Healing Sounds and The Indispensability of …

The Indispensability of Breathing: The Gradient Below Toning

There is a step or level [“gradient”] to master and apply BEFORE toning the chakras, or making any sounds for that matter, with one’s own voice, and that is something so taken “for granted” that it may be overlooked: Breathing!

… The Indispensability of Scientology Study Tech

To anyone familiar with the Study Tech of Scientology of overcoming Barriers to Study, it is a familiar concept that, for APPLICATION, if one step of a procedure or process  not mastered [not done correctly or fully], the next step will not be done effectively and for real … 

Thus — in this case — as I read Jonathan Goldman’s explanation of correct [i.e. diaphragmatic] breathing as necessarily coming ahead of being able to vocal tone the chakras to resonate them, I understood that I had been skipping right over that gradient, and so I was not having the expected results from vocal toning the chakras: I had not mastered [diaphragmatic] breathing — which is necessary to making self-created sounds “as fully and powerfully as possible” — and so I could not master truly resonating the chakras with my own self-created sound. 

Jonathan Goldman Explains Diaphragmatic Breathing

THE DIVINE NAME — The Sound That Can Change the World, Chapter Eight


“Breath is the source of life. It is also the source of sound. You can’t make sound — at least not any vocally created sound — without breath. Thus it’s important to be sure that you’re able to breathe as fully and powerfully as possible before beginning to work with self-created sounds.” 

“What is most important is to focus your awareness on taking as deep a breath as possible. When you breathe deeply down into your lungs and abdomen, you can feel your chest expand, as well as your stomach rise. This is called ‘diaphragmatic breathing.’ If you find your rib cage and stomach beginning to expand as you inhale, you’re probably breathing in this manner.”

“Here is a simple way to experience diaphragmatic breathing: Lie on the floor, put your hands on your stomach, and take a nice deep breath….”

“1.   Watch as your belly relaxes and rises.”

“2.   Feel your lungs and abdomen expanding as you inhale.”

“3.   Exhale and feel your stomach relax as the air is pushed out of your lungs.”

“Do this again and again until it begins to feel natural.”


As with any spiritual path: If you choose to learn from Jonathan and engage in sound healing: May this help you follow the path of greatest resonance … physically … emotionally … mentally … etherically …



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