Why my “default value” for doctors or medical treatment is NOT drugs or surgery: Overview

The Word: “Let your fruits be for food and your herbs be for medicine.”

The “white lies” of history are the BIG ones … the HUGE ones.

As the unifying Christ-ianity of Jesus was hijacked by those (white) supremacists/”chosen people-ists” who were … have been divisive … colonizers and enslavers, the medical profession, broadly/systemically has engaged in massive violation of the spirit — and letter — of The Hippocratic Oath.

Btw, be advised that I would never say or advocate something as fooolish as: “OK, you were {for example} just in an auto accident … Now, even though your spleen is lying over there across the road, let’s get you to a practitioner of bioenergetic healing and find out what blocked emotions you have … ” Of course not: You would be blessed to have in that moment  a (conventional or mainstream, or wholistic or integrated) medical practitioner who could put your spleen back where it belongs … You get the idea!

That understood, let’s continue with the main sense of this post:

Why do you suppose Hippocrates had the wisdom to say: “do no harm” and why was this adopted as the “Hippocratic Oath” that all medicos are supposed to be true to?

When did doctors start relying upon drugs?

Hint #1: It was way way more recent than the New Testament … Traditional Chinese Medicine’s  Chinese Herbal Medicine  — Materia Medica http://www.amazon.com/Chinese-Herbal-Medicine-Materia-Edition/dp/0939616424 {which I call “TCM’s PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)”}… Homeopathy

Hint #2: When was the first PDR written and published?

Answer: From Dr. Norm Shealy’s book, Energy Medicine — Practical Applications and Scientific Proof , chapter 1 — Modern Energy Medicine:


“What we call modern medicine or conventional medicine has only developed primarily over the past sixty to seventy years. Prior to that, we had some surgical procedures, very few drugs, a few herbs and a lot of dangerous or outmoded approaches such as bloodletting and leeches.”


The psycho-pharmaceutical-medical vested interests, such as the US FDA which oversees approval of “new drugs” {synthetics, very often derived from plants, but produced AND patented for profit} often has board members affiliated with or investors in or on the boards of drug companies … in some cases to the point of conflict-of-interest.

As chiropractic Dr. Matt Mannino  http://www.yourlifewithoutlimits.com/Solo7/call-MattMannino962.php has so aptly  stated:

When he was in school, he was taught that:

Patients always have the power to heal on their own … The doctor’s is to find out where the healing is blocked or suppressed … NOT to rip out body organs or administer drugs {which suppress symptoms}. He makes the connection that, as chiropractors who are oriented to remove “blocks” to the flow within our nervous system or (physical) subluxations, doctors would do best to be oriented to removing additional block to healing, such as beliefs that one cannot heal oneself.

From this perspective, sez me, empowerment to heal oneself … with the help {or jump-start} of any needed medical assistance, conventional or traditional, is nothing more than putting into practice what some have forgotten: As we each, through our life force energy, animate our bodies, we can certainly heal them …

Why We Work on the Energy Body or the Human Energy Field

Again, as Dr. Bradley Nelson, the creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, has noted:

“The energy body is the template for the physical body.”

It is time that patients and doctors alike — remember this AND act in the spirit of The Hippocratic Oath

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