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The Word: The Power of “The Devil” is an Illusion … “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is One”

This post is inspired by Saryon’s The Devil Insight of August 28, 2012 which begins:

“I witnessed something incredible while out-of-body the other night.  At first I was on the inner plane, observing the physical world from an angel’s eye view.  Then, I noticed a lot of energetic movement taking place. There were illusions being created, popping up in some places and …”

I find the experience that Saryon shares to be so illuminating … It evokes, for me, the words of Dr. King that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” And it gives me some new understanding: Not only is it true that peace — and the light of truth — do come from within and, as is written in the Kybalion,” As the within, so the without,” but also: Any of us [not only fundamentalist Christians] may have “perceptions” based upon what Saryon so insightfully recognizes as (internal, self-created) filters that create illusions for us that only serve to block us from being connected to our Higher Self and the Omnipresent force of love and divine guidance of God. Blessings to Saryon Michael White for sharing this …

“Our Father who art in Heaven”? … Reflect on that for a moment and consider: Does that not make for a SEPARATION between each of us and our Creator? … Kudos to Gregg Braden, an extremely good researcher, for alerting me to the fact that a more accurate translation of the original scripture is: “Our Father who art Everywhere.” Of course! That is exactly what Omnipresent means: Everywhere.

My understandings: Some of us believe at least some of the time in an external Power, “Satan,” that we so fear … And in so believing … are we not turning our backs on God! May we, now, realize that we have gone down a dark path that is a violation of what came to us from the Old Testament/Deuteronomy: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is One.” Have we come to believe in two Powers — not One? … Have we sunk, ironically, to a point where we say — even if only to ourselves — “Get thee behind me God; I need to focus on {how to overcome} Satan” or “I need to overcome temptation”? …

Let’s cultivate a more responsible spirituality: We know: Energy flows where our focus, our attention goes … Better we put our attention on God — not the illusion of a “Satan” — particularly one that we believe to be equal to God! It takes but a modest amount of research to confirm that the horrific and powerful “Satan” of the present-day churches was a HUMAN creation that evolved either from mistranslations or deliberate alterations of both the Old Testament’s mention of “Ha Satan” and the mentions in the early Christian Bibles.

The Word: “Our Father who art EVERYWHERE” …

Why This is NOT a Literalist, Materialist “Christian” Blog … even as I am inspired, by the words of the New Testament that: “The spirit giveth life. The letter killeth,” to write the following:

Your Choice is Fear or Love … Love giveth life … Fear killeth

There are those — oblivious to the  incongruity between their faith in God, but none in their fellow man or woman who are “all sinners” — who call themselves “children of God,” but believe in a “God” or “Savior” of Vengeance made in the image of Misogynist Man who ordained that woman be eternally “cursed” by the pain of childbirth because of Eve’s “sin” in the Garden of Eden Or that your choice is “Heaven” or “Hell” … *Why do they not ever speak of {the Christianity of” Mary Magdalene? … I do not speak  from an Ivory Tower”: I have been friends with some of them … I have  dialogued … listened to their beliefs …

God in the Image of Man

Is not the belief in a God who punishes (for “sins” or transgressions) tantamount to attributing {transmuting} the human characteristic we (almost) all of us grow up with, i.e. dad {our earthly father} will punish us if we so not do as we are told? …

Father-Mother God who art everywhere: Let us forgive those …

… False Prophets of Three-Dimensional Polarity and Separation who “anchor in” separation from God by reciting the “Lord’s Prayer” as beginning with the words: “Our father who art in heaven”

Thanks  to Gregg Braden for the research he has done … I became aware of in his book WALKING BETWEEN THE WORLDS — The Science Of Compassion, that in the original Aramaic texts the Lord’s Prayer begins: “Our Father who is everywhere,” unlike the common western version … Consider the two versions: Does not the “who art in heaven” one indeed make for a separation between {each of} us and the Creator? …

“Because we are more than physical matter, we can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” — From The Monroe Affirmation

In other words: Where might “heaven” be? … “Out there” someplace? … We wouldn’t consider any “heaven” or any “place” that  exists between lives or in the afterlife — when the soul is without the physical vehicle known to one and all as a body — to be a physical location, would we? … That is why I say, that, spiritually, being a “literalist” {one who is looking for such as a physical “heaven”} is off the spiritual path …

Calmly observe those who constantly {often} speak of “the adversary” aka “Satan” and the “principalities” … Listen to/feel into their emotional tone as they speak/preach their “buzz” words  … Consider: Have you ever received an answer when you asked one of these folks how the “Word of God” could have been used to justify the enslavement or colonization people? …  How could such abominations have been done “in the name of Jesus”? … Could something have been lost {altered or omitted}  in the translations {After all, for example: Jesus did not speak English}?  … Could the {current, widespread translations of the “Word of God”  {and his “apostles”*} be less than infallible?

I will let go of the judgments I may sometimes feel toward the Literal “Christians” some of whom mock and disdain even the word “humanism” …

When “The Real Being” is on the Line: Manifestation and Healing Happens

I am inspired to write this post, early this morning having heard Joshua Bloom say, on his Manifest Anything video — which is part of his Quantum Energy Transformation Attraction Formula course which I am engaged in — that wanting/needing is not the same as having … It IS quite true that they are different energetic flows.

“Quantum Time” is Not Linear Time …

Gregg Braden shows on a video at how doctors in a medicineless hospital in Beijing, China — having been  trained in a technology of (human-generated) emotion, believing that the cure “already happened” —  instead of wanting or needing or hoping that a cure will manifest “some day,” in the future — were able to cure cancer. This video actually shows this happening: You can see on a computer screen a woman’s tumor shrinking and disappearing! I have never seen a more powerful, moving video …

When you have what I like to call the real being on the line … that is when the universe gives you what you ask for … what you expect … When you are BEing, in that spirit  of “already happened,” as Gregg has captured for us in that video —  and as Joshua speaks of in his Manifestation video — you are sending the universe a different signal from “some day … some day … some say” … And that is when what (western or conventional) medicine calls “miracles” may happen. I highly recommend that you go to Joshua Bloom’s web sites and to learn more and feel how this can happen … Hint: A year or two ago, I was introduced to the idea of “being in your body” by Michael Smith,  whose teachings in The Empath Toolkit I began to apply … and the concept of “quantumness” from Christopher Westra … and now I am blessed, through the good offices of the synchronicities of the universe, to be learning from Joshua Bloom …

My Thoughts

If you have been looking for a way to apply in your own life, what Bruce Lipton discovered, as Joshua Bloom explains and clarifies to us (and as L. Ron Hubbard observed, years earlier) about trauma/unwanted feelings being recorded at the cellular level, you may be moved to say, as I am, that Joshua’s Quantum Energy Transformation may be what you have been looking for 🙂

Could this be the true meaning of “As a (wo)man thinketh” as in The Word ?… With the practice of  Joshua’s Quantum Energy Transformation (and, possibly, Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing) may we be entering the realm of — or in the Spirit of –Divine Time, which is to say: Healing may be instantaneous … I welcome anyone’s thoughts or experience along this line …

 The Biology Of Belief

Bruce Lipton researched and discovered that one cannot be in “protective” or fear mode and growth mode at the same time. Stated differently: Your cells are either in fear/fight or flight, in which you react to a present time stimulus as if it were something from a traumatic incident of the past — when you were vulnerable, for example as a child … Or you are in growth/healing mode, which is expansive … and healthy spiritually and physically … You cannot be in both or “half and half.”


“Engram is a term much used in Scientology though the concept predates the founding of Scientology {by L. Ron Hubbard} and is actually based in medicine. The term was initially invented by Richard Semon, a German zoologist and biologist. Semon used the term to describe a stored impression or stimulus impression. Under certain circumstances the impression, could be reawakened.”

As a student of Dianetics (which, btw, one can study and apply independently of the current organizations of Scientology), I know that  L. Ron Hubbard’s research in the field of the mind, years before 1950 when he completed the writing of the book entitled Dianetics — The Modern Science Of Mental Health, led him to the discovery of what he termed the “reactive mind.” The “reactive mind” is a stimulus-response mechanism which contains “recordings”   “on automatic” at the time of traumatic incidents. They are, indeed, “stimulus impressions” {Thank you, Richard Semone} stored at the cellular level, as far as the body is concerned, and as mental image pictures {Thank you, Ron Hubbard} which exert force and the power of command over a person’s awareness/spirit, purposes, thoughts, body/health and actions/behavior, later on or in the present,  and are  “baggage” being carried around in life which may be triggered if someone pushes your buttons. Thus the term, “engram,” was the appropriate one for Ron Hubbard to adapt … with the meaning of the word extended in Dianetics to include the concept that these traumatic incidents, could be causatively restimulated — or “reawakened, as Richard Semone said — and with the proper procedure, be released or erased!

That is exactly what Ron did: He discovered and evolved procedure, to release or clear engrams … to unburden one from these traumatic incidents, and thus free people from the effects on their mind and body of incidents long past which they may have once actually needed — at that time — to go into fight, flight or avoidance mode.

Dianetics, however, is NOT done in quantumness or holographically … Rather, it entails repeatedly “running through,” along the “track” of linear time, painful incidents, until they/their feelings {emotional and physical} are released or erased from body and mind , and if one were to think of them, they would be “neutral” or simply memories without emotional charge rather than “baggage” being carried around in life which may be triggered if someone pushes your buttons.

Envision new Choices of Behavior, Health and Future and May Peace Come From Within

As we know in quantum and from other practices/from people such as medical intuitive Caroline Myss {“Your history is your biology”}, Louise Hay, and Karol Truman {Feelings Buried Alive Never Die}, to be stuck in that mode in present time serves no useful or healthy purpose.

L’chaim {To life} and awakening to and then letting go of feelings that  have not been conscious and are reactive or no longer serve us … and helping our friends and others to do the same …

Blessings to Gregg Braden, Joshua Bloom, Bruce Lipton and L. Ron Hubbard.

“This changes everything”: Why I am able to say: Spirit Is Real, and the Basis of Energy Medicine

The universe is actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs

“As a man {or woman} thinketh in his heart, so is (s)/he.” — James Allen

“The energy of Reiki already lies within you.” — Judith Conroy

Master Chunyi Lin:  Spring Forest Qigong practitioners operate in the spirit of: not just being  in the {spirit or physical}universe,  but  being combined with the  universe — to my mind — in the spirit of the Divine Matrix of the 1887 Michelson-Morley Experiment**, that Gregg Braden speaks of on YouTube.*


**E.W. Silvertooth, “Special Relativity,” Nature, vol. 322 (August 1986): p. 590

The Michelson–Morley experiment was performed in 1887 by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley … His conclusion was that Fresnel’s hypothesis of a stationary aether … {does exist}
The only possible conclusion from this series of very difficult experiments was that the whole concept of an all-pervading … Repeat the Michelson-Morley Experiment
“Know then that the force in nature that is called electrical … is that same force … as Creative or God in action.” — Edgar Cayce Reading 1299-1

The Game of Life and How to Play It — Florence Scovell Shinn

“There is an old legend, that Adam and Eve ate of “Maya the Tree of Illusion,” and saw two powers instead of one power, God. Therefore, evil is a false law man has made for himself, through psychoma or soul sleep. Soul sleep means that man’s soul has been hypnotized by the race belief (of sin, sickness and death, etc.), which is carnal or mortal thought, and his affairs have out-pictured his illusions.

“Resistance is Hell, for it places man in a “state of torment.”  Fear is misdirected energy and must be transmuted into faith. We see the great law of transmutation, founded on nonresistance. 

“Any inharmony on the external, indicates there is mental inharmony. “As the within, so the without.” Man’s only enemies are within himself. “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”

“‘Bless your enemy, and you rob him of his ammunition.’ His arrows will be transmuted into blessings.

“The inharmonious situation comes from some inharmony within man himself. When there is, in him, no emotional {a letting go of any Human Emotion & Reactive} response to an inharmonious situation, it fades away forever, from his pathway.” As in: Why would I want to entrain to to someone whose “neurons are firing improperly,” i.e. someone whose vibration (chronic frequency) is inharmonious? …

Namaste: When you ARE in that place of Love and Peace within you {your heart or your Celestial Soul} AND I am in that place of Love and Peace within me, We ARE one {NOT separate}.

Do we “fight fire with fire or water”? …

Huey P. Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, years ago once posed the question: “Do we fight fire with fire or with water?”

My thoughts, upon recalling that question

Fighting fire with fire, or anger, has not been successful

Anger is like a “ridge” — like two firehoses pointed vs. each other, shooting high pressure water at each other … Has anger ever worked for you against a person really angry at you? … I recall the words of Gautauma Siddhartha Buddha that: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

That said, I would also say, As Scott says, “allow yourself to shine.”

And, I would add:

In each circumstance, from what some call your “point of power” — or from your heart — decide for yourself: “what constitutes ‘water'” … in the spirit of the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,” with the corollary that:

 As L. Ron Hubbard says, “the wrong thing to do is nothing” … or, as in the spirit of how Gregg Braden puts it in Walking Between the Worlds — The Science of Compassion: Compassion does NOT mean taking no action/doing nothing (in the face of injustice).

Holographic Consciousness: “Fragmentation” is Inner Separation

ICreateRealityTimebook Chapter 5 — Chris Westra

As Chris Westra notes: Jesus certainly was not fragmented; he was the extreme example of wholeness rather than division. As he said: ” Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” — Matt: 25

While listening/re-listening to the MP3 of ICreateRealityTimebook, Chapter 5, in the context of holographic connectedness and wholeness vs. linear (time) fragmentation I it suddenly came to me — as I thought of Gregg Braden’s speaking of “this world of polarity and separation — that: “Fragmentation” is {nothing more than the} Inner {manifestation of} Separation

“So what?” … I’m glad you asked that question 🙂 …

Separation is {a consciousness of} separation from others and the Creator who {we may have forgotten that} we really are connected with.

“Fragmentation” is simply inner separation — that is to say: separation within or separation from our {Higher} Self {which we may have forgotten} … and honoring/ re-creating that inner connection is at least as important as honoring/strengthening the connections we have with others … if we are to evolve in a spirit of  “how can I change myself,”  which I believe is the  essence of a spiritual quest, as I am reminded by Jason & Skye Mangrum.

Would it not seem, also,  to go with Lao Tzu’s wisdom that: “Only those who know internal peace can give it to others”? …

Earth: A Symbolic Meeting Place of Souls …

Earth: A Symbolic Meeting Place of Souls … Between 4th and 5th Dimensional Sojourns …

“Because we are more than physical matter, we can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” — From The Monroe Affirmation

If: The physical universe is actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to how we think {as Gregg Braden speaks of in Walking Between The Worlds — The Science Of Compassion}, and there is truth in the quantum idea of the observer of an experiment … or … life … being able to influence the outcome,

Then: Shouldn’t we be Looking at Archetypes — as described by Caroline Myss — such as: Prostitute [Guardian of Faith]; Victim  [Guardian of Self-Esteem]; Child [Guardian of Innocence]; Saboteur [Guardian of Choice], through the Holographic Quantum lens of Gregg Braden:

If: We believe that everything happens for a reason … life lesson … synchronicity,

Then: Wouldn’t  Synchronicity/Divine Timing include such Archetypal manifestations [as part of All That Is] situations/tribulations such as one that challenges {including those which may be made to us by anti-social/vampire personalities — Yes, such do exist} us to not be a Victim, for example? …

If we believe that: “Vibration is spirit in motion” as Edgar Cayce said, and that: “ALL IS IN VIBRATION”  as THE KYBALION says:

Then: Is it not true that :

All is spirit?

If we are to: “Begin with self. Find the peace in self and ye will find that ye can bring it to others,” as Edgar Cayce said in Reading 3902-2,

Then is it not true that:

“You cannot really look into someone else’s eyes unless you have looked behind and beyond your own,” as Jason & Skye Mangrum have observed in Uber-Man: Almost Superhuman –Techniques for Unlocking Ultimate Human Potential.

In ICreateReality — How You Can Master Holographic Time, Chris Westra says:


“A useful description for F.E.A.R. is –





“Whenever we are experiencing fear, we are using our imaginations very powerfully. I always laugh when people tell me they aren’t able to visualize. Everyone visualizes very effectively when they are in a state of fear. We envision all kinds of scary things, hunger, war, losing our job, and then pretend that these things are happening now.

“Fear is the energy we feel when we imagine negative scenarios in great detail and believe these events or situations will come to pass.”


May we then possibly find our way out of Fear, which Chris Westra says is linked to Linear {NOT Holographic} Time … and into the only other mode really available to us other than supposed Self-Protection/Fear — that of Growth — which Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks of, by Holographic Visualization/imagining positive  scenarios in great detail and believing these events or situations will come to pass, which we may call Conscious Creation …

Perfect love casteth out fear — 1 John 4:18

A few years ago when I was doing Falun Gong exercises and reading/listening to Teacher {Master Li Hongzhi}’s lectures on RealPlayer, it came to me that I cannot have both compassion and hatred in my heart at the same time. As said by blogger “Renaissance Man,” who cannot currently be found on Yahoo: When perfect love fills your heart and soul, there is no room/no space remaining for fear … Fear is cast out {Italics mine — Theta Networker} …

Stated another way: How we may BE in Growth mode would seem to be: “Keeping our vibrations high  and connecting through our hearts,” as suggested by The High Council of Orion council-orion-72511,  …

I would like to know: Do you feel some of this, as we move forward in this time of heightened vibrations? …

When we do something we know is wrong on the conscious level … How may we move toward living what we believe is right?

 The conscience is the compass of the heart … always turned to truth  {words that came to me in a meditative state over a year ago} 

As this blog is about vibrational elevation … coming up out of, fear or de-stressing from “wear and tear on the soul,” it is URGENT – IMPORTANT – VITAL to write this follow-up post to my observation, noted on Tuesday, that:

If we do something we believe is wrong on a conscious level, it is because:

(1) We have a strong unconscious belief that overrides our

values — our conscience … 

or … because:

(2) We are being “worked on” by a conscienceless sociopath who we are connected to who is running a pity play, a bid for sympathy, on us to get us to do his bidding …

 Ok, let’s dig in. I am interested your experiences and your  feeedback on this … In today’s post, I am adressing #(2) first:

 The manifestation of being “worked on” by a conscienceless sociopath who we are connected to who is running a pity play, a bid for sympathy, on us to get us to do his bidding … 

You are an energy being … a being of light, love and intelligence … and you have a right to protect yourself from sociopathic or “vampire” personalities who would suck the life force or spiritual energy out of those of you who have consciences and are NOT “Ice People”

The Sociopath Within by Martha Stout, Ph.D.

While it may be your “karma” to meet up with certain people in this lifetime, it is best to move toward {those who have spiritual} beauty within and away from toxic people … In fact, there are times when it is vital to your survival, physically as well as spiritually … whether you plan on merely living in this material world or “living in and spiritually transcending” the world … Toward this end, I offer this, from a post from independent Scientologist Marty Rathbun’s Moving On Up A Little Higher

“Stout is a clinical psychologist who specialized for twenty-five years in helping the victims of sociopaths.   The first half of her book shares her real life observations about sociopaths and the effects they have upon social personalities.  Her observations are remarkably parallel to {L. Ron} Hubbard’s description of the Suppressive Person.   Note, modern accepted characteristics of the sociopath very closely align with Hubbard’s descriptions of the emotional tone level of Covert Hostility and of the Suppressive Person.  This is so much the case that I {Note from Theta Networker: This is Marty speaking, and I agree. } have taken to using the terms ‘suppressive person’ and ‘sociopath’ interchangeably.

“But, Stout’s first and foremost marker for the sociopath is more complementary of Hubbard’s work than it is duplicative.  Per Stout, the sociopath first and foremost lacks conscience {Italics mine}.  It is a very useful and workable observation she shares.

“Stout’s second chapter, Ice People: The Sociopaths, provides an actual case history …

“Later in the book Stout gives another common denominator of sociopaths that again insightfully adds to one’s arsenal against being ruined by one, the pity play:

“The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.

“Stout describes how good, intelligent people wind up doing the bidding of a sociopath.


Why are conscience-bound human beings so blind? And why are they so hesitant to defend themselves, and the ideals and people they care about, from the minority of human beings who possess no conscience at all?  A large part of the answer has to do with the emotion and thought processes that occur in us when we are confronted with sociopathy.  We are afraid, and our sense of reality suffers.  We think we are imagining things, or exaggerating, or that we ourselves are somehow responsible for the sociopath’s behavior.”

Thanks, Marty, for calling attention to this.

Now let’s address the #(1) reason — in the absence of being under the suppression of a sociopath or suppressive person — that we may do something we believe is wrong on a conscious level:

The manifestation of a strong unconscious — or reactive —  belief that overrides our values

I speak to you, today, in the spirit of — and standing on the shoulders of — intuitive energy healer Caroline Myss’ book Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can. 

  As Natural Health Magazine said of her book:

“Myss points out that so much time and energy have been spent recognizing and identifying and even ‘honoring’ people’s wounds, that we are in danger of forgetting that the whole point is to get past these wounds to get healthy.”

 From reading Part One of that book = Why People Don’t Heal, I came away with some understandings that I want to share with you:  

 Looking back … I feel even a stronger agreement with Caroline’s understanding that “Healing (techniques) require that your will be aligned with your heart … Without this … Visualization and other disciplines … carry only the power of … daydreams …” And, too, when she speaks in terms of the Buddhist concepts of right thought leading to right speech leading to right action, that resonates as well … Yes, we “need to learn to direct our life force consciously into the kinds of thoughts that will return positive energy to us.”        

That said,  would like to end this post, by recalling the wisdom of some of those who I admire and cited in “About This Blog.”  You may choose your own “spiritual pathwork” or practice/practices or modality/modalities  .. be it The Healing Codes, Dianetics, Christianity {Christ-ianity, in the spirit of Jesus}, Sound Healing  or … 

 I am blessed to have heard the Healing With the Masters broadcast which featured Deborah King,, author of Truth Heals: What You Hide Can Hurt You. I was reminded that one doesn’t just “walk away” from toxic or negative energy or from blocked or stagnant energy … release past traumas … and instantly connect with guides in the spiritual realms … align with the universal energy field or Infinite Spirit. There is what I like to call “spiritual pathwork” to, for example, remove negative energy … release or strengthen positive energy where it’s lacking … restore balance from within …

Deborah shared the five practices that, from her very personal healing and experience, allow one to become a clear channel for healing: Journaling, Meditation, Prayer, Forgiveness, Being {a vessel} of Service. I note that of course there is Study … Re-viewing … Learning more …                                 

 May I remind you, again, that, as Doreen Virtue says in Chakra Clearing – Awakening Your Spiritual Power To Know And Heal, you are an energetic being … a being of light, love and intelligence …

When we/lightworkers embark on {spiritually/energetically} healing ourselves and opening our heart chakras “fully to Divine love” (so that we may heal others) … other people, says Doreen, “notice the glow that naturally emanates from deep within us. Even those with no knowledge of spirituality are drawn to our love and light. They notice something different about our peaceful nature, and the glow of Divine love triggers a deep forgotten memory of God.”

I, at this point in my spiritual evolution, am more comfortable looking at it closer to the way I believe Gregg Braden does, in Walking Between The Worlds – The Science Of Compassion, that although we sense our truest nature/essential self from within, there has been a separation from our creator/the creator of the clay vessel known to one and all as “our body,” yet “we look to our world of external technology {as opposed to any technology of the spirit} to prove and validate our feelings.” Greeg observes that, whereas the western world’s translation of The Lord’s Prayer begins with “Our father who art in heaven,” whereas the Aramaic translation of that Biblical verse begins with “Our father who is everywhere,” which is NOT a viewpoint of such separation from the creator 🙂

 Gregg has also observed and noted that people sometimes — in an instant — may come across a moment when their eyes meet a stranger, or perhaps someone they know at work, and “clickthere is a feeling,” which at least one of the parties may quickly dismiss … Gregg, in speaking of this, in his chapter entitled Journey Of Initiation,  is speaking of people seeking within others, the pieces of themselves they had long ago lost or had taken away or had given away throughout their lives. And so, sez me: the “glow that naturally emanates from deep within us,” which Doreen Virtue speaks of as manifesting/being felt so that “even those with no knowledge of spirituality are drawn to our love and light” may be felt emanating even from those of us who have not necessarily “opened our heart chakras to divine love,” but , as well, from those of us who are indeed ‘different’ by our peaceful nature: we choose peace over non-peace, as Gregg would put it, in a world of polarity and separation. and we choose to conduct our lives, believing that peace is a higher choice. {I note, as Gregg does, that: “compassion is not an invitation to inaction.” Action merely does not have to include hatred …}      

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“A Heavenly Presence”: An Inner Calm, Free of Anger or Fear

Something happened within me, this morning, that caused my anger at a particular person to vanish or dissolve … that was beyond my understanding, i.e. I don’t immediately know how/what I did; as Elise would say, it was “beyond words” … beyond intellectual/left brain/three dimensional understanding …

This post is my attempt to understand/recapture what occurred — the peace of which I still feel over two hours later … Credit for my inspiration for the title of this post goes to Suzanne O’Brien, whose moving book of her spiritual transformation in the face of a medical emergency and physical scarring and trauma, A Heavenly Presence – A Story Of Healing, Awakening, Angelic Visitation and Spiritual Discovery, I have just begun to read.

I recall Gautama Siddhartha {Buddha} saying: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

I believe it all started when I arose early this morning,  and I looked back, in depth, at Florence Scovell Shinn’s The Game Of Life and How To Play It. I noted that she states {Law of Non-Resistance} “Bless your enemy, and you rob him of his ammunition. His arrows will be transmuted into blessings.”

She states, too, {The Law of Karma and Forgiveness} that: Man is admonished, “My will be done not thine,”and the curious thing is, man always gets just what he desires when he does relinquish {italics mine} personal will, thereby enabling Infinite Intelligence to work through him.

And {in her chapter on Casting the Burden – Impressing the Subconscious} she states:

When man knows his own powers and the workings of his mind, his great desire is to find an easy and quick way to impress the subconscious with good, for simply an intellectual knowledge of the Truth will not bring results. In my own case, I found the easiest way is in “casting the burden.”

A metaphysician once explained it in this manner. He said, “The only thing which gives anything weight in nature, is the law of gravitation, and if a boulder could be taken high above the planet, there would be no weight in that boulder; and that is what Jesus Christ meant when he said: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

He had overcome the world vibration, and functioned in the fourth dimensional realm, where there is only perfection, completion, life and joy.

We are also told in the fifty-fifth Psalm, to “cast thy burden upon the Lord.” Many passages in the Bible state that the battle is God’s not man’s and that man is always to “stand still” and see the Salvation of the Lord.

This indicates that the superconscious mind (or Christ within) is the department which fights man’s battle and relieves him of burdens.

We see, therefore, that man violates law if he carries a burden, and a burden is an adverse thought or condition, and this thought or condition has its root in the subconscious.

It seems almost impossible to make any headway directing the subconscious from the conscious, or reasoning mind, as the reasoning mind (the intellect) is limited in its conceptions, and filled with doubts and fears.

How scientific it then is, to cast the burden upon the superconscious mind (or Christ within) where it is “made light,” or dissolved into its native nothingness {italics mine}.”

Could this be what happened within me, this morning, even if only momentarily? … Perhaps, in the spirit of how Gregg Braden speaks, in Walking Between The Worlds – The Science of Compassion, of choosing peace over non-peace or anger in a world of polarity and separation, that was my choice … to choose to really feel, as Susan Shumsky intones in one of her prayerful Affirmations: I am in control … I am one with God … I am protected by {wrapped in} the Divine light of my being … And so, I was protected from “the lower astral {or reactive} levels of mind.”

 I would like to make it so more often …

“The Secret” from The Word of Matthew: Remember when you were a child and believed that life was magical? …

In the midst of working with Virginia Essene’s and Irving Feurst’s Energy Blessings From The Stars ******* Seven {Energetic} Initiations, I am grateful to have come across  The Magic {in the spirit of/and sequel to The Secret} and re-found Gregg Braden’s WALKING BETWEEN THE WORLDS – The Science of Compassion.

We know http:/ {posted in full on this blog, on March 29, 2012}from the Hathors that the Ka body {“It is sometimes called the etheric twin and sometimes the spiritual double. It has the same size and shape as your physical body, but it is an energy-body. Although it is not made of flesh and blood, but is, instead made up of energy, or mostly energy.”} “appears to obey the laws of quantum mechanics and not Newtonian physics,” that Rhonda Byre speaks of in the beginning of The Magic, I believe that Rhonda Byrne is quite right in stating  that the “secret” {unwritten Word} to be found within the Gospel of Matthew is Gratitude, and I am in the midst of finding her book not only inspiring, but … perhaps … life-changing …

Matt 25: 29

For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.


As Gregg Braden says in WALKING BETWEEN THE WORLDS – The Science of Compassion: “Peace is a higher choice to {than} non-peace in a world of polarity expressed as thought, feeling, emotion and conduct” … And yes, as he says: “Please Note: {Choosing to become} Compassion is not an invitation to {choose to be stuck in} non-action” (Nor do I believe in “blind compassion”).


And so I end this post as I began: speaking of the possibility of one integrating the concepts of Rhonda Byrne’s book and Gregg Braden’s into their life … and feeling the possibility of blessings of change …

May it be so for you as well …

I find that the concepts that: “you create and experience the consequences in your patterns of thought, feelings and beliefs” and that “you have direct access to your creator through yourself as a ‘spark’ of creative intelligence that is responsible for your very existence” to be of inestimable value to me as I begin to go through the exercises in Rhonda Byrne’s book …

Conscious Creation in This Time of Our Great Shift

I woke up this morning wondering what would allow me to have a real connection/with rapport with another being OR what allows me to (feel like I) have this with some … My attention went on to a bookmark on my desktop that I had not looked at for over a year … and I believe I was guided to the answer by finding Kahu Fred’s web site:

It feels to me that what allows me/one to feel wrapped in a peaceful angel-wing coat of life-force is the use of one or more of the Ten {perhaps innate to the soul} Principles …

Keys: Truth-Trust-Passion

Commitments: Clarity-Communication-Completion

Pillars: Prayer-Meditation-Sleepstate Programming-Masterminding

Although you or I may have integrated some (parts of) these Ten Principles into our lives as we have evolved on our journeys of what I like to call the “spiritual pathwork” of healing or ascending … I highly recommend looking over what Kirael, through Kahu Fred, has to say about these principles. 

On A (to me) Related Note: Your feelings are an expression of your soul

The Soul creates the future

Really, the only life lesson for you to learn is how to become conscious of your true nature … so that you may evolve, experience and expand spiritually. As is said in the Monroe Affirmation at, “Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.”

As Ping Li says in her book, Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose on Earth

When you become “consciously aware of getting into the meditative state wherever you go and whatever you do during the day” … you are able, with a quiet mind and emotions to be fully present from moment to moment — I would think, much as true ThetaHealing practioners, Falun Gong practitoners or perhaps BodyTalk practitioners, some Sound Healers, and some Buddhist adepts, among others. It may indeed be, as Ping Li says, that “when you reach the state of mind that is totally quiet at all times, you become pure awareness, pure potentiality and pure love. You awaken the voice of your soul” …

Your mind records the past

“Your history is your biology” — Caroline Myss

“Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” — Karol Truman

Your body Experiences the past and present

Advance! {put forth by Scientology’s Advanced Organization of Los Angeles}Issue 210:

…”In some traditional areas of China when a person is at the point of death and his soul is supposed to already left his body, the patient’s coat is held up on a long bamboo stick while the priest tries, by various appeals,  to bring back the departed spirit first into the coat and then back into the body.”

What do you know 🙂 It may be that there was a reason I felt like I was wrapped in a peaceful angel-wing coat

On another related note: The Celestine Prophecy

The 11 Insights of the Celestine Prophecy from the books of James Redfield Summarized by Kathie Wallace with excerpts from James Redfield’s web site

Posted by Kathie Wallace on January 22, 2010 at {Celestine Prophecy}

Greetings and blessings, Kathie and James!


“1.When a CRITICAL MASS of people see life as a journey of unfolding, mysterious, and exciting synchronicities {Italicized by Theta Networker, as it is one of the most mentioned manifestations on this blog} that lead us forward and ask about the mystery, a series of insights will be revealed that will shift us.
:: Remember to live in the mystery of the synchronicitous world.

“2. THE LONGER NOW This awakening represents the creation of a new, more complete worldview, which replaces a five-hundred-year-old preoccupation with secular survival and comfort. While this technological preoccupation was an important step, our awakening to life’s {coincidences} is opening us up to the real purpose of human life on this planet and the real nature of our universe.
:: As we awake, we will create a new world view honouring the universe as energy and sacred [and conscious].

“3. A MATTER OF ENERGY We now experience that we live not in a material universe, but in a universe of dynamic energy. Everything extant is a field of sacred energy that we can sense and intuit. Moreover, we humans can project our energy by focusing our attention in the desired direction…where attention goes, energy flows…influencing other energy systems and increasing the pace of {coincidences} in our lives. The physical universe is actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to how we think. {See Gregg Braden’s Spontaneous Healing of Belief CDs — Theta Networker’s suggestion} It vibrates at a certain level. Unfocus the eyes to see the energy fields surrounding everything. {Italicized by Theta Networker– as I am one of those who is currently engaged in starting to feel into people’s auras/energy fields … and I heard of this same suggestion from a Lois Wetzel channeling of Archangel Gabriel, which you may find from her web site at}  … The new life view is that energy responds to how we think. Love … is about connecting with energy fields
:: … Love is connection…synchronicitous connection.]”


For Kathie’s complete summary of the 11 Insights of The Celestine Prophecy, please read her post.

Related Articles

Activate Pure Awareness … Continuous Conscious [Non-Dual] Awareness

Experiences of Divine Consciousness [non-duality] Impossible for the Human Ego [duality] to Comprehend …

“Within the Indigenous world the act of coming to know something involves a personal transformation. The knower and the known are indissolubly linked and changed in a fundamental way. Indigenous science can never be reduced to a catalogue of facts or a database in a supercomputer, for it is a dynamic and living process, an aspect of the every-changing, ever-renewing processes of nature.”

What Gregg Braden speaks of in The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, may be Frank Kinslow’s “Pure Awareness”

It may be “Pure Awareness” that is being activated … Chakra-by-Chakra … by David Ison’s Musical Body Vitalizer method …

By Robert MacMullan (Los Angeles) – See all my reviews
This review is from: The Mysticism of Sound and Music (Shambhala Dragon Editions) (Paperback)
“The challenging part about reading a book by an enlightened being is that the author is writing from an experience of consciousness (non-duality) that is impossible for the ego (duality) to comprehend. However, Hazrat Inayat Khan’s writing is easily understood and could be valuable to both spiritual aspirants on the path to enlightenment and/or musicians looking for deeper levels in their artistry. This is a book to be studied, not just read. In it are keys to understanding the mysticism of sound, music, color, words, and silence. “

Plant the seeds of continuous conscious awareness …

To be continued …

Cultivating Compassion: Being Free of the Need to Respond in Like Kind Is Truly Necessary for Spiritual and Physical Health and Healing …

Masaro Emoto researched and wrote a visionary book entitled “Messages From Water,” and you may get some idea of the scope of his discoveries from web sites such as

The above is a picture of “Thank you” from Masaru Emoto’s work of recoding the crystalline structure of water in the presence of various sounds … music … words: dissonant and hateful as compared to loving and harmonic such as “Thank you.”

… Ever found resentment to be healthy? … How many people have you known who look like they’re “sucking on a lemon” who are actually healthy? …

What would stop a person from forgiving, but an attachment to the past? …

Falun Gong practitioners practice cultivating to higher levels of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance and the orientation is: “Why should I be moved [by trials and tribulations] to anger or fear [a human attachment], when I know that Master Li, Falun Gong’s teacher, has said that I should be thankful when I am suddenly faced with a tribulation by [the actions of] others … as this gives me a chance to strengthen my character as well as work off some karma and [self-] cultivate …

“Our highest task in living is to live from our soul’s deeper urges. The deepest desire of our spirits, our souls is to learn to love ourselves. This is a lifelong journey and one of the major steps to fulfilling our soul’s desire is learning to practice forgiveness of ourselves and others. When we put love in place of hatred or anger towards self and others, we free ourselves to live from our authentic selves and fulfill our own unique destinies. Forgiveness is a miracle that brings vitality and healing of body, mind and spirit.”

Medical intutitive Caroline Myss has observed healing to be blocked by the inability to forgive …

ThetaHealing’s Vianna Stibal has learned from her practice that:

If a person is cleared of what she calls programs of “the three R’s,” Rejection, Resentment, Regret, they will “open enough space in their mind to be able to move objects,” as “your mind spends an incredible amount of time on these three issues and the neurons of the brain are occupied with resentment and regret.” — ThetaHealing (paperback), page 92

How could the neurons of the brain be affected by emotions? … Check out the work of Candace Pert [Molecules of Emotion] or Bruce Lipton [The Biology Of Belief].

Come up to present time!

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, wrote an article entitled What is Greatness? In it, he said that the greatest secret of the universe may be for man to be able to love his fellows in spite of all … The orientatation of a Scientologist, and many other spiritual practitioners, to the question of forgiveness might be to understand that a “ridge” [like two water hoses of equal force aimed against each other, and where they “meet” in the middle] is part an old facsimile [mental image picture] from an incident long past, and to “ridge on” [feel in strong opposition to] not forgiving someone for something they did to you … is to not be in present time and not healthy.

Sound healer Jonathan Goldman and Shamael, the Angel of Sound, Gregg Braden who has written Walking Between The Worlds — The Science of Compassion, Louise Hay, Darren Weissman who has written Awakening To The Secret Code Of Your Mind — Your Mind’s Journey To Inner Peace, as well as BodyTalk practitioners have come to believe similarly … based on their actual experience and life’s work

You may draw your own conclusions … I suggest it would be most healthy to emulate the behavior of a brother who, some years ago, when I impatiently bumped into him while running for a train in NYC — instead of getting angry at me as he “had a right to” — just looked at me and said, quietly, with a smile in his voice: “I hope you don’t drive like that” …

“Live Simply, Love Generously,
Care Deeply, Speak Kindly, Be
Kinder Than Necessary For Everyone
You Meet Is Fighting A Battle.
Simply Leave The Rest To GOD” — From Barbara Cohen, Scheduler for US Congressional Representative Heather Wilson, circa 2009


Spirituality. Positive Psychology. Wellness.

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