Rapport: Warm Empathic Connections, laughter and clear communication

Psychic Harmony

My idea of RAPPORT is a work-in-progress … although I consider it to be  Psychic Harmony, recognizable as a Warm Empathic Connection, laughter and clear communication going (at least) two ways … May your relationships with those around you be about expanding your choices and your freedom … with unlimited options and … opportunities for growth …

Btw, it may indeed be {citing what L. Ron Hubbard said in a related context} that the {flow of the} two-way communication is more important than the {content of the} message.

I welcome your ideas or experience … Here’s some thoughts on what rapport is via Chris Westra:

Practical Mind Reading

By William Walker Atkinson

“This book is a free book brought to you by Christopher Westra. You may freely share it with anyone. In fact, we hope you do!

Version 7/21/2011

PracticalMindReading.com| brought to you by Christopher Westra Page 27

“Psychic Harmony, or {mental} Rapport

“The term “Rapport” is one frequently met with in occult and psychic books. The word is defined by Webster as ‘Relation; conformity; correspondence; sympathetic accord.’ It is used by occultists in the sense of: “having harmonious vibrations with another,” the occult teachings being that every person has his or her own rate of mental vibration which, when in harmonious accord with the vibrations of another, induces the most favorable conditions for the production of mental or psychic phenomena, or mental relations; sympathetic understanding, etc.

“This ‘harmonious vibration’ does not necessarily mean that the two persons must be attuned to precisely the same key, but that their keynotes must harmonize, instead of producing discord. The comparison of the notes of the musical scale will illustrate the principle thoroughly. When two persons are in ‘rapport’ with each other, there is a mental and psychic harmony between them” …

the end … page 66 … possibilities beyond … :

IN THE demonstrations described and explained in the previous parts of this work, the mental impressions travel from one mind to another over the channels of the “telegraphic wires” of the nervous system of the Transmitter and Receiver. In other words the Mind Reading that is employed in the feats and demonstrations given, is akin to the ordinary “telegraphic current” traveling over the wires from sending station to receiving station, the nervous system of the two persons furnishing a very close counterpart to the telegraphic wire, etc.

But there is a step beyond this, many steps in fact. While the “Contact Mind Reading” which we have described and explained is surely wonderful enough to attract the attention of all thinking minds, still when the advanced student passes on to the field of the Higher Phenomena he is destined to meet with marvelous results which in some cases almost surpass belief. This Higher Phenomena of Mind Reading, or “Telepathic Mind Reading,” when compared to the Contact Mind Reading, is as the “wireless telegraph” when compared to the ordinary telegraph using wires.

In Lesson 1 of this book, we have given you the theories held by scientific men regarding the nature of the waves or currents that proceed from one mind to another, and the mechanism by which these waves are registered. We think it will be interesting to many of you to know that certain Occultists have their own theory regarding this matter, which while not widely known is still of the greatest interest to earnest students of the scientific side of the subject. We allude to what is known as “The Pineal Gland” theory.

The Pineal Gland is a small gland, cone-shaped, and of a reddish-gray color, situated in the brain about the middle of the skull, nearly above the top of the spinal column. It is a compact mass of nervous matter, containing a quantity of what has been called “brain-sand” which is composed of very small particles of gritty matter.

The anatomists and physiologists confess their ignorance of the function and purpose of the Pineal Gland, and it remains for the Occultists to explain its real nature, which is the receiving and registering of the waves or currents, or vibrations of thought and Will received from another person.

This Pineal Gland is, according to the Occultists, the receiving instrument for the “wireless Mind Reading,” and in fact it resembles the actual receiver of the wireless telegraph in more than one respect.

Empathic … Spiritual Connections

Communication at any level consists of two directions, sending and receiving. Whether the sender and receiver each may be  able to sense what the other is feeling or thinking … depends on intention {or intent}. As has been mentioned in this blog: Sound healer and teacher Jonathan Goldman has said that “Intent + Frequency = Manifestation,” which really is heart-centered.

When two people are in rapport, they are spiritually close to each other, they have empathy, they trust each other and would not be blocking each other’s communication in any form: verbal or silent … perhaps even telepathic …


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  1. Hi… that was great stuff.. I really like reading on this subject  Could you tell me more on that… I love to explore 


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