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All is Spirit … Eternal Life is in the Human Heart

“Vibration is spirit in motion” — Edgar Cayce … As all is (in) vibration … does it not then follow that All is Spirit 🙂

“Your Spirit is already eternal; you have only to move your mind and body into harmony with your eternal spirit … Finding eternal life in the human heart is the source of health in the mind and body.”

There are “ways we can purify our physical form to extend life, possibly indefinitely: One is becoming aware of the energy body.” — From “Breaking The Death Habit,” by Leonard Orr, Founder of Rebirthing

Tho I haven’t studied his life evolution and work, I am inspired by the perspective that we have only to move our mind and body into harmony with our eternal spirit to find eternal life … and that finding eternal life goes through the heart 🙂

May we let go and let the universal Spirit-Consciousness of the One Mind-One Energy awaken our eternal spirit within to co-create mind and body in harmony with Spirit in Divine Timing

“The spirit is life. The mind is the builder. The physical is the result.” — Edgar Cayce

Cosmic Fairy 444: A Blog of Inspiring, Spiritual Insights from Nicola Whitehill

I admire and resonate with those with enough spiritual awareness … to know that we do NOT equal our bodies … and who can  see beyond physical manifestations … 

My spiritual sister Nicola Whitehill has a blog, Cosmic Fairy 444 ‘fairy insights to excite,’ at which she started in 2012, which was 15 years after she received an initial diagnosis of Raynaud’s as well as the autoimmune condition Scleroderma or Systemic Sclerosis {SSC}, and was given, as she recalls, a prognosis of a maximum of 15 months life expectancy even with a cocktail of immuno-toxic drugs to stop the aggressive symptoms that manifested in her body. Nikki says simply that she did not believe this opinion … She believes as I do that everything is energy, and that divine love is the highest vibrational energy that there is … Rather than staying “stuck” on herself {That’s my own observation}, she started a blog, as she says, to share phrases and ideas which she finds to be uplifting and thought-provoking, and to feel good. You can also find her posts at

Nikki doesn’t dwell on any physical symptoms or challenges … her focus is on the spiritual … and so:

Even after I met her, I had no concept of the symptoms or challenges that scleroderma may present or that is an auti-immune condition (possibly with some of the same manifestations as MS) that manufactures an overproduction of collagen, which is found in connective tissue of the body. She doesn’t dwell on any of that … as her focus is spiritual … Now I am moved (no prompting from Nikki) … to speak in the spirit of my other blog at … I was enlightened regarding scleroderma and raynaud’s when I found this posting … She says (my understanding from reading that article) that she did not look after herself properly at first, not recognizing how “serious” the condition may become.

Note from Theta Networker: I can totally understand that, as my body manifested what the medicos call an inguinal hernia … which if left unattended — a euphemism for not operated upon — they admonish that the “hernia” will only get larger, and if you don’t let them operate by either sewing it up or using laparoscopy, you run the risk of having a “medical emergency” of it becoming incarcerated or strangulated {constriction of the blood supply of the herniated part, resulting in obstruction and possibly gangrene, or so they say} Hey, I didn’t do what the doctors recommended even after they told me how “serious” it would “inevitably” become —  even after a surgeon told me it was too big for the laparoscopy procedure — because I evolved to seeing the so-called “hernia,” which I have since reversed, to be an energetic manifestation of the first or second chakra, that I ought to welcome as God’s way of pointing me in the direction of some inner, spiritual work that I need to do … not to mention in the direction of some Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as my incredible M.D., Dr. Pompeiu Vladutiu 🙂  So I admire and resonate with anyone like Nikki who is at such a high spiritual level that she sees beyond the physical manifestation …

Nikki knows the need for public awareness, and has become an advocate, as an Ambassador for The UK Scleroderma Society and other groups, to help raise people’s awareness, including that of the medical profession.

Nicola Whitehill

Here is someone who, on her way to a career as a barrister in the UK, not only successfully switched gears and “beat the odds” personally, but with good humor and determination in the course of applying a number of conventional and traditional or alternative treatments, learning to practice special skin care and diet routines and becoming as she puts it, a “juicaholic,” … she has become an advocate to help other folks …Way to go, sister and may the blessings continue …

If you resonate with the posts on her blog as I do … and are moved to help the research for a cure for scleroderma and raynaud’s which are currently considered incurable, you may donate to the Royal Free Charity by going to their fundraising page at where you can see more information on what scleroderma is and Nikki’s advocacy… Thanks for listening and shine on, shine bright …

A symptom is nothing more than a sign that you need to shift or change

I have spoken of balance, harmony and peace coming from within as energy moves and spirit flows through us … and  he universe being actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs …

This morning,  after I read some words of wisdom from Ping Li, awakened spiritual master and mentor  — who so often sends me e-mail :-), I  read also an e-mail from Lauren Galey about Louise Swartswalters’ practice of Geotran. And so …  I was led to re-look at the “widgets” on the right side of the front page of this blog … do some reordering of what I had put there … and inspired to write this post:

Says Ping Li,  in Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose on Earth:

“When your physical body is aligned with the forces of the universe {Think: The “Relinquishment aspect of what I call Spiritual Control-Purification-Relinquishment: Relinquishing personal will to the Divine — or at least aligning personal will with Divine will}, you can heal not only your physical body but every aspect of your life,” and it is then {Italics mine} that your body “becomes a conduit of the spirit.”

Thanks to the e-mail I received from Lauren Galey (, I learned of Louise Swartswalters’ practice of Geotran, which almost instantly guided me to her Geotran Interview — The Basics video This video actually included some demonstration of the energetic technique of
Geotran — that I found beneficial, spiritually and physically almost immediately. The video mentioned Louise’s web site which led me to notice Louise’s statement that: “A symptom is nothing more than a sign that you need to shift or change.”

And so … this post came to be …

“Vibration is spirit in motion” — Edgar Cayce

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind.” — Buddha

“Because we are more than physical matter, we can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” — From The Monroe Affirmation

Your body is a physical manifestation of your mind and your energy …

Stated alternately, as Ling Pi has: “Your physical body is not only solid as you see with your physical eyes but also a vast vibrational energy field” … Looking at that understanding, I realize that  — if one substitutes “flesh eyes” for physical eyes — it is almost an exact (duplicate) statement of the teachings  found within Falun Gong’s Master Li Hongzhi’s Zhuan Falun {Turning The (Buddha) Law Wheel} …

 And so: A symptom is indeed nothing more than a sign that you need to shift or change …

The universe is actually a vast system of penetrating energy that responds to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs … And thus … as we ascend in the course of fulfilling “our soul’s purpose on earth” … with our Thoughts … Prayers … and Holographic Creation … we may manifest … multi-dimensionally … as we align more with spirit/the universe.

May it be for the highest and best … personally and for the planet …

What Your Body Is Telling You via Kathy Wilson

Thanks once again to Kathy Wilson’s  Journal of Spirited Coaching

What Your body Is Telling You

You and your body are carrying on a never-ending conversation with each other. The quality of this conversation directly affects the quality of your body’s health.

Unfortunately, this conversation is not one in which most people are actively, consciously participating.

When you begin to consciously communicate with your body, the benefit you enjoy is that it becomes easier for you to discern what your body wants so it can heal illness, disease, or other malfunctions it may be suffering. Additionally, you’ll be able to discern what it needs in order to stay in optimum health and avoid falling into a state of disease.

The language you and your body use is very simple, making it an easy language for you to learn. As you’ll soon discover, your body is very literal, and the messages you and it are constantly exchanging are easy to decode… once you’ve learned the basics of the language.

How Your Body Talks to You

{Note from Theta Networker: There are many, such as Louise Hay, Karol Truman, Deborah King, Caroline Myss and … Florence Scovell Shinn who use similar, symbolic interpretations of what your body — or energy field — is telling you. 

The physical sensations you experience, the illnesses you contract, the pains you suffer, and the “accidents” you have are just a few of the ways your body talks to you.

Here are a few real-life examples of the physical body communicating with its owner:

A client was complaining of neck pain that had become so painful his doctor was suggesting surgery.

Another client mentioned during our coaching session that his wrist had become painful when he played his favorite sport – tennis.

A friend was experiencing lower back pain.

A student shared that she was experiencing intense shoulder pain in her right side.

My right knee suddenly became very painful, possibly indicating a torn or stretched ligament.

Because the language your body uses to communicate with you is so simple it’s important that you don’t try to make it complicated or complex. The messages the body speaks are very straightforward.

To give you a preview of how messages from the body are interpreted, here is what the previous examples mean:

A client had been thinking what a “pain in the neck” it was to have to go back to work when he was having so much fun being retired and doing as he wished.
This client wasn’t following through completely in certain situations in his life. In his tennis game he wasn’t following through with his strokes. The abrupt stoppage of motion was causing strain, and thus pain, on his wrists.

A person was continually using the phrase, “pain in the butt.”

The student confided that she felt like she had to do everything for everyone else around her. She was “shouldering” the weight of all that responsibility
While I was trying to make a choice about whether to move to one locale or another, I stated aloud often that I was “torn” about which direction to take.

When the body talks it doesn’t use words. So, how do you decode the messages from your body?

There are areas within your body that commonly attract and retain certain thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. In order to decode the messages your body is giving you, the first important step is to define what part of the body is affected. The side of the body, the organ, limb, joint, or body part – all have meaning.

I’ve created the following Quick Reference Guide which lists a few of the main areas of the body, with basic interpretations of issues in those areas. This is by no means a complete list, but it’s enough to get you started.

Quick Reference Guide for Decoding the Messages From Your Body

Begin your deciphering of your body’s messages by determining which side of the body is affected.

The left side of the body is where you receive incoming energy. Issues on the left side represent resistance to energy that’s coming toward you. This can be people, challenges at work, choices you’re being forced to make, etc. This is the feminine side and is also related to the spiritual realms.

The right side of the body is the side where you send out energy. Issues on the right side represent resistance to taking action. It is the masculine energy and is associated with the physical world.

After determining the side of the body on which the issue resides, move on to the specific part of the body.

Back/Spine This is your support. The lower back is the area of financial support
Bones are where you hold resentment and anger. This is also an area of your foundation and structure.

Ear issues represent resistance to what you hear.
Eyes Health issues with the eyes represent rejection of what you see.

Feet represent moving or movement. They also indicate how grounded and connected you are to your physical life. Fingers are the details – the little things in life.

Heart represents love, of course. Issues here relate to an inability to give and/or receive love.

Hips are the balance point of the body.
Joints represent flexibility or inflexibility in attitude and action.
Lungs are the area of the breath of life. Issues here represent a fear of fully living or feeling like you don’t deserve to live.

Muscles indicate the strength and well-being of your personal will.
Nerves are the pathways of your inner communication
Shoulders represent responsibility and burdens in life.

Stomach Issues here indicate what’s eating you or what you can no longer stomach.

Tendons represent your flexibility in life.
Throat issues indicate whether or not you’re speaking your truth and are speaking out.

As you can see, it becomes fairly easy to interpret the messages your body is giving you because it’s so literal. When you experience pain, disease, or discomfort in any of these areas, you’ve created an energy blockage with your thoughts and/or emotions.

To discern what your body is telling you about it, reflect on a recent situation or event that was distressing for you. Discern what you’re thinking and feeling about it.

Here are some examples of interpretations:

If you’re suffering discomfort in your knees, it can indicate that you’re you having difficulty making a decision about moving in a specific direction. The right knee indicates blocking the energy of stepping into action. The left knee may indicate refusal of accepting the situation in which a choice of direction needs to be made.

If your eyes are painful, what are you seeing that hurts you? If your distance vision is blurry, what don’t you want to see – or can’t see – in your future? If your close vision is blurry, what is there in your life now that you don’t want to see?

If you have a toothache on the left side of your body, what tough problem might you be chewing on? If it’s on the right side, it may mean it’s time for you to stop chewing on the problem and do something about it.

If your throat is sore and infected, what is making you angry, but you’re afraid to say something about? If it aches, what would you love to say but are holding back?

The first step to healing is awareness. Become aware of what your body is telling you so you can help it heal.


There are many, such as Louise Hay, Karol Truman, Deborah King, Caroline Myssand … Florence Scovell Shinn who use similar, symbolic interpretations of what your body — or energy field — is telling you. What are your understandings?

“Energetic Balance” From The Desk of Dr. Tyran G. Mincey

I am sharing with you in the spirit of trusting in your own guidance … for healing … In case anyone may ask :-), although I may go to another doctor or two when (periodic) pathologic evaluations are appropriate, Dr. Mincey is the doctor I have gone to when no other could help, when I felt that I needed some external jump starting of my own “Energetics” … and, simply as he is my true primary physician.

My understanding is that chiropractic physicians take exactly the same course of training as those studying to become M.D. s up until the point they “branch off” into their own specialties, which unfortunately those studying to become M.D.s know not what of. And …

Btw, doctors such as Dr. Mincey, who are highly trained in applied kinesiology, chiropractic, nutrition and wellness, and other preventative or “alternative” treatment, will quite matter-of-factly give you referrals for pathologic tests such as blood tests, x-rays or ultrasound, etc. when necessary. My opinion: It is a shame/it is political/it is due to the “health industry” links to the pharmaceutical industry that most medical doctors, at least those who are not trained in chiropractic nutritional, homeopathic or herbal treatments or Traditional Chinese Medicine will NEVER refer you to a chiropractor — even have been in an auto accident, for example, and you may surely be {sorely} in need of some structural treatment even if {they know that} you have a pinched nerve or misaligned vertebrae or are quite possibly at risk for migraine headaches or other health issues, now or in the future, if you do not receive any cranial adjustment* to relieve your pain or correct the flow of energy through your nervous system …

*I have included some data on cranial adjustment, immediately after Dr. Mincey’s article, for educational purposes, as it has been so for me.

Here is Dr. Mincey’s article {Although Dr. Mincey starts off speaking within a context of addressing weight loss, you may consider what he says to apply broadly to your wellness across-the-board — Theta Networker}

“It is spring. Do you have enough fire?

“Each year when spring arrives, it is interesting to note the plethora of weight loss options available. What some fail to realize is that there are certain factors that relate to a balance of weight outside of the classic calorie counting and exercise fanaticism.

“Now I am not being cynical but I am echoing my message about balance. A true wholistic approach to weight loss would encompass a multitude of modalities — not extreme pill popping, over-exercise, and starvation; all of which usually gives short term benefit with long term damage. If you have a weight loss concern, I encourage you to come in and get checked out and ask us about our wholistic approaches to helping you.

“How can you expect wood to burn when there is no fire? Comparable to wood would be the very nutrients (assuming you are eating properly) that we put into our bodies. These are burned or metabolized into micro-nutrients that make their way into the cells of the human body and get exchanged for energy production. That energy is then used for some bodily function such as movement, or some less obvious organ function.

“In Traditional Chinese Medicine there is a law called The 5 Element Law. It is based on body function being associated with the five elements: fire, water, wood, metal, and earth. Getting the fire going consists of a proper work up of organs that regulate the metabolic rate. These include functional, not pathologic, evaluation of the heart, small intestine, thyroid and adrenal glands. Each of these glands impact the body’s metabolism.

“A pathologic evaluation would include a blood test and a physical examination, and sometimes batteries of diagnostic testing which yield only smalls amounts of information, outside of cancer or rupture. They are prudent, but not always useful unless there is an emergency.

“A functional exam looks at all of the above and the organ’s energetic patterns and flows, including nerve energy and vital energy called chi, and evaluates the need for targeted nourishment on an individual basis. By combining this with muscle response testing {Applied Kinesiology} we can hone in on what is needed by the body to reignite the fire. These protocols can get the fire burning again.

“Cases that consume a reasonable diet may return to a normal weight without the fanaticism or fad dieting.”

Thank you, Dr. M.

*Cranial Adjustment

My understanding and a Personal Note

I recall seeing information in Dr. Mincey’s office regarding health problems that may be the result of head injuries, whether from sports, home, industrial or other accidents, and that the effects of such traumas may, through misalignment of cranial bones as well as changes in fluid flow in the area of the skull, may — through the central nervous system —  affect the immune system, and health of {cells in} parts of the body other than the brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves. Thus, it would be advisable for anyone who has had a head injury/trauma or impact to the skull to check with a doctor trained in the use of cranial adjustment, such as an applied kinesiologist/chiropractor. I have had cranial adjustment and I have found it to have progressive, beneficial effects on my health …

Cranium Defined

Cranium n., pl., -niums, or -nia. The skull of a vertebrate. The portion of the skull enclosing the brain; the braincase.

Source: Cranium: The top portion of the skull, which protects the brain. The cranium includes the frontal, parietal, occipital, temporal, sphenoid, and ethmoid bones.

Cranial Adjustment


There are 5 bony plates in the head that can move slightly. By manipulating these bones, chiropractors are able to correct a number of ailments, from attention deficit disorder to migraine headaches. Follow these steps to get a chiropractic cranial a Read More »


Cranial adjustment – The doctor holds the patient’s head in a prescribed manner so that bones that are not meant to move are stabilized. Then, he makes the


Feb 6, 2009  Adam B. Fields, D.C. {Doctor of Chiropractic}, through patient testamonials and demonstration, shows powerful results from adjusting the bones of the skull.

Source: {Van Family Chiropractic, Dr. Erin Van Veldhuizen, Dallas Texas}

Subluxations are minor misalignments in the spine or skull, putting endangering stress on the brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves.


Craniosacral Treatment

A typical craniosacral therapy session is performed with the client fully clothed, in a supine position, and usually lasts about one hour. In the Upledger method of craniosacral therapy, a ten-step protocol serves as a general guideline, which includes (1) analyzing the base (existing) cranial rhythm, (2) creating a still point in that rhythm at the base of the skull, (3) rocking the sacrum, (4) lengthening the spine in the lumbar-sacral region, (5) addressing the pelvic, respiratory and thoracic diaphragms, (6) releasing the hyoid bone in the throat, and (7-10) addressing each one of the cranial bones. The practitioner may use discretion in using which steps are suitable for each client, and may or may not follow them in sequential order, with time restraints and the extent of trauma being factors.

The therapist places their hands lightly on the patient’s body, tuning in to the patient by ‘listening’ with their hands or, in Sutherland’s {Osteopath William Sutherland was the founder of this treatment, over 100 years ago} words, “with thinking fingers.” A practitioner’s feeling of being in tune with a patient is described as entrainment.[20] Patients often report a sense of deep relaxation during and after the treatment session
Source for links to Chiropractic Treatments such as Cranial Adjustment …

[20] McPartland JM, Mein EA. Entrainment and the cranial rhythmic impulse. Altern Ther Health Med. 1997 Jan;3(1):40-5. PMID 8997803 

{Note: Entrainment, broadly, as I learned from sound healer Jonathan Goldman, is as follows:


“A physics phenomenon of resonance, first observed in the 17th century {by Dutch scientist, Christian Huygens, in the observation of pendulums},  has an effect on all of us. Entrainment is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. It is also defined as a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles. The principle of entrainment is universal, appearing in chemistry, pharmacology, biology, medicine, psychology, sociology, astronomy, architecture and more. The classic example shows individual pulsing heart muscle cells. When they are brought close together, they begin pulsing in synchrony. Another example of the entrainment effect is women who live in the same household often find that their menstrual cycles will coincide.”}


Health Wisdom: From Ben Ong

Ben Ong truly pinpoints the issue against drugs, making it crystal clear that this is NOT about “preference” … IMHO it’s about uninformed consent or “agreement” with the propaganda of the medical-pharmaceutical-corporate complex which has unfettered access to the mass media, and a myriad of conflicts of interest, [which will be taken up in future posts].

“It seems most people have only a very vague or even no understanding of the differences between Prescription Drugs, Herbal Supplements and Food Supplements. So today’s second newsletter devoted to clarity will explain this for you.

“What is the difference between synthetic and natural? It is not just that one was created in a laboratory and the other can be found in nature? The significant point is that over thousands of generations our bodies have evolved to have a tolerance for and understanding of how to digest and make good use of natural foods.

“The moment a natural food touches our tongues, the body begins the process of deconstructing them. It [the body] knows how to extract all the goodness they have, both to generate energy and also to use those nutrients as building blocks. These building blocks will be used to maintain the strength, stamina and immunity of your body.

“In contrast, as soon as you put a synthetic biochemical on your tongue, your body views that as an alien intruder. It sees a potential poison and it begins the process to seek to isolate that intruder and ideally to expel it from your body, though often it is unable to do that.

“All prescription drugs are Synthetic Biochemicals designed to interfere in some way with the workings of your body and mind. By definition they are all toxic because the body does not recognize them as food. It is this combination of being toxic and interfering with natural processes that cause all medicines to have undesirable side effects.

“In a health emergency, a medicine can be a lifesaver and in that situation a side effect is tolerable. In chronic disease however, taking medicines over years mostly cause more problems than they solve. This is especially true when there are natural ways to heal disease as opposed to merely suppress symptoms.

“If you are just suppressing symptoms, it means the disease is still getting worse. Only now the lack of symptoms means you are unaware of that deterioration. Eventually that deterioration overwhelms the ability of the drug to suppress those symptoms. Then you need more drugs or invasive procedures to deal with the ever worsening disease.

“So where does an herbal supplement fit in? Herbs can sometimes also be foods. But sometimes they are unrefined natural drugs in the sense that they have a pharmacological effect on the body and can therefore also have side effects albeit those side effects will always be far less than you will get with prescription drugs.

“Most prescription drugs start out in life as herbs from which the active ingredients are then extracted, concentrated, synthesized and modified so that it can be patented. It is the process of extraction, concentration and synthesis which makes the resulting drug more alien and therefore more toxic to the body.

“And what is a food supplement? A food supplement is selected concentrations of nutrients manufactured by extracting them from natural foods. That generally means no side effects apart from very rare individual allergic reactions.

“So why do I recommend the use of Food supplements rather than drugs or even herbal supplements? Most chronic disease is caused in the first instance, in large part because we eat the wrong foods and do not eat the right foods.

“Chronic disease includes all the diseases of our modern western affluent society. So, obesity, diabetes, heart and arterial disease, cancer (including prostate cancer), arthritis and many others, all start with breakfast, lunch and supper.

“This is a process that happens over tens of years.

“It should be obvious that the first step in healing disease caused by foods is to change from the foods that caused the initial problem to foods that can prevent it and heal it. That is why my guide “All about the prostate” deals at great length with diet.

“The second step is to find ways to pump the body full of those nutrients it has been starved of for tens of years. The research shows that you need forty times as much of any nutrient to hope to reverse a condition as you need to maintain health. The only way you can provide an ample sufficiency of those vital nutrients is to take food supplements.” 

I have received Ben Ong’s permission to post this information on this blog.

L’chaim [To your health],

AAK [Web acronym for “Alive And Kicking”]

Cleanse the Soul and Body … Show Compassion … Do not start worshiping the body

I present this in the spirit of the WELCOME! to this blog:

I do not “own” the ideas expressed in this space … I want to share them … This blog is a channel open for expansive communication to flow among those engaged in self-cultivation … evolving and discovering their own truths and paths … without wishing to devalue or eliminate other beings they have decided they don’t like or “don’t want to be like.” It is about rediscovering your innate yearning for spiritualization that may lie dormant … Take a look around … Participate … Reach and withdraw … Discover what is true for you … You are not alone … “We must all learn to listen to one another with understanding and compassion, to hear what is being felt by the other.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

To the best of my knowledge – the following was never written up as planned by the originator who is likely not contactable, and so I present it unaltered as it appears at, to bring to mind the groundbreaking work of Hulda Clark — and the possible extreme importance of eliminating parasites from the human body, as a prerequisite to health – as well as to call our attention to the concept: “worship not the body,” which of course to Christians would be a form of idol worship … Thank you, brother Brown for reminding me.

Note, also: Slippery elm [also known as Indian Elm] powder appears to offer relief from pain and inflammation … and may promote healing … Thank you, brother Dakota for calling it to my attention … 

“(To be written up in due course)

“31.3 Residual Poisons

“Your body might be clogged up with residual poisons, both from drugs and from the general toxins that abound in our society. I wouldn’t make any recommendations here but simply suggest that you take a look at the area, find out more, and see if you need to do something to get the body into better shape. Homeopathy specializes in handling poisons locked up in the tissues and there are a number of good books on the subject.

“An intensive exercise and vitamin program can be a big help. Read Adele Davis, Linus Pauling, and other nutritional references.

“But don’t start worshipping the body or put yourself in a lesser role. If you get really up there you might be able to get the body to flush out poisons simply by putting that intention into the body. The drills given in the first few chapters are really the strongest ones once you can perceive and project intention strongly. Use judgment.

“R – We begin writing this chapter during our Christmas holidays in the year 2000 because of dramatic results from Dr Hulda Clark’s liver cleanse. Here is the first write-up which I shared with friends at the time, one of whom I loaned my old zapper to so she is doing the cleanse this weekend. Such cleansing is obviously appropriate to this section of the diary. T and I recommend purchasing a zapper to kill parasites. We purchased two excellent zappers via the internet from . If you have any problems making or obtaining a zapper these are the ones we use and can recommend.

“We also recommend any of Dr. Clark’s books, especially The Cure For All Diseases. We reiterate the Pilot’s words above – don’t start worshipping the body, etc. – because we found it so easy to AGREE with so much of what such books say they can strongly influence you to make radical unnecessary changes. One has to maintain one’s primary purpose of complete Self Clearing. A strong, healthy body is a natural, inevitable result of maintaining a purpose to de-aberrate ALL one’s dynamics (see 44.1). It is only the goal for ONE of your 8 dynamics so, as the Pilot says, Use judgment!

“I had already done the old `Sweat Program’ and then the Purification Rundown and had incredible results. But that was years ago. Reading Dr Hulda Clark’s book made me realise I’d been way too glib about the body”.”

“Feelings buried alive never die,” as Karol Truman has written, and as we know from Dianetics. Disease, as Gary Null has indicated, is a process, not a sudden, random incident: A person does not suddenly manifest a heart attack, today, just because “he suddenly manifested a heart attack for no reason other than he just had a heart attack today.”

True healing, including physical healing, begins with the cleansing of our thoughts and feelings … our Higher Self or Spirit or Soul … All good and bad actions affect our health and have the mind as their source … If we crave unhealthy foods and other unhealthy practices we increase our chances of dis-ease … Being able to move into compassion and unconditional love may, indeed, be the greatest “secret” of the universe …

Matthew 11:28 – 30

28. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

There be more in future posts … Dr. Rob McClintock has written a book called God’s Healing Leaves … Those who study The Word speak of Jesus Eight Golden Laws of Health


Spirituality. Positive Psychology. Wellness.

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A Journal of Whole Health, Wellness and Self-Empowerment

Whole Health is a Spectrum of Spirit ... Emotions … Mind ... and Body ~ You have the Power over your Health and Wellbeing. You are in Control of Your Cells ~ Symptoms are but Signs that Change is Needed

Johnsmallman's Blog

Our Spiritual Destination

Cosmic Fairy 444 'fairy insights to excite'

Feel your True Nature in the Coherence of your Heart... Do not override your Intuition searching for knowledge... Ask for Guidance... Be Open to Receive the Truth of All That Is... and then Be of Service

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