transfusions for thalassemia. Furthermore, specialized imaging tests can now find iron in the heart and allow patients to be treated before they develop iron-related heart failure.

As with sickle-cell disease, drugs that increase production of fetal hemoglobin can partially correct the anemia of thalassemia, but efforts to improve the treatment of thalassemia continue.

Future Directions

Medications that increase fetal hemoglobin in both sickle-cell disease and thalassemia have greatly improved life for patients suffering from these diseases; however, safer and more effective drugs are still being sought. Stem cell transplantation can be used to treat both illnesses, but it has many limitations. Further research to improve the safety of transplantation, especially when using stem cells from unrelated donors, is necessary before it can be widely accepted as a safe and effective treatment. Finally, the longterm hope for successfully treating both of these diseases is to correct the error in the globin gene itself. While it is possible to do this type of gene therapy in animals, there are several obstacles that must be overcome before human trials will be successful.

The following article was published in December 2008 as part of the special ASH Anniversary brochure, 50 Years in Hematology: Research That Revolutionized Patient Care:

An inspiring true story of a young man, who was diagnosed at nine months old, with Cooley’s Anemia or thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder. He was diagnosed with the most severe form of thalassemia, which affects less than 1,000 people in the United States.

A symptom is nothing more than a sign that you need to shift or change

In April, I attended Dr. Norm Shealy’s seminar: Energy Medicine — Scientific Proof and Practical Applications and I am moved to mention his discovery that — beyond the meridians of acupuncture — there are what he calls “sacred rings” {a kind of energy channels in the body} that similarly relate to healing

Not to give anyone false hope, but based on my understanding of these “rings,” I have the idea is that, possibly, the integration of Dr. Shealy’s “Ring” treatment along with blood transfusions might enhance the health and wellbeing of those who have immunodeficiencies or even those who need repeated blood transfusions …

I would like to close with the mention, as well, of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code 


“The Emotion Code is the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find emotional baggage (using {kinesiological} muscle testing) and release it, either from yourself or from someone else. Our emotional baggage consists of actual energies, the energies of intense emotional events that we’ve experienced that are still stuck in our bodies. These energies distort the normal energy field of the body, creating pain, malfunction, all manner of disease …

“In the same way that you cannot see the wind, yet you can feel it’s effects, trapped emotions are invisible and they can exert powerful forces upon you. Trapped emotions can affect you physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. It is my experience that a significant percentage of physical illnesses, emotional difficulties and self-sabotage are actually caused by these unseen energies.”


Dr. Brad leads … and teaches … from his heart  {In his materials, he even includes examples of healing within his own family}, and:

My feeling — as I have been studying Dr. Brad’s experiential applications of his practice on numerous people, and learning how to apply what he does — is that what he has developed is workable. I would say that — to the degree that getting rid of “trapped emotions” may contribute to the wellbeing of those with any “inborn” or chronic dis-eases — Dr. Brad’s Emotion Code {and his Body Code, which expands on it} may be seamlessly integrated into anyone’s overall health and wellbeing practices … for self and others …

To be continued ….

Message to My Higher Self: Neutrality, Non-Judgment, The Universal Field and Being “All Connected”

“Being all connected” is a thread that has evolved into a part of the woof and warp of this blog … Here’s a bit more that puts it in the perspective of the matrix. Thanks to Mashhur and Joshua for all that they do …


Mashhur Anam has reminded us that:

“We are each made of particles, electrons, neutrons and, therefore, we are all connected.”

“Each of us is a powerful server, serving out or ‘transmitting’ content that will either contribute to or distract from the evolution of where we are right now.” And he has reminded us more than once, as a speaker — and I would call him an ascension accelerator — on  that “the key to harmony is neutrality and non-judgment.”


In other words, the more neutral we are, the more non-judgmental we are, the easier it is for us to — as I put it (in the header to this blog) to let go of all that has not been conscious and is reactive or no longer serves — and to accept new, higher frequency realities.

I am reminded of the same by Joshua Bloom, on his  Quantum Energy Transformation Attraction Formula course: In quantum (healing) (of traumatic incidents, for example), one indication that healing is taking place is that you can feel “neutral” about the incident when you consider the incident now.

Mashhur speaks in terms of us (being able to) have a resonance with whatever we see, and notes that everything in existence has morphic fields of consciousness, which can be beneficial or they can drain us. Thus, if we judge someone or ourselves, there is something within us creating that, so it is up to us, individually, to release or dissolve this non-beneficial resonance within to achieve  neutrality.

My Thoughts

If we attach ourselves to stories or events or incidents by talking about them , pictures and words are stored in our minds automatically, and these create emotions, feelings and beliefs around them.

When we entrain to morphic fields that are not beneficial, that is when we go out of alignment with what’s truly possible, but which we believe “in our heads.” That, by the way is why I am finding Quantum Energy Transformation so beneficial: When we align with what it is we want, there is a chance for miracles to be born.

Note, of course, that my thoughts are not meant to infer that “only one way” or system or state of beingness which will allow you to awaken to and  let go of or transmute (in the spirit of The Kybalion) feelings or beliefs that are reactive or no longer serve. It is in this same spirit that, early last month, I re-blogged Kathy Wilson’s De-Manifesting article.

When “The Real Being” is on the Line: Manifestation and Healing Happens

I am inspired to write this post, early this morning having heard Joshua Bloom say, on his Manifest Anything video — which is part of his Quantum Energy Transformation Attraction Formula course which I am engaged in — that wanting/needing is not the same as having … It IS quite true that they are different energetic flows.

“Quantum Time” is Not Linear Time …

Gregg Braden shows on a video at how doctors in a medicineless hospital in Beijing, China — having been  trained in a technology of (human-generated) emotion, believing that the cure “already happened” —  instead of wanting or needing or hoping that a cure will manifest “some day,” in the future — were able to cure cancer. This video actually shows this happening: You can see on a computer screen a woman’s tumor shrinking and disappearing! I have never seen a more powerful, moving video …

When you have what I like to call the real being on the line … that is when the universe gives you what you ask for … what you expect … When you are BEing, in that spirit  of “already happened,” as Gregg has captured for us in that video —  and as Joshua speaks of in his Manifestation video — you are sending the universe a different signal from “some day … some day … some say” … And that is when what (western or conventional) medicine calls “miracles” may happen. I highly recommend that you go to Joshua Bloom’s web sites and to learn more and feel how this can happen … Hint: A year or two ago, I was introduced to the idea of “being in your body” by Michael Smith,  whose teachings in The Empath Toolkit I began to apply … and the concept of “quantumness” from Christopher Westra … and now I am blessed, through the good offices of the synchronicities of the universe, to be learning from Joshua Bloom …

My Thoughts

If you have been looking for a way to apply in your own life, what Bruce Lipton discovered, as Joshua Bloom explains and clarifies to us (and as L. Ron Hubbard observed, years earlier) about trauma/unwanted feelings being recorded at the cellular level, you may be moved to say, as I am, that Joshua’s Quantum Energy Transformation may be what you have been looking for 🙂

Could this be the true meaning of “As a (wo)man thinketh” as in The Word ?… With the practice of  Joshua’s Quantum Energy Transformation (and, possibly, Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing) may we be entering the realm of — or in the Spirit of –Divine Time, which is to say: Healing may be instantaneous … I welcome anyone’s thoughts or experience along this line …

 The Biology Of Belief

Bruce Lipton researched and discovered that one cannot be in “protective” or fear mode and growth mode at the same time. Stated differently: Your cells are either in fear/fight or flight, in which you react to a present time stimulus as if it were something from a traumatic incident of the past — when you were vulnerable, for example as a child … Or you are in growth/healing mode, which is expansive … and healthy spiritually and physically … You cannot be in both or “half and half.”


“Engram is a term much used in Scientology though the concept predates the founding of Scientology {by L. Ron Hubbard} and is actually based in medicine. The term was initially invented by Richard Semon, a German zoologist and biologist. Semon used the term to describe a stored impression or stimulus impression. Under certain circumstances the impression, could be reawakened.”

As a student of Dianetics (which, btw, one can study and apply independently of the current organizations of Scientology), I know that  L. Ron Hubbard’s research in the field of the mind, years before 1950 when he completed the writing of the book entitled Dianetics — The Modern Science Of Mental Health, led him to the discovery of what he termed the “reactive mind.” The “reactive mind” is a stimulus-response mechanism which contains “recordings”   “on automatic” at the time of traumatic incidents. They are, indeed, “stimulus impressions” {Thank you, Richard Semone} stored at the cellular level, as far as the body is concerned, and as mental image pictures {Thank you, Ron Hubbard} which exert force and the power of command over a person’s awareness/spirit, purposes, thoughts, body/health and actions/behavior, later on or in the present,  and are  “baggage” being carried around in life which may be triggered if someone pushes your buttons. Thus the term, “engram,” was the appropriate one for Ron Hubbard to adapt … with the meaning of the word extended in Dianetics to include the concept that these traumatic incidents, could be causatively restimulated — or “reawakened, as Richard Semone said — and with the proper procedure, be released or erased!

That is exactly what Ron did: He discovered and evolved procedure, to release or clear engrams … to unburden one from these traumatic incidents, and thus free people from the effects on their mind and body of incidents long past which they may have once actually needed — at that time — to go into fight, flight or avoidance mode.

Dianetics, however, is NOT done in quantumness or holographically … Rather, it entails repeatedly “running through,” along the “track” of linear time, painful incidents, until they/their feelings {emotional and physical} are released or erased from body and mind , and if one were to think of them, they would be “neutral” or simply memories without emotional charge rather than “baggage” being carried around in life which may be triggered if someone pushes your buttons.

Envision new Choices of Behavior, Health and Future and May Peace Come From Within

As we know in quantum and from other practices/from people such as medical intuitive Caroline Myss {“Your history is your biology”}, Louise Hay, and Karol Truman {Feelings Buried Alive Never Die}, to be stuck in that mode in present time serves no useful or healthy purpose.

L’chaim {To life} and awakening to and then letting go of feelings that  have not been conscious and are reactive or no longer serve us … and helping our friends and others to do the same …

Blessings to Gregg Braden, Joshua Bloom, Bruce Lipton and L. Ron Hubbard.


Spirituality. Positive Psychology. Wellness.

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