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Message From Archangel Michael: The Future Before Us: As your heart opens … There Will be Shifts in Consciousness … Personal Relationships and Healing …

I met a human angel last night 🙂 and that is one of the reasons I am moved to write this post which is in the same realm as one I wrote a few years ago …

A woman I met yesterday evening, momentarily thought I needed some cheering up … and so she came over to me and gently said: “Don’t give up.” We then had a far-ranging conversation … about things of the spirit and health … We spoke of death of course not being the end … health … and more … She told me of an out-of-body experience that she had and  — in the realm of us both knowing that “all is in vibration” — she mentioned that she sometimes is able to turn lights off as she walks down the street.  “I mentioned to her that Edgar Cayce said that we were here “to learn love and forgiveness and to be of service.” She told me that she is homeless …  but just for a while / she knew exactly why: She is here to “walk in the shoes of” a homeless person so she can help / minister to homeless people … We parted and blessed each other / wished each other peace …

In noticing that Jean Haines’ Related Articles included one of mine Message From Archangel Michael Through Ronna Herman on The Enlightenment Process, Your Solar Power Center, New Pathways in the Brain: “Align your free will with the will of our Father/Mother God” ( … I found this one of hers:

Thank you so much Jean 🙂

Archangel Michael: The Future Before Us

Posted on October 9, 2011 by Jean
by Mercedes Kirkel | Into The Heart
October 5, 2011

Personal Relationships

It has been a solitary path for many of you. Many of you have wanted more closeness, more intimacy in your life, and it has been a solitary path up until now. This is part of what is going to be changing in the future. It is part of what has been challenging for many of you. Many of you remember lifetimes of being so connected, so close, maybe to one other person, maybe to a group of other people, maybe to both. And it has not been easy. There has been a heart longing for this closeness, this connection.

And yet, part of the call and part of the response on the part of so many of you in coming in at this time, into this world, has been to do this work. For many of you, it has strengthened you to be most available for this work in being in a solitary path. So that has manifested for many, many of you. But it is changing.

It will change, partly, at a group level, because you are moving into a very different time of unity consciousness where you will not feel the feeling of being solitary any more. You will feel your connection to other people. You will start to more and more connect with your soul family. It will be obvious who are the soul family members who you have come here with. You also will start to connect more and more with your soul family in other dimensions. This, too, is a source of great closeness and intimacy.

And you will start to find the most close people, the intimate partners who are supporting you in this work, who are not detracting you, as so many of your relationships have appeared to do, where it has seemingly been a choice of going into your spiritual work or going into relationship. This will not be the case. There will be a newfound ease, a newfound flowing, of moving very fluidly between the different parts of your life. There will be a naturalness, an integration to these parts, and you will find the other beings that you are doing this with. That will be a great opening for many of you. It will be very joyful, and it will give you even more energy to do your work. That is part of the change that, in the next few years, will be manifesting more and more.

Part of it has been the work of going into your heart, which it has seemed necessary to do on your own, because it was such focused inner work. But now you are being given more and more help, and it is becoming more and more a fruitful practice. As this becomes so, it will naturally turn you into the field of relationships. And there will be much joy and much reunion in that field.

Ask your Higher Self to help you find other spiritual people. Your Higher Self is the master of guiding you and attracting things into your life. It will happen most naturally and most organically. You do not need to figure it out or take steps to make it happen. As your heart opens, you will naturally make those connections at the heart. It will be a very organic process.

Living Arrangements In The Future

Your heart longs for the closeness of living communally, and it is most natural. In the higher dimensions, beings do not exist in this individual form.

We exist only in a group form, where we couldn’t be apart from each other. This form of individuation and separation within individuation is a result of your manifesting in third dimension. In some ways, it’s one of the lower levels in third dimension. It was an exploration, to find out what is it like to be so individuated, to such an extent, you might say so separated-what is possible, what is not possible. But certainly, one of the results has been a certain kind of pain and sense of being bereft at the heart, a deep, deep soul loneliness.

You might say you have offered this up in exchange for having the experience of what it is like to really know yourself, to really act independently as a self being, to really explore power as an individual, to explore all forms of life as an individual, creativity as an individual, survival as an individual, loving as an individual, all different aspects of life. You are very near to the end of that exploration and returning to a different form. As you move into these new levels, into the fourth dimension, it is much more natural to identify as a group, rather than an individual, and to more and more naturally live from that place-to live from that place in terms of creating your home, in terms of creating your work, in terms of creating, that you will much more create from a group space than an individual space. This will start to begin in the fourth dimension, and it will become very strong in the fifth dimension.

So naturally, the forms of your living, the forms of your home, the forms of groupings of homes or what you might call villages or cities, the services that all of you need around growing food or having services, goods-all the things that you as humans have as part of your life are going to start to take a different form. It is going to more and more be a shared form, a group form.

Healing In The Future

Ultimately, healing is healing of separation from God. But it happens in stages, as your consciousness supports it. As you move into a higher consciousness, you will start to support more and more of that healing. It will manifest at first in more physical ways, because the physical is the lower spectrum of consciousness. As you grow in consciousness, as you grow in strength in being able to hold the frequency of higher consciousness, it starts to expand into emotional healing, where you do not feel yourself separate from God at the emotional level. This is specifically what the fourth dimension is very much about.

At the lower fourth dimension, beings tend to experience the emotions that are extremes of separation from God-the emotion of fear, the emotion of anger, the emotion of sorrow or loss. As you hold a higher and higher frequency in the fourth dimension, your emotional frequency will change and your emotional experience will change. That is a form of healing, most definitely. You will be experiencing more peace, more contentment, more joy, more happiness, more delight. It won’t necessarily be the kind that you associate, in the third dimension, with excitement and excitation. It will have a much more centered form, but it will go much deeper.

Similarly with your thinking, there will be healing of the thinking, of your beliefs. So many of your beliefs around duality and separation, good and bad, right and wrong, higher/lower, better/worse-that kind of thinking will have a great healing. You will understand that it is not necessary. It is not an inherent part of consciousness. And your consciousness will be more freed.

How The Shift Into Higher Dimensions Will Happen

It has always been true that people can move into the higher dimensions at their own timing. You have had your beings that you have been aware of who have done this. Oftentimes you have looked at them as masters, enlightened ones.

There are also times where the forces come together from so many different directions to support many people making this shift. This is one of those times. It is partly why this change is happening so quickly. The more people that participate in it, the more support there is, and then it happens even faster. This is a time when there is great support for many, many beings to move into the fourth dimension. You are going to witness this.

It is not something to be worried about. This process is inevitable. You came here for this and you are all doing this. It is true of every person. There is no one who cannot be part of this process. Yes, some people may have different timing. Some people may choose a different pace, for whatever reason, and that is perfect for them. But there is no one who is not growing in God, no one who is not on their path in God.

But yes, it is true that at this time there will be many, many people who are transitioning into the fourth dimension, and there is tremendous support for this.

The Nature Of The Fourth Dimension

You are most familiar with the fourth dimension through your dreams. It will feel like a dream, that quality of a dream. Depending on your integration with your etheric body especially, this will determine how much choice you seem to have. At first you may not feel like you have very much choice as to what’s happening to you. Some practices have been recommend relative to going into your dreams and trying to have choice in your dreams, trying to be conscious in your dreams. This is what it will be like
in the fourth dimension.

You will have your physical body. The fourth dimension is a physically manifest dimension. But it will not feel as solid as it does or as fixed as it is. It will feel more fluid and more spacious in a certain way.

When you make this transition, you are beginning your process of growth in the fourth dimension. You are like a very young being, and you will have much to learn. There will be other beings who will be there to help you, much the way parents are here in this dimension to guide you and to help you to grow. You will have what you need.

When The Shift Will Happen

It is natural to want to know when this will occur. There is much in place. The future is not a fixed thing. What can only be said right now are the energies that are in motion, the directions, the trajectories that you are on. Right now the trajectory is supporting a shift.

It’s more like a window-this is a good way to look at it-a window that is opening. That window is already open, and the shifts have already begun. But the window will, in some ways, be opening more fully at the end of next year [2012] and at the beginning of the year after that [2013]. But this is a window. It does not necessarily mean that everything will happen all at once. It is a possibility that that could happen, that there could be a very condensed period of time where many people make this transition. And it is also possible that it will not look like that. It is possible that the window will be a longer span of time, and during that time more and more people will start to transition. But it is very likely that you will be seeing significant changes in your world, already by the end of this year, definitely by the end of next year.

Part of what needs to happen for this shift to occur-and this is always the way any change happens-is there is the release of the old, the breaking up, the letting go, before the new comes in. So some of the changes that you are going to see may look like a certain level of things falling apart – things physically falling apart, changes with the earth. Already you’re seeing that. Already that’s happening. It may be changes with the social structures between people. Already you’re seeing that, too. You’re seeing governments change, you’re seeing revolutions, you’re seeing changes in the financial structures, already. But it’s hard to see from your perspective, you might say. It is hard to see that this is already underway, that this is beginning. It’s very easy to look at these as isolated incidents. They are not isolated incidents. This is the beginning of the old starting to dissolve. And we’re talking about a big process, where it’s a level of manifestation, a level of consciousness that’s starting to dissolve. It’s so vast, so big. Your world is changing before you. If you look for it, you can see it.

It is good to know that this is happening. This is one of the things that will help with not falling into the fear, to see this as part of the way change always happens. Yes, there is dissolution. It might look like chaos. It might look like destruction. But from another point of view, it is completely orderly, it is completely perfect.

So it is, and so I AM, Archangel Michael, and I give you my blessings.

From the Land of King Arthur, Merlin the Magician and The Sword in The Stone …

From the land of King Arthur, Merlin the Magician and The Sword in The Stone … I bring you “Happy Spells for Good Fairies and Ordinary Folk” which came to me from the author and editor

Happy Spells_Jenny and Nikki
… or maybe from one of the fairies who is very good at tuning in to me … probably Miramoon ;). I know that Spirit is real … Spirit is the source of creation …and each one of us is Spirit … but I did not know just how valuable this book would be to me … Could it be that “Happy Spells” found me in divine timing as “perhaps I am being pointed in the direction of greater awareness of psychic matters,” and I have been feeling that I am “meant to help others as a vocation,” two possible phenomena mentioned in chapter 4 🙂

As Caroline Myss said in “Invisible Acts Of Power,” not only are we meant to treat our life as a journey, but we are meant to notice what is around us and act … or we’ll miss the “coincidences” and synchronicities that signal where we are to go and what we are to do.

It would appear that the universe is conspiring on my behalf once again in the spirit of “when the student is ready, the teacher appears,” as when in 2011 Alice Bailey’s “The Unfinished Autobiography,” which consists of eight cassette tapes, found me out on the street where someone has discarded it as “trash” and I “just happened to be” passing by near the table from which it was being discarded … as when I was about to walk past a bench on a metro station in NY and I saw Jonathan Goldman’s “Healing Sounds — The Power of Harmonics” lying on the platform waiting for me to pick it up … tho I knew not what of “harmonic overtones” or of {toning self-created} sound being incredibly healing … not to mention all the synchronicities that I have been blessed with of people who have appeared in my life …

The Word: The Power of “The Devil” is an Illusion … “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is One”

This post is inspired by Saryon’s The Devil Insight of August 28, 2012 which begins:

“I witnessed something incredible while out-of-body the other night.  At first I was on the inner plane, observing the physical world from an angel’s eye view.  Then, I noticed a lot of energetic movement taking place. There were illusions being created, popping up in some places and …”

I find the experience that Saryon shares to be so illuminating … It evokes, for me, the words of Dr. King that “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” And it gives me some new understanding: Not only is it true that peace — and the light of truth — do come from within and, as is written in the Kybalion,” As the within, so the without,” but also: Any of us [not only fundamentalist Christians] may have “perceptions” based upon what Saryon so insightfully recognizes as (internal, self-created) filters that create illusions for us that only serve to block us from being connected to our Higher Self and the Omnipresent force of love and divine guidance of God. Blessings to Saryon Michael White for sharing this …

“Our Father who art in Heaven”? … Reflect on that for a moment and consider: Does that not make for a SEPARATION between each of us and our Creator? … Kudos to Gregg Braden, an extremely good researcher, for alerting me to the fact that a more accurate translation of the original scripture is: “Our Father who art Everywhere.” Of course! That is exactly what Omnipresent means: Everywhere.

My understandings: Some of us believe at least some of the time in an external Power, “Satan,” that we so fear … And in so believing … are we not turning our backs on God! May we, now, realize that we have gone down a dark path that is a violation of what came to us from the Old Testament/Deuteronomy: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is One.” Have we come to believe in two Powers — not One? … Have we sunk, ironically, to a point where we say — even if only to ourselves — “Get thee behind me God; I need to focus on {how to overcome} Satan” or “I need to overcome temptation”? …

Let’s cultivate a more responsible spirituality: We know: Energy flows where our focus, our attention goes … Better we put our attention on God — not the illusion of a “Satan” — particularly one that we believe to be equal to God! It takes but a modest amount of research to confirm that the horrific and powerful “Satan” of the present-day churches was a HUMAN creation that evolved either from mistranslations or deliberate alterations of both the Old Testament’s mention of “Ha Satan” and the mentions in the early Christian Bibles.

Allow Yourself to Be the Perfection That You Are

Saryon is a futurist who is helping the ascended masters to bring about the emergence of a global culture of peace

Just listening to John Burgos’ online Replay of his Beyond The Ordinary  interview with Saryon, which included an energetic activation … helped me to move closer to activating the keys to the future within my heart … and has left me wanting to say:

It feels good to move closer to truly letting go of being embroiled in “the story” of my small self or listening to its negative self talk … and to be freer to listen to the still, small voice within … of the higher self … and able to engage in what I am here to engage in …

And so, I continue on my journey, being more free of the embroilments that resulted from being stuck in what Alberto Villoldo has called the “triangle of disempowerment” of being a rescuer, a persecutor or a victim …

Thank you, Saryon Michael White, for reminding me to allow myself to be the perfection that I am … and so I am moved to pass this on to you …

In a future post I will try to put into words the evolution in my undersdtanding of “oneness,” thanks to Saryon’s bringing through Metatron and his teaching of what “the third eye” actually is and how that relates to being able to see “others” as the perfection that they are 🙂 Hint: this relates, too, to healing …

Soul Blueprints, Soul Integration and Globalism in the Spiritual Sense

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”Maya Angelou

These thoughts are inspired by Sheila’s interview on Soul Blueprints and Soul Integration of October 6, 2014, with John Burgos. Sheila. who has been channeling the group of archangels known as THEO for over thirty-five years in the spirit of, as she puts it, that she too is a student (who has challenges) and is still learning …

We are as we know — except for those “religionists” or others who preach in a spirit of controlling “others”  — now in a time of elevating our vibrations … which are now high enough for us to hear the message … even if it was spoken years ago and we did not hear … because our frequencies were “not a match” as Sheila put it

The Fifth Dimension – Aquarius – Let The Sunshine In

Sheila recalled that, when she wrote her ground breaking book The Fifth Dimension: Channels to a New Reality, it was a time when people were not yet speaking of the 5th dimension … Folks were talking of the 3rd and the 4th: that being one of spiritual awakening. And THEO predicted that there were going to be worldwide {global} changes … which would begin in the Balkans … One case in point that Sheila recalled was the fall of the Berlin Wall — which was yet to come — without a war.

Sheila noted that THEO spoke, even back then, of the globalism …  of seeing media such as Internet (would be) bringing people together … through the facility of people being able to see (while sitting at home) their common human ground … people from all backgrounds wanting the same things in their hearts …

Note from Theta Networker

I speak, today, not of “globalization” under the lowest common denominators of those masquerading under the aegis of unity, but who advocate, overtly or covertly, for a “New World Order” which steamrollers people’s human rights and spiritual yearnings right, left and center.

THEO recalled for us that:

As the master, Jesus, said: “All I can do, you can do as well,” as in Namaste and ended with their salutation: “God’s love unto you.”

Message of the Heart From Sananda, May, 2011 Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

Back in June, 2011, I posted Michelle Coutant’s Message of the Heart From Sananda, May, 2011 on this blog … I noticed, only in the early hours of this morning, that the url of that I put within that post, in giving her credit, gives an “Error 404 – Page Not Found” message …

I want to pass on to you this message from

Last Michelle Coutant’s Message

A Message from Sananda channeled by Michelle Coutant
Friday, 17 June, 2011 (posted 22 June, 2011)

“Michelle sent this message to us during the night of the 18th of June (European time). We’ve just got the news that she passed away only a few hours later. We are sure she is now happy and full of light, enjoying the presence of her beloved Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters, yet she will be missed. We thank her with all our heart for her loving and supportive messages, and for her kind gentle energy.”

And so I wish to echo those words of thank you, Michelle, with all my heart, for your loving and supportive messages, and for your kind gentle energy. And I remember, too, that it was through my posting of Rev. Michelle’s Message of the Heart From Sananda, May, 2011, that I met Latonya Harrison of, who responded to that post … So I can testify that that is how Spirit works … Synchronicities happen all the time and … You are never alone … — Al

Be Still and Listen With a Quiet Mind... Breathe Deeply and Let Go of the Illusions of Human Law... Relax into the Energy of Now and...

“Remember Who You Are And Integrate The Wisdom Of The Now”
Here is the message in its entirety, thanks to Sananda through Rev. Michelle Coutant. I am sharing, with Love and Blessings. You may visit Michelle’s website at:
Beloved Ones,
Remember who you are, remember who you are in every now moment. We know it is a challenge, yet it assists you to stay focused in the now moment, to stay focused on the task at hand, this grand and glorious task of the knowingness of the totality of your being. This dear ones, is what it is all about. This dear ones, is why you are here, to know yourselves, to truly know yourselves, to be and know your God Self. The daily life you are living is but the avenue for you to explore your gifts, and learn your lessons and pass your tests, so that you…

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Prepare To Awaken — Angel Message via Darren Linton: “Giving good wishes to others acts like sunlight … lightening their burden …

This is a message to you, my readers, to learn from Darren and the Angels, as I have … Darren speaks on his web site, of spreading the word … Blessings!

AngelSpeak is the weekly newsletter of Darren Linton – Qualified NLP Practitioner, Trainer, Reiki Healer, Medium, Angel Teacher, Life Purpose Coach & Author. For more information about Darren’s books, courses and DVDs or to book a personal session visit:

In This Issue of AngelSpeak:

1. Prepare To Awaken – A Message From The Angels
2. Connecting with Angels, Archangels and Masters
3. How Can I Connect With My Angel

From: Darren Linton
Subject: AngelSpeak – Prepare To Awaken – A Message From The Angels
Date: 1/18/2013

“Giving good wishes to others acts like sunlight, filtering into the dark corners of their mind and lightening their burden. Send others your silent blessings and good wishes – send light to light up their life.”


We are experiencing a period of great transformation, for each of us, and for the world as a whole (the transformation for many has already started). I often have people contact me for help when they experience a sudden spiritual awakening, seeking help and angelic guidance about how to handle it, and where it is leading them. It can be an exciting, but also a troubling time for many.

The angels would also like to pass on a message about spiritual awakening, as many more will experience this during this year:

Beloved Ones

Many of you are interested in angels, healing and various spiritual matters. Many of you will experience an increased awakening to spirit this year. It may come in various forms. It could come as increased serendipities – prayers answered and more miraculous events in your lives. It could come through increased signs arriving in your life. For some you may experience ringing in your ears (a sign we wish to communicate with you), visions, dreams, appearances by angels, or via an opening of energies and gifts within you. Do not be alarmed if or when this happens – this is a natural part of your spiritual growth. We promise you good things will emerge. And you will receive the guidance and help you need, for we do not awaken souls without the appropriate support and steps already in place for their development. All is for your highest good and ultimate happiness and joy.

Think of it as like seeing light and hearing heavenly music coming from behind a curtain or veil. At first you notice a little. You become curious to explore more. As you get closer, is seems brighter and stronger. Dare you pull asi de the curtain and ‘jump right in’? As the curtain parts, you are dazzled and blinded by the light. You are caught between two worlds, amazed, uncertain.

Then as you learn to adjust to the light, it becomes more comfortable. As your eyes adjust, you can begin to see the way forward and see the wonders that await you. Slowly you begin to adapt to the light and use it to help you, to illuminate you and your life and path.

We tell you this so that when your time comes, you will be more open to it, and welcome it more easily into your life.

The Angels

As we awaken spiritually, we are guided to discover the right paths for our lives, why we are here, and how we can help others and the world, in the highest and best ways. When you awaken fully to you true self and true path, it is a great joy…

Spiritual Defragmentation: Transforming Lower Mind Frequencies via Lisa Renee

For the second time in recent months, I have been drawn to the subject of “defragmenting one’s soul,” which I now understand to be the process of soul integration or “soul retrieval” {that last, probably being what Caroline Myss has also written about, but which I “passed over” when I read of it in one of her books}:

Thank you so much, Lisa Renee, for your post, which I believe may be a huge step in personal and planetary ascension … 

Soul Integration — A Path to Wholeness

Then, after re-listening to THEO/Sheila Gillette’s broadcast, Soul Integration — A Path to Wholeness, which I tuned into on October 23rd, I am now able to share with you in the form of this post …  

On October 23rd, there was a free broadcast of the twelve archangels known as THEO, whose voice is channeled through Sheila Gillette, as they have been for four decades. They are known collectively as THEO because the message is more important than the messenger, and they therefore decided to not make themselves known as individual beings. This broadcast, which I learned of as a subscriber to Hilton Johnson’s monthly Global Teleclass, on the subject of “defragmenting your soul,” was narrated by Marcus/with questions being asked of THEO by Marcus Gillette.

We speak of of defragmenting a computer … How about to defragment your soul?

Masculine Body Reconstruction

by Lisa Renee
2012 October 10
© 2010-2012, Lisa Renee

Please note in order to distribute this Newsletter in other forums please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, copyright and include the ES website url.


The best way to understand what is happening to the lower mental bodies on the planet is to apply the context of a computer hard drive file storage system that requires a file maintenance defragmentation. This “defrag” process scans to find all broken links, fragmented or corrupt files, and organizes them in the most efficient way to recover and retrieve the hard data into usable formats. If the internal data is not repairable or usable (i.e. appropriate for the next stages of the evolution journey) it may be effectively deleted. This changes our life in a radical way, as things that were supporting the use of those old file systems, may no longer be there or available for continued use. This forces our transformation whether we like it or not.
When great fragmentation occurs, as it has within these human collective lower mental body fields, the accumulation does not allocate enough “space” to store a complete “mental file”, but puts large gaps (holes) in between these mental body “file” units. (Otherwise compared to memories) Essentially what this means in the individual experience is people in 3D start to “lose their thought-forms”, or lose coherency in their thought patterns. If they do not know how to retrain how they think and process multidimensional reality, they can revert to more infantile or primitive behavior. (This is what happens with Alzheimer patients, the mental body fragmentation is so severe that the brain reverses its frequency pattern to pick up unconscious collective base thought-forms. Note the high rage present in the advanced deterioration of an Alzheimer patient. They are no longer an individual they are at the mercy of the collective unconscious mind in utter chaos. This is mental torture and torment.)

The place where their linear mental file memory is stored is either no longer there for retrieval, has been moved, or destroyed. This happens with short term and long term memory. Without spiritual ascension context to release the linear ego thought patterns, and clear its sub personalities and fragments, this can manifest as everything between bi-polar to manic episodes. The latter is when severe fragmentation of the identity of that being has occurred, which is also the result of possession and mind control manipulation. (The use of machinery or synthetic chemicals to control the behaviors and thoughts of a natural person, creates destructive side effects to the brain and CNS.)

Lower Mental Body Compression

So as these dimensional spaces are being moved to the next higher octave in frequency, which overall reduces the amount of mental body fragmentation, the organization of the collective and individual mental body is being moved to a future time and space. This requires integration and efficiency of matched vibrational thought-forms that are coherent with the new higher octave space. This is very similar to a reformatting of our internal hard drive and performing an upgrade to our personal software. This higher octave does not support the lower frequency thought-forms (programming) and will require the re-patterning of the thought-forms from linear formats to circular formats. This means in all of the ways we have been linearly programmed to “think,” problem solve, perform critical analysis, make decisions, go from point A to point B, is over. We have to learn how to process data in our mental body in a completely new way, and we are being forced to transform now. This changes our perception of reality where we must be in the “now presence” at every moment.

The now is a circular format.

The parameter of frequency that existed as a “plane of existence” (a time/space location) within a spectrum of broadband is compressing, therefore, shrinking. As it compresses, the particle or matter present in that space undergoes a departiclization process to transform into a substance base unit (mole unit) that can be assimilated into the higher octave frequency spaces that are replacing that specific parameter of frequency.

This is happening to our physical reality now and impacting all of our bodies. The mechanics of the planetary ascension process are fundamental to the known and unknown physics governing these spaces. These energetic spaces are changing therefore the physics governing those spaces in time are changing. The lower dimensional spaces (1D-2D-3D) that are currently undergoing compression are being assimilated in order to effectively “roll up” into the higher dimensional spaces.

A part of Universal, Galactic and Planetary Ascension is the merge of the particle and anti-particle double. The anti-particle double merging with the particle dimensions are 1D merge with 15D ( red is merging with pink), 2D merge with 14D ( orange is merging with light gold) and 3D merge with 13D ( yellow is merging with Aquamarine). Many of us are sensing more of the Aquamarine and Aurora lights in the physical etheric layer spectrums, from the change in magnetic field. This is also the causation behind the new female principle source energies present in this physical dimension.

This means when a person is operating their consciousness at the lower mind frequency and is attempting to access a place in that field as it is “shrinking”, they will have a direct experience of that “mental body compression”. That will most likely be sensed as frustration, confusion, blockages, burdens, identity conflicts, a descent into insanity, etc. For those still operating at this mental level at base thresholds, they can be thrust into the unconscious collective fields of chaos to be used by the controller fear agenda. The culling of that agenda presses on, and as we observe it with compassionate witnessing, we are able to support and help those caught in its jaws. Being informed while observing the drama neutrally, without entanglement, is many times the best choice. We all have the power within us to make the choice of freedom from mental bondage, therefore total freedom from this controller agenda.

However, we may observe unpleasant side effects of such agendas on our human family, as a part of the transformation upon us. Many ailments are surfacing as disease patterns based on deep-rooted fears and blockages in the main energy centers of the body. Heart and Lung disease exacerbate with a closed or blocked heart chakra, Diabetes and Kidney disease exacerbate from unresolved social pressures, fears and anxiety, Circulation issues in the extremities are meridians disconnected from life force.

Staying with our meditation practices, holding inner core strength and fortitude in our devotion to serve the highest expression of Love for all, is a great service to this planet.

Invitation from Darren Linton to a Healing Meditation and Angel Message for 12.21.2012 and Beyond

Darren Linton became disillusioned with the materialistic nature of big business, which he was successful in. He suffered a major illness for which there was no traditional medical cure, which took him on a spiritual quest, to find the latest and most powerful techniques that would help both himself and others in developing their future. This led to enormous growth, changes, and new understandings about how people develop, and about spirituality and life and included being trained psychically, intuitively, and spiritually.

He now generously offers us this Healing Meditation:

Please forward this to all your friends, and invite them to join in and receive these too or simply click below to LIKE us {Darren’s web site, Guided By Angels}, on Facebook!

You are invited to be part of a special ‘Earth Healing Meditation’ designed to bring powerful and beneficial higher energies to the earth, for the good of all. We have been asked by the angels to get 11,000 people to join in this meditation. Thank you for participating in this global meditation.

We have provided a link to the meditation below. You may listen or download the meditation and enjoy it today, and again in the future. Or, if you missed the meditation, you can enjoy it now. There is great value in thousands all performing the same meditation on the same day, but your continued participation and use of the meditation will continue to further build the positive energies in you and the world.

See below for an angel message providing some background to this meditation.


The much heralded date of 21st December 2012 marks the end of a 26,000 year cycle for the planet, and the start of a new age. The energies have been building on the planet for some time to prepare for this momentous occasion. This date heralds the official start of the ascension of the earth into the 5th dimension, the demise of separation consciousness, and the ascent into divine love, harmony and unity consciousness.

Powerful energies have been flooding the earth, and will continue to raise the spiritual vibrations upon the planet over the coming years, so that all life on earth will be touched and graced by these changes. This transformation of the planet has been ordained and is supported by God, the Angels, Archangels, Masters, and thousands upon thousands of beings of light, the love of the universe, and higher energies beyond our awareness and imagination. It is time for the earth to move out of darkness and back into the light.

To help prepare for this moment of transformation, we are inviting you to participate in a meditation to help the earth prepare for the transition, release the old, and prepare for the new incoming waves of higher energies.  As well as helping the planet, all who participate in this meditation for the earth will also receive a strong cleansing and energetic blessing, which will help you to attune to the new energies too, for your own highest good.

We invite you to participate in this meditation before, on, or after 21 December 2012. Imagine holding the earth in the palm of your hands and blessing it ready for a new birth into the light. This is what you will be metaphorically accomplishing.

We in the spiritual realms thank you for participating in this meditation to help prepare the earth for the dawning of the new golden age. Your thoughts, actions and prayers make a bigger difference than you realise {Darren’s from the UK, and that’s how they spell “realize” :-)}. Namaste and blessings loved one.

This meditation is free, offered in service of the planet.

To listen use the link below. You can perform this meditation at any time, wherever you are in the world. Ideally on 21st December or within 24 hours if you can, to create a wave of healing energy encircling the globe.

Left-click to play in your browser, or right-click to download the meditation as an MP3 file. The meditation is around 10 minutes.


Disclosure, First Contact, and the Return of the Masters via The 2012 Scenario: “We speak to human beings from other planets and star systems by the methods which they themselves prefer” …

“SETI listens for beeps and clicks. NASA looks for signs of life on asteroids. Astronomers analyze the spectrum of light from other planets to find ones that might support life.

“And we ignore them.

“We speak to human beings from other planets and star systems by the methods which they themselves prefer – by telepathic means, clairaudience, trance mediumship, automatic writing and other ways. We speak more or less directly with them – obviously through a medium – but certainly more directly than anything the scientific establishment ever dreamt of.

As Alariel advised us to do, via Joanna Prentis, in BEYOMD LIMITATIONS – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation:

“And our answer to the neglect we receive, the ridicule, or the opposition, from the scientific community, the powers that be, or the general public, is simply to ignore them {Italics mine – Theta Networker}.

Old paradigms never die, the wag said. They simply fade away.

The paradigms wither because the people holding them die. One generation passes away and the next holds an entirely different view. In my lifetime, the idea that we did not survive the death of the body failed because its adherents died and a generation holding a different view out-survived them. The baton was passed. There was never a tussle that I was aware of.

The notions of the existence of the soul, communication with the “dead,” near-death experiences, astral travel, and multidimensionality have flourished. All the old paradigms of empirical materialism, which is the overarching view that has failed to survive, have yielded place because those who held them failed to persuade the next generation to hold them.

So here we are, never really having proven that SaLuSa exists, or Saul, Sananda, Ashtar, Sanat Kumara, St. Germain, or even the latter-day Jesus, and it doesn’t trouble our mind that most of the world does not believe us. We just ignore them.

And when Disclosure happens, and First Contact, and the Return of the Masters … Read more …

Message From Shekina Rose: Blue Ray Planetary Ascension Alert … Archangel Michael Master Ascension Clearing …

I am posting this, on 12.12.12, in accordance with Shekina’s wishes, as she has said:

“Share … you are welcome to do so, as it helps other lightworkers please put in the proper author credit and my website link, thank you!!”

Shekina Rose of permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail:

© 2012 Shekina Rose, All Rights Reserved

Master Heart Frequency upgrade Empathic Star Being

To Assist with the Angelic Human Upgrade and the Intense Shifts of Ascension

Gaia Point Activation Angelic Human Star Seed Upgrade~528 HZ Miracle & Love

Note from Theta Networker: I ordered Shekina’s Shekina’s 528 HZ CD, and to say it resonates is an understatement … We are blessed to have this upgraded version — with words appearing on the screen. Note, also re Your Higher Heart, which is part of the exercise you may do with the YouTube video:

The Thymic Chakra (High Heart Chakra) – Kheper – …   

The High Heart Chakra is located between the Throat and Heart chakras. Like the Base of the Throat Chakra it is an important activator of higher consciousness.

 *The Prayer of Light

Let there be Light for Light is who I am

Let there be Peace for Peace is who I am

I align to the great mighty Source of the Central Sun

Illuminate us to the highest cause of Light and benevolent action of all

All legions, teams, realms, dimensions, sovereign holy power of Light, unite in me and restore and heal all

Enlighten all minds to the mind of Christ

May truth be restored to the Light Divine

Restore the cells to the cells of Light, our divine original blueprint.

And so it is.

through Shekina Rose

Earth Shift 12:12:12 Gateway Take Note Keep your aura and energy fields strong and healthy. It is more difficult to penetrate any type of aura that is strong in the Light and Love frequency and resonating to your core signature vibration.

*If you have an addiction, get it healed and cleared as this is an open door for negative energies and entities.

*Become even more empowered in trusting yourself and in your body awareness of knowing when to react and when to let go. Part of your healing and karmic release will be when to speak up in clarity and other times to walk away from conflict.

*Stay away from negative environments and people.

*Keep your thoughts positive and do not judge yourself when you don’t; forgive yourself and move on. Say often, “I Love myself, thank You God, I let it go.”

*Daily basis and throughout the day, say empowering intentions, prayers, positive thoughts and affirmations.

*Be Love, project Love to all life; put yourself in Christ’s Heart-Love bubble.

*Merge with your Christ self and ask for the Rose Ray of Creation to hold your divine original blueprint in complete integrity. *Staying in divine alignment assures you are in your body, in present time, and all your parts are working as a team for your highest good. *Ask your higher self to put you in divine alignment. *Very important to laugh and play. Joy is an instant healer as are higher divine sound frequencies and music. *Mutated, harmed animals and products may now cause a negative reaction within you like a psychic attack and / or may cause you to be depressed or anxious.

12:12:12 Blue Ray Archangel Michael

Master Ascension Clearing Codes

“Power of the Blue Ray, Archangel Michael, please bring ascension upgrades of sovereign Grace and Master Healing Clearing through my I Am Presence now;

Sacred Rose Ray, hold me in complete energetic integrity of my Divine Original Blueprint and in divine alignment in perfect divine timing; Violet Fire, consume and transmute all not of God’s desires.”

 Clearing DNA Genetic Soul Reversals in the Body

Touch God Code points of 3rd eye and higher heart to make divine alignment and say, “I come into divine alignment with my soul now.”

Touch Gaia point which is at solar plexus and 3rd eye till energy shifts

“Clear and transcend to Light all attachments, entanglements, reversals, emotions, all frequencies and energies.

“Clear all lingering savior, victim martyr roles, crucifixion codes, revenge, guilt, shame, fear, unworthiness, all frequencies and energies.” Breathe deeply to let go, and hold points till energy shifts.

“Strengthen my alliance to the greatest benevolent right action of my I Am, perfect well being and highest divine plan of Love and Light now!” Both hands at higher heart

“Whatever and wherever in me that is still holding on, attached, in fear, in illusion, in an illusionary dream to this situation, person or place, in any time space, realm, other existences, parallel universes, reality, known or unknown, I acknowledge, Love, forgive, honor, release, transcend, transmute all not of the divine Love of my higher self soul essence now.

Energy drains, psychic leaks, psychic cords, all cords and ties, sub personalities, unloved parts, unresolved issues, lingering pain, confusion, trauma, trapped parts, unfinished karma, contracts, vows, oaths, I let them go, fully released in Supreme Divine Love completely to Source God Creation never to return to me in this way again.” Breathe

“Beloved Archangel Michael, Power of the Blue Ray, God, clear all attachments, entities, spirit attachments, thought forms, negative belief systems, all remnants and remains, cellular DNA, with specialty teams of angelic Light, and take all living humans and any beings of any kind who would intend to do me harm, drain and take my energy. Please find all lost spirits of any kind around me and take them home being fully released to Source God Creation never to return to me in this way again, and close, repair and restore all open doorways where I was vulnerable to this and infuse with my higher self source connection in divine Love now. Thank you.” Breathe “I honor my true Core Essence and command my sovereign rights of Supreme Divine Love and complete emotional healing through the Holy Spirit Shekinah dispensation of the Rose Ray back into every cell of my body and being.” “Place me in an Archangel Diamond Chamber of Love, Light, Healing and Protection and do what is necessary to make this healing complete and whole; align, balance, strengthen and seal my aura, all my energy fields, a thousand times a thousand-fold, in God’s perfect harmonic frequency now in my body, being and life with no entanglements and attachments. I am free, I am liberated, I am complete and I am whole; it is done. And so It Is. Thank you!”

Click Here for 12:12:12 Activation of Intense Karmic Relationships & Clearing Soul Contracts 333

Have had extreme ascension shift symptoms, light headiness where I would faint, and with exhaustion.. The Gaia Point, working with the heart grid and the Rose Ray water help me so much. I did get my blood checked; Doctor says I am very healthy.

“Divine Mother said I was going through a Alchemical process of Light, that some forerunners would go through first, not all would experience the extreme new earth Angelic human upgrade, though all light bearers will benefit. Depending on what we signed up for, the very awesome beloved new earth and divine plane that we were experts at and loved to do, let us remember!

Sananda via Fran Zepeda: “Hold the light and go forth”

Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)  

Nov 22 Posted by Wes Annac

Stephen Cook: What a delight it was to have coffee and a long catch up with the beautiful Fran Zepeda in person, near her home in Benicia, California, on Monday. Although Fran was a guest of mine on The Light Agenda back in May – when we talked about her life and her Lightwork – it was great to give her a huge hug and kiss and hear even more about the wonderful service she does for so many – either through her channelling or through her own healing practice.

In fact, Anthony and I couldn’t stop hugging her! Love you Fran!

As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ November 21, 2012

Sananda: Hold the light and go forth

Hello, my dear Beings of Light, holders of Truth. This day marks one of many that herald a new era. You have entered a place of peace in your hearts and it is reflected outward for many to see and feel in a palpable way. Abide by your deep desire for Peace and it shall be so.

You are forging a new life on Earth, dear ones, and no one can tell you differently. Take stock of your progress, for it is immense. Your dreams and meditations have expanded the capacity of your world to hold more Light and to hold more Love and you are sparkling like jewels and glistening like new growth of vegetation after a cleansing rainfall.

The time is nigh for you to dream bigger and go deeper in your meditations to enjoy the New Earth that is enfolding Now. Yes, dear ones, Now. For you are co-creating it and it is magnificent to see.

Hold forth your banners of Truth, dear ones, for you have reached your destination of High ideals and implementation of them in your daily lives. Much is waiting to still come to fruition but rest assured that you have reached a point of no return. The Light has returned to its glory of long ago and is building as we speak.

You are the ones that have made this possible and so much more awaits your eyes to see and your hearts to sense. Imagine a lotus flower blossoming in time-lapse photography. See it in your hearts and see it in others’ hearts and everywhere on Earth. That is what the opening of your hearts look like as we view you.

You have allowed yourselves to open magnificently with these new energies pouring in and so it is necessary now, dear ones, to allow it even further. Allow your hearts to encompass miles and miles of territory; allow your energy fields to encompass miles and miles of territory. Be comfortable in it. Be content in it. Get used to it. The continuing influx of energy will just expand your capacity for that if you just allow it. Accept it and hold it and allow it to transform you without reservation.

Yes, you are approaching a time of immense expansion, almost like you feel as if you are liquid; liquid light that has no barriers within or without you. Feel it and settle into it and rejoice in the joy it gives you, in the bliss it gives you. It is your new state of being and it is becoming more real to you as each moment passes.

Readiness is key as the light influx increases. Are you ready? Have you looked honestly at the fears and issues and beliefs you still need to address and let go? More opportunity to do that is upon you. Feel yourself getting lighter with each notion you let go of that no longer serves you, that no longer matches the higher dimensional focus you are entertaining more and more.

Right now you can be in 5th Dimension with just the focus of your thoughts in that milieu, with just the feeling in your heart that you are there, dear ones. You are there with every feeling and thought that is love-based and hope-based, and with surrendering to the knowing that you are that Divine spark coming home.

My precious Beings of Light, seekers of the new way, you are almost there. Abide by your knowing in the still of your heart that tells you that you are an expanded Divine Being of Creator, making it possible for all to experience that Truth in these wondrous times here on Earth.

You are beginning to ‘See the Light’ as they say. It has just opened up into a new window of understanding for you. So revel in it and bask in it and let it grow even more as you put yourself even further into the Reality of Heaven here on Earth, as you hold the Light and go forth.

You are making such a difference, it is hard for you to see or imagine it, but take it from us in the Spiritual Realm: You have achieved wondrous progress. Stand ready to achieve so much more, for you are ‘on a roll’, as they say.

I am Sananda, always at your service.

To The Balance Point and Beyond! – Archangel Michael via Ron Head:Feel your way into this. Drop your walls

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

Once again we send our heartiest congratulations for a job well done.  Your many group meditations at the opening of the eleven-twenty-two, while passing through the window or gate, whichever term you prefer, have been amazingly successful.  The influx of further energies has taken another great jump.

Your current state of consciousness and intent have , of course, determined exactly what you are experiencing and how it is manifesting for you, but that is exactly as it should be.

We see also that you have given yourselves another boost of the rate in which you are absorbing the changes, in order to be ready for the final developments which are approaching.  Please relax into this.  We assure you once again that you are more than on schedule and nothing may now deter your further awakening.

Your intent, past experience, your life agreements, which some call contracts, and your highest Selves will determine the course of your development.  And each of you has set an agenda which will best be of benefit to self and the All.

Be at peace and in greatest joy and gratitude.  Your highest versions of yourselves are about to introduce themselves to you.  The exact timing of this, and the rapidity with which it occurs, will be determined by your highest Selves and your guides.  No matter how ready you may think you are for this experience, we assure you that a full scale and immediate onset of this could quite easily “blow your minds”.  Allow it to occur in the highest and best way.  You know what is best for you, and the you that we speak of is about to be experienced in ways you may not even have imagined yet.

What we wish to impart today is that it will all be you.  It will take many more such ‘ascensions’ before you truly, truly grasp that in all of its possibilities, but it will feel as if at last you will have made this first great leap.  And if you are inquisitive to know now what we are meaning, realize that it has already begun.  Feel your way into this.  Drop your walls.  Expand your feeling, your sensing, your knowing, and grow with it as it moves you, as you move you, to the balance point and beyond.  We, of course, urge you, guide you, and protect you throughout.  May the peace and joy of your true being be yours from this day forward.

As we have already said through other channels, “Expect miracles.  You are one.”  I, Michael, and all of my legion, walk with you now, as we have throughout your journey, and ask you to request our help whenever you feel the need.

We will speak further.  Good day.

“A Heavenly Presence”: An Inner Calm, Free of Anger or Fear

Something happened within me, this morning, that caused my anger at a particular person to vanish or dissolve … that was beyond my understanding, i.e. I don’t immediately know how/what I did; as Elise would say, it was “beyond words” … beyond intellectual/left brain/three dimensional understanding …

This post is my attempt to understand/recapture what occurred — the peace of which I still feel over two hours later … Credit for my inspiration for the title of this post goes to Suzanne O’Brien, whose moving book of her spiritual transformation in the face of a medical emergency and physical scarring and trauma, A Heavenly Presence – A Story Of Healing, Awakening, Angelic Visitation and Spiritual Discovery, I have just begun to read.

I recall Gautama Siddhartha {Buddha} saying: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

I believe it all started when I arose early this morning,  and I looked back, in depth, at Florence Scovell Shinn’s The Game Of Life and How To Play It. I noted that she states {Law of Non-Resistance} “Bless your enemy, and you rob him of his ammunition. His arrows will be transmuted into blessings.”

She states, too, {The Law of Karma and Forgiveness} that: Man is admonished, “My will be done not thine,”and the curious thing is, man always gets just what he desires when he does relinquish {italics mine} personal will, thereby enabling Infinite Intelligence to work through him.

And {in her chapter on Casting the Burden – Impressing the Subconscious} she states:

When man knows his own powers and the workings of his mind, his great desire is to find an easy and quick way to impress the subconscious with good, for simply an intellectual knowledge of the Truth will not bring results. In my own case, I found the easiest way is in “casting the burden.”

A metaphysician once explained it in this manner. He said, “The only thing which gives anything weight in nature, is the law of gravitation, and if a boulder could be taken high above the planet, there would be no weight in that boulder; and that is what Jesus Christ meant when he said: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

He had overcome the world vibration, and functioned in the fourth dimensional realm, where there is only perfection, completion, life and joy.

We are also told in the fifty-fifth Psalm, to “cast thy burden upon the Lord.” Many passages in the Bible state that the battle is God’s not man’s and that man is always to “stand still” and see the Salvation of the Lord.

This indicates that the superconscious mind (or Christ within) is the department which fights man’s battle and relieves him of burdens.

We see, therefore, that man violates law if he carries a burden, and a burden is an adverse thought or condition, and this thought or condition has its root in the subconscious.

It seems almost impossible to make any headway directing the subconscious from the conscious, or reasoning mind, as the reasoning mind (the intellect) is limited in its conceptions, and filled with doubts and fears.

How scientific it then is, to cast the burden upon the superconscious mind (or Christ within) where it is “made light,” or dissolved into its native nothingness {italics mine}.”

Could this be what happened within me, this morning, even if only momentarily? … Perhaps, in the spirit of how Gregg Braden speaks, in Walking Between The Worlds – The Science of Compassion, of choosing peace over non-peace or anger in a world of polarity and separation, that was my choice … to choose to really feel, as Susan Shumsky intones in one of her prayerful Affirmations: I am in control … I am one with God … I am protected by {wrapped in} the Divine light of my being … And so, I was protected from “the lower astral {or reactive} levels of mind.”

 I would like to make it so more often …

“The Secret” from The Word of Matthew: Remember when you were a child and believed that life was magical? …

In the midst of working with Virginia Essene’s and Irving Feurst’s Energy Blessings From The Stars ******* Seven {Energetic} Initiations, I am grateful to have come across  The Magic {in the spirit of/and sequel to The Secret} and re-found Gregg Braden’s WALKING BETWEEN THE WORLDS – The Science of Compassion.

We know http:/ {posted in full on this blog, on March 29, 2012}from the Hathors that the Ka body {“It is sometimes called the etheric twin and sometimes the spiritual double. It has the same size and shape as your physical body, but it is an energy-body. Although it is not made of flesh and blood, but is, instead made up of energy, or mostly energy.”} “appears to obey the laws of quantum mechanics and not Newtonian physics,” that Rhonda Byre speaks of in the beginning of The Magic, I believe that Rhonda Byrne is quite right in stating  that the “secret” {unwritten Word} to be found within the Gospel of Matthew is Gratitude, and I am in the midst of finding her book not only inspiring, but … perhaps … life-changing …

Matt 25: 29

For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away.


As Gregg Braden says in WALKING BETWEEN THE WORLDS – The Science of Compassion: “Peace is a higher choice to {than} non-peace in a world of polarity expressed as thought, feeling, emotion and conduct” … And yes, as he says: “Please Note: {Choosing to become} Compassion is not an invitation to {choose to be stuck in} non-action” (Nor do I believe in “blind compassion”).


And so I end this post as I began: speaking of the possibility of one integrating the concepts of Rhonda Byrne’s book and Gregg Braden’s into their life … and feeling the possibility of blessings of change …

May it be so for you as well …

I find that the concepts that: “you create and experience the consequences in your patterns of thought, feelings and beliefs” and that “you have direct access to your creator through yourself as a ‘spark’ of creative intelligence that is responsible for your very existence” to be of inestimable value to me as I begin to go through the exercises in Rhonda Byrne’s book …


Spirituality. Positive Psychology. Wellness.

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