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The Word: The UNIVERSAL Holy Spirit … The “Direct Line to the Divine”

The Holy Spirit is the I AM ~ the Oneness ~ the Intelligent Universal Energy that can be accessed by All and … the Christ Consciousness that came through the Readings of Edgar Cayce.

“Christ Consciousness is the direct line to the Divine, the Holy Spirit. Whether it be God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, and many more Masters that have walked this Earth, they all have the same thing in common, they wished for, studied, and walked in Peace.”

John 14:26-27 “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you. 27 “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”

All is Spirit … Eternal Life is in the Human Heart

“Vibration is spirit in motion” — Edgar Cayce … As all is (in) vibration … does it not then follow that All is Spirit 🙂

“Your Spirit is already eternal; you have only to move your mind and body into harmony with your eternal spirit … Finding eternal life in the human heart is the source of health in the mind and body.”

There are “ways we can purify our physical form to extend life, possibly indefinitely: One is becoming aware of the energy body.” — From “Breaking The Death Habit,” by Leonard Orr, Founder of Rebirthing

Tho I haven’t studied his life evolution and work, I am inspired by the perspective that we have only to move our mind and body into harmony with our eternal spirit to find eternal life … and that finding eternal life goes through the heart 🙂

May we let go and let the universal Spirit-Consciousness of the One Mind-One Energy awaken our eternal spirit within to co-create mind and body in harmony with Spirit in Divine Timing

“The spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result.” — Edgar Cayce

The Word: See by faith and not by sight

There are only “co-incidents” 🙂 ~ “The spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result.” — Edgar Cayce ~ The only question (for me) is: How willing are we to [ditch the so-called monkey mind or reactive mind and] do the “building” with the Higher Self / act in alignment with letting go and letting the Universal Consciousness do the co-creating in divine timing as in: “See by faith and not by sight.”

The Word via Kim Michaels: There is a Co-Creative Christianity Based on Love, NOT Fear

May the blessings be to Kim Michaels for the work that he does, in the spirit of Jesus, who, as she reminds us, was “a spiritual revolutionary.”

And I am grateful, too, for the divine timing of an evolution that brought me, years ago, from hearing of Malcolm X speaking of Jesus the person being a black man … to my two fundamentalist friends … through the Universal perspective of Paramahansa Yogananda … back to A.R.E. of NewYork and Edgar Cayce’s readings on Master Jesus as “the pattern for every man in the earth, whether he be Gentile or Jew, Parthenian or Greek … whether they call on that name or not” … and to Saryon Michael White’s School of Manifestation {of the Ascended Masters} all of which helped open me to finding and being able to receive the message of Jesus via Kim Michaels, who regardless of the powers that were of biblical or present day times … “gets it” and presents it in such a way that … “connects the dots” …

Was Jesus a hellfire and brimstone preacher?

Did Jesus want to start a religion like the one that had him killed? {Note from Theta Networker: Yes, I know that Jesus was crucified, not stoned as Old Testament Biblical Jews did, so it was not “the Jews” or any Jews, who physically killed him. My understanding, from Kim Michaels and from other research I have done, which I will speak of in another post, is that what we of today would call the religious establishment (the synagogue that Rabbi Jesus came out of) wanted him killed … more than Pontius Pilate … }

Co-Creative Christians are determined to develop an approach to spirituality that is not based on fear but based on a deeper understanding of Jesus’ message and intentions.

What are we here for?

I write this after being inspired, once again, by a post at

After reading one of Eric’s heartfelt posts on mindfulness at, I am moved to say that mindfulness opens me to a greater willingness to practice what Caroline Myss calls Invisible Acts of Power: We may never know how much just a random remark to make someone feel good about themselves … might change their life …

As Edgar Cayce said that: “Greater joy comes from expressing what you were truly born to do than could ever arise from doing things for power or fame.” Reminds me of Master Li Hongzhi saying, in a lecture to Falun Gong practitioners, to: “Seek no fame. Leave no name.”


Between Scylla and Charybdis…
there is a river
A river of peace

Between sunset and sunrise…
There is a river
A river of energy

Between birth and death…
There Is a river
A river of life

Between friend and friend…
There Is A river
A river of admiration

Between soul and soul …
There Is A River
A river of love

Between wherever I am
And wherever you are…
There Is A River

While on the Purification {hot sauna “sweat out”} Program originated by L. Ron Hubbard, I wrote this … over thirty years ago … Evidently it was not just a physical purification program 🙂 The title of the poem was, of course inspired by a book of the same name — by Thomas Sugrue, about Edgar Cayce, “the sleeping prophet” — which I had read some years earlier …

Looking back, I would say that the seeds of awakening of my then-spiritually “uneducated … unknowing” Higher Self were sown by the readings/teachings of Edgar Cayce …

And now … in 2013 … just last month, it was Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. which sponsored the Seminar by Dr. Norman Shealy that I attended on April 6th … Looking back … indeed … the evolution that is my “journey” … all the synchronicities I could never have arranged … That is why I cannot truly speak of “conscious” creation … but rather: co-creation … the “co” being from above …

A SPECIAL 1-DAY EVENT: Energy Medicine — Practical Applications and Scientific Proof via Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E

This is so much in the spirit of this blog … and Edgar Cayce … I want to share this with you, so you may decide to participate if it resonates with you … See the  link dorectly below, if you are interested in registering … Btw, Dr. Shealy, a neurosurgeon and psychiatrist, is founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association and president of the Holos Institute for Health and has worked with medical intuitive Caroline Myss.

Energy Medicine — Practical Applications and Scientific Proof

March 23, 2013 – New Haven, Connecticutt OR April 6, 2013 – Woodbridge, N.J.

“Energy medicine is the future of our health.” — Dr. C. Norman Shealy

Energy Medicine 2012“Everything is energy.This new program {seminar}, based on Dr. Shealy’s book, will give you practical, readily applied guidance on creating a life filled with greater health, energy, and vitality. Drawing on his lifetime of experience as a medical doctor and holistic practitioner, Dr. Shealy will take you on a journey into the world of energy medicine, where you will learn to balance your own physical and psychological states to create healing and wholeness.

“Our bodies are just one manifestation of spiritual energy, temporarily in a physical body, the temple of our earthly existence. Once we understand and balance our spirits, minds, and bodies, we will also be less influenced by the emotional chaos of others and the world around us. Over the past few decades a wide variety of energy tools have been added to traditional ones to assist us in maintaining and restoring health. Join holistic health pioneer Dr. C. Norman Shealy, author of the bestselling Medical Intuition: Your Awakening to Wholeness and the new Energy Medicine: Practical Application and Scientific Proof, as you explore some of these tools which you can use for yourself and others:

  • Working with the universal life force, also called prana, orgone, or life energy
  • Acupuncture, acupressure & tapping as tools for self-healing
  • Electrotherapy and bioenergetic medicine
  • The body-mind connection and mind as the builder
  • Body therapies such as massage and chiropractic
  • Music as vibrational energy healing
  • Spiritual healing and the power of prayer
  • The interface of quantum physics, new science, and mysticism”

About Buddhism

“While the body is subject to all the influences of materiality, it may be controlled — the emotions thereof –by the mind. And the mind may be directed by spirit.” — Edgar Cayce Reading 2533-1

About Buddhism

The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.

Atisha (11th century Tibetan Buddhist master)

The Wheel Dharmachakra
The wheel of the law. The eight spokes represent the eightfold path.

Mindfulness (Pali: sati, Sanskrit: smṛti; also translated as awareness) is a spiritual or psychological faculty (indriya) that is considered to be of great importance in the path to enlightenment according to the teaching of Buddha. It is one of the seven factors of enlightenment. “Correct” or “right” mindfulness (Pali: sammā-sati, Sanskrit samyak-smṛti) is the seventh element of the noble eightfold path. Mindfulness meditation can also be traced back to the earlier Upanishads, part of Hindu scripture.

Enlightenment (bodhi) is a state of being in which greed, hatred and delusion (Pali: moha) have been overcome, abandoned and are absent from the mind. Mindfulness, which, among other things, is an attentive awareness of the reality of things (especially of the present moment) is an antidote to delusion and is considered as such a ‘power’ (Pali: bala). This faculty becomes a power in particular when it is coupled with clear comprehension of whatever is taking place.

Buddha advocated that one should establish mindfulness (satipatthana) in one’s day-to-day life maintaining as much as possible a calm awareness of one’s bodily functions, sensations (feelings), objects of consciousness (thoughts and perceptions), and consciousness itself. The practice of mindfulness supports analysis resulting in the arising of wisdom (Pali: paññā, Sanskrit: prajñā). A key innovative teaching of Buddha was that meditative stabilisation must be combined with liberating discernment.

The Satipatthana Sutta (Sanskrit: Smṛtyupasthāna Sūtra) is an early text dealing with mindfulness.

Mindfulness practice, inherited from the Buddhist tradition, is being employed in Western psychology to alleviate a variety of mental and physical conditions, including obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and in the prevention of relapse in depression and drug addiction.

Earth: A Symbolic Meeting Place of Souls …

Earth: A Symbolic Meeting Place of Souls … Between 4th and 5th Dimensional Sojourns …

“Because we are more than physical matter, we can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” — From The Monroe Affirmation

If: The physical universe is actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to how we think {as Gregg Braden speaks of in Walking Between The Worlds — The Science Of Compassion}, and there is truth in the quantum idea of the observer of an experiment … or … life … being able to influence the outcome,

Then: Shouldn’t we be Looking at Archetypes — as described by Caroline Myss — such as: Prostitute [Guardian of Faith]; Victim  [Guardian of Self-Esteem]; Child [Guardian of Innocence]; Saboteur [Guardian of Choice], through the Holographic Quantum lens of Gregg Braden:

If: We believe that everything happens for a reason … life lesson … synchronicity,

Then: Wouldn’t  Synchronicity/Divine Timing include such Archetypal manifestations [as part of All That Is] situations/tribulations such as one that challenges {including those which may be made to us by anti-social/vampire personalities — Yes, such do exist} us to not be a Victim, for example? …

If we believe that: “Vibration is spirit in motion” as Edgar Cayce said, and that: “ALL IS IN VIBRATION”  as THE KYBALION says:

Then: Is it not true that :

All is spirit?

If we are to: “Begin with self. Find the peace in self and ye will find that ye can bring it to others,” as Edgar Cayce said in Reading 3902-2,

Then is it not true that:

“You cannot really look into someone else’s eyes unless you have looked behind and beyond your own,” as Jason & Skye Mangrum have observed in Uber-Man: Almost Superhuman –Techniques for Unlocking Ultimate Human Potential.

In ICreateReality — How You Can Master Holographic Time, Chris Westra says:


“A useful description for F.E.A.R. is –





“Whenever we are experiencing fear, we are using our imaginations very powerfully. I always laugh when people tell me they aren’t able to visualize. Everyone visualizes very effectively when they are in a state of fear. We envision all kinds of scary things, hunger, war, losing our job, and then pretend that these things are happening now.

“Fear is the energy we feel when we imagine negative scenarios in great detail and believe these events or situations will come to pass.”


May we then possibly find our way out of Fear, which Chris Westra says is linked to Linear {NOT Holographic} Time … and into the only other mode really available to us other than supposed Self-Protection/Fear — that of Growth — which Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks of, by Holographic Visualization/imagining positive  scenarios in great detail and believing these events or situations will come to pass, which we may call Conscious Creation …

Perfect love casteth out fear — 1 John 4:18

A few years ago when I was doing Falun Gong exercises and reading/listening to Teacher {Master Li Hongzhi}’s lectures on RealPlayer, it came to me that I cannot have both compassion and hatred in my heart at the same time. As said by blogger “Renaissance Man,” who cannot currently be found on Yahoo: When perfect love fills your heart and soul, there is no room/no space remaining for fear … Fear is cast out {Italics mine — Theta Networker} …

Stated another way: How we may BE in Growth mode would seem to be: “Keeping our vibrations high  and connecting through our hearts,” as suggested by The High Council of Orion council-orion-72511,  …

I would like to know: Do you feel some of this, as we move forward in this time of heightened vibrations? …

Spiritual Pathwork: Edgar Cayce … Eva Perriakos’ “Guide” … Neville Goddard

Edgar Cayce, in a number of his readings spoke of the “Personality Self” helping the “Higher Self” as channeling … Cayce spoke of this kind of channeling as something that we all can (learn to) do … He acknowledged that –also — there are those, among us on earth, who may be able to access their inner voice or channel spiritual/inter-dimensional beings …

I have experienced a few BodyTalk sessions … particularly under the guidance of Debbie Moran, and I want to share with you the name of Neville Goddard which Debbie passed on to me after one of our sessions … I have only just scratched the surface of his (possibly, channeled) spiritual guidance, but I feel enough to pass it on. There are quite a number of free lessons to be found as MP3 or PDF downloads, that may — although we may disagree with  his “take” on the Bible — help you to learn to look at events and characters [in your life] beyond what Goddard calles “three-dimensional reasoning,” at

Also: I had a session, once, with Gretchen Vogel, who wrote a book, based upon her readings with the deceased, called Choices in the Afterlife — What we can do and where we can go after death, and she passed on to me the name of Eva Perriakos. Eva had the gift of accessing an inner voice, and the lectures given to her by a disincarnate spirit, known as “The Guide,” are the heart of what she called the “Pathwork,” an incredible channeled roadmap to self-responsibility and self-knowledge, pointing the way to genuine love of self, others, and the Divine. There are 258 such PDF lectures which you can download for free at

Karma: There is Karma … There is also Divine Grace …

The following material, from [the Readings of] Edgar Cayce, for me, gives a deeper/more complete perception [life lessons] of what IS rather than that of those who see “karma” as merely “punishment for past/past life transgressions” … that must be paid for in the sense of retribution.

I believe, too, that it may be that “bringers of light” who practice spiritual practices, be it — for example — BodyTalk, Thetahealing, Vibrational Realignment, Sound Healing or traditional Dianetics or Scientology, can open the door for others to heal in body, mind and spirit, but it’s deeply/ultimately up to [participation/learning of ] each person or by grace of Creator/God/Source.

What do you think? …

From the Edgar Cayce Reading, The Answer to Your Prayers

Prayer is talking to God.

“According to the Edgar Cayce Readings, meditation is the other half of that conversation; meditation is listening to God.  This paper outlines the steps you can follow in order to meditate according to the Readings (practice listening to God).”  

Ephesians 2:8-9

For by grace you have

Been saved through faith,

And that not of yourselves;

it is the gift of God.

Not of works, lest any-

one should boast.

Law of Grace

“The law of grace supersedes the law of karma. If at one point we realize that we have done wrong and have truly learned our lesson, we may find ourselves dealing with the intervention of grace. This is when we can ‘dodge’ the corrective action of karma because we have come to realize that what we have done is wrong, and we go to work fixing this. However, grace is not an excuse to avoid our responsibilities and make up for them later. It only comes to us when we have truly gained understanding, and we move to use that understanding in our lives.

“Awareness of grace can come to us when we are facing a difficult situation and we call out for help. At that moment, it may feel as if someone has lifted an enormous weight off our shoulders, or we feel as if everything is going to be all right. It can come to us at a time when we feel down and suddenly we find the strength to continue, or in a moment of inspiration. Opening ourselves to grace can make our paths easier to travel.”

Healing Vibrations: “Alpha As the Bridge”

In an article on one of the remedies that appeared most often in Edgar Cayce’s readings,  The Miracle of Castor Oil Packs, at, Merryn Jose speaks of alpha brain waves as the bridge between beta and theta …  and that “with practice [practicing whatever means we choose to activate the calm, receptive state of alpha], we can keep this channel open on a permanent basis” …   ThetaHealing Web Site of Linda Grimm

There are five brainwave frequencies – beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma – that are constantly in motion:

  • Beta (14-28 cycles per second)
    This is the normal state for most people most of the time
  • Alpha (7-14 cycles per second)
    This is a relaxed and meditative state; it has been found that Reiki practitioners use this brainwave frequently when healing
  • Theta (4-7 cycles per second)
    A deep state of relaxation that happens right before sleep; when in this state, there is intense focus, creative inspiration, and a deep sense of the connectedness of all things – what many characterize as spirituality; this brainwave seems to bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious
  • Delta (0-4 cycles per second)
    This is the state when you are sleeping
  • Gamma (40-5000 cycles per second)
    This is a state of higher mental perception and understanding

Merryn reminds us, that, as Edgar Cayce said:

“Know that all strength, all healing of every nature is the changing of the vibrations within, the attuning of the divine within the living tissue of the body to creative energies. This alone is healing.”

Healing Sounds: “Music As the Bridge” … Let’s make sound together …

“Sound heals … Let’s make sound together”

Near the end of Healing Sounds – The Power Of Harmonics, Jonathan Goldman notes, from his observations and experience, that:

“When two people are creating vocal harmonics together, other tones begin to emerge. these are not tones that have been specifically created by either of the two people. These are tones that seem to appear out of thin air.” When this occurs, says Jonathan, he is “always reminded of” the statement of Jesus [Matt.: 20] that: ‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them,’ for when two or more people gather to create sacred sounds, there are other sacred sounds that are heard. It is one of the most mystical experiences imaginable and one that you must experience for yourself.”  

Music As the Bridge

From Music As the Bridge: Based on the Edgar Cayce Readings — by Shirley Rabb Winston, we know that Edgar Cayce, in his readings, said: “Music is the bridge between heaven and earth.”

In Bridge of Waves: What Music Is and How Listening to It Changes the World, W. A. Mathieu speaks of music as bridging mind and heart, self and other, and affirming our place in the world.

The Healing Forces of Music by Randall McClellan Ph.D. speaks of: a manifestation of energy, a force that interacts with the physical world …

“Nothing can be better than a sweet love song
So sweet so sweet so mellow
When you got the girl that you love in your arm
Oh honey I love you I love you yeah
Music is the healing force of the world
It’s understood by every man woman boy and girl
And that’s why that’s why I say
I love music
Any kind of music
Long as it’s swinging
All the joy that it’s bringing”

So I say with Jonathan Goldman: “Sound heals … Let’s make sound together.”

Polarity is Caused by Fear or … Other Human Attachments

I’m not really speaking, of course, of “any kind of music.” I speak here of music that helps create unity in your life instead of the negative polarity of fear or … other human attachments.

A (tongue-in-cheek) aside, from me, recalling the words to rocker Big Bopper’s Chantilly Lace:

“Chantilly lace had a pretty face and a pony tail hanging down.
That wiggle in the walk and giggle in the talk makes the world go round.

“There ain’t nothing in the world like a big eyed girl
That make me act so funny, make me spend my money.”

Kind of makes me wonder if Big Bopper was onto something and he was warning us to not emulate the words of that song 🙂

A Guided Visualization: “The Healing Crystal Temple of Your Heart” … Visualize and be well

I recall “There Is a River” as a book about Edgar Cayce that I read years and years ago. Yesterday morning, I “saw” what appeared to me as sparkling white light, before I awoke … Today, these words came to me:

There is a river

Of sparkling white starlight

Flowing from Source …

With lotuses at its vortices

Aligned and pulsating in harmony …

Circulating in a microcosmic orbit

And nourishing a Tree of Life


With these words, came the thought that: As dis-ease occurs when there is not alignment … balance and harmony … It may be that if you visualize and meditate on the image that came to me in “There is a river,” alignment … balance and harmony … will (come to) be …

The image that came to me included the sefirot of the Kabbalah Tree of Life … as well as the chakras being on the microcosmic orbit, as observed by Darren Weissman, he who speaks of infinite love and gratitude, wrote “Awakening To The Secret Code Of Your Mind” and evolved the Lifeline Technique, which has been acknowledged by Louise Hay.


This came to me while reading Jonathan Goldman’s “The Divine Name — The Sound That Can Change the World”:

“Sounds are spirit …You cannot feel them with your senses. You must let them resonate in your heart … To create balance, harmony, change and healing.”


I did not consciously recall when the etheric sparkling starlight “vision” came to me yesterday, that, last week, I came upon this meditation from ThetaHealer Margaret Loris … Credit and blessings go to her for making Spirit more aware … and … giving “There is a river” to me in a theta brainwave or dream state — after I was stirred by some abdominal pain — before I was fully awake:

Margaret Loris The Sunhealer

Margaret recorded the following guided meditation on her Podbean blog at, and she says:
“Feel free to pass them on.”



Take a deep breath and begin to relax. You are about to go on an inner journey to the most beautiful place in the world. You are going inside the temple of your heart.

First sink inside and imagine a beam of the sweetest unconditional love light traveling down from Source. traveling down through your Higher Self, traveling down through your crown chakra, third eye, throat, your heart chakra, third, second chakra, and base chakra.

Imagine this beam of Source energy traveling down your legs out your feet and continues traveling down deep into the core of Mother Earth.

Watch as Source’s beam of love joins with the love energy of Mother Earth and returns back through all the layers and levels of the earth, then back through you and returns to Source.

Keep this unconditional love energy exchange from Source intermingling with earth energies on automatic flowing through you as you are Source’s conduit of love.

This channel of Source’s light begins flowing into your heart chakra which is transforming into a most beautiful crystal temple.

You see beautiful crystal formations hanging from the ceiling and growing from the earth.

You see Source’s brilliance as it beams through the ceiling filling the entire temple with luminescence.

These crystals have special healing powers of transfiguration.

With their innate intelligence they will begin a gentle lifting out of all discordant energies that you have inadvertently allowed into your energy field.

The crystals will also heal imprints from this life and prior lives.

All you need to do is give permission internally for this clearing to begin.

Enter into your temple, and notice a light beam of spiritual power at the center. This is Source energy. Feel Source’s tremendous Unconditional Love pouring into your heart, cleansing your heart, healing your heart.

The crystals are activated and are now emanating their healing energy.

Begin to feel all old sadness, sorrow, and grief being transformed into this mighty light.

Allow all trauma, heartache, unrequited love, anger, or any other emotion you may be feeling to be lifted out gently into this miraculous healing light.

Letting go in a safe and natural rhythm.

Cleansing, freeing your self from the past as new and higher soothing energies come in and refill you.

Continue releasing.

Changing your imprints and rewriting your history.

Making room for the happiness you deserve.

And the love you are worthy of.

Letting joy in, lots of joy.

And pleasure.

Feeling good and feeling great!

Feeling safe.

Feeling supported.

And add any other feelings you would like to posses in your energy system.

Feel the waves of the past simply flow out from you and your field.

Sit for a few moments as this process continues.

Rest and saturate your entire self with this graceful healing energy.

And only when you feel full, allow your heart to overflow with your own unconditional love.

See it mixing with the energies from Source.

And notice the crystals sparkle greater and become brighter and as these wonderful energies continue to heal.

And when you feel complete, place your conscious awareness into a point deep inside Mother Earth.

Feel her unconditional love and ask her to share her energies with you.

See Her energy traveling up through your legs, bringing them up into your heart space.

Fill your heart with the warm healing energy of Mother Earth.

The crystals are now vibrating and pulsating in healing. Notice that they glow much brighter as they mingle and intermix with the love energies from Mother Earth, your precious heart, and Source.

Continue allowing all these energies in and integrating them.

Simply rest.


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