What Your Body Is Telling You via Kathy Wilson

Thanks once again to Kathy Wilson’s  Journal of Spirited Coaching


What Your body Is Telling You

You and your body are carrying on a never-ending conversation with each other. The quality of this conversation directly affects the quality of your body’s health.

Unfortunately, this conversation is not one in which most people are actively, consciously participating.

When you begin to consciously communicate with your body, the benefit you enjoy is that it becomes easier for you to discern what your body wants so it can heal illness, disease, or other malfunctions it may be suffering. Additionally, you’ll be able to discern what it needs in order to stay in optimum health and avoid falling into a state of disease.

The language you and your body use is very simple, making it an easy language for you to learn. As you’ll soon discover, your body is very literal, and the messages you and it are constantly exchanging are easy to decode… once you’ve learned the basics of the language.

How Your Body Talks to You

{Note from Theta Networker: There are many, such as Louise Hay, Karol Truman, Deborah King, Caroline Myss and … Florence Scovell Shinn who use similar, symbolic interpretations of what your body — or energy field — is telling you. 

The physical sensations you experience, the illnesses you contract, the pains you suffer, and the “accidents” you have are just a few of the ways your body talks to you.

Here are a few real-life examples of the physical body communicating with its owner:

A client was complaining of neck pain that had become so painful his doctor was suggesting surgery.

Another client mentioned during our coaching session that his wrist had become painful when he played his favorite sport – tennis.

A friend was experiencing lower back pain.

A student shared that she was experiencing intense shoulder pain in her right side.

My right knee suddenly became very painful, possibly indicating a torn or stretched ligament.

Because the language your body uses to communicate with you is so simple it’s important that you don’t try to make it complicated or complex. The messages the body speaks are very straightforward.

To give you a preview of how messages from the body are interpreted, here is what the previous examples mean:

A client had been thinking what a “pain in the neck” it was to have to go back to work when he was having so much fun being retired and doing as he wished.
This client wasn’t following through completely in certain situations in his life. In his tennis game he wasn’t following through with his strokes. The abrupt stoppage of motion was causing strain, and thus pain, on his wrists.

A person was continually using the phrase, “pain in the butt.”

The student confided that she felt like she had to do everything for everyone else around her. She was “shouldering” the weight of all that responsibility
While I was trying to make a choice about whether to move to one locale or another, I stated aloud often that I was “torn” about which direction to take.

When the body talks it doesn’t use words. So, how do you decode the messages from your body?

There are areas within your body that commonly attract and retain certain thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. In order to decode the messages your body is giving you, the first important step is to define what part of the body is affected. The side of the body, the organ, limb, joint, or body part – all have meaning.

I’ve created the following Quick Reference Guide which lists a few of the main areas of the body, with basic interpretations of issues in those areas. This is by no means a complete list, but it’s enough to get you started.

Quick Reference Guide for Decoding the Messages From Your Body

Begin your deciphering of your body’s messages by determining which side of the body is affected.

The left side of the body is where you receive incoming energy. Issues on the left side represent resistance to energy that’s coming toward you. This can be people, challenges at work, choices you’re being forced to make, etc. This is the feminine side and is also related to the spiritual realms.

The right side of the body is the side where you send out energy. Issues on the right side represent resistance to taking action. It is the masculine energy and is associated with the physical world.

After determining the side of the body on which the issue resides, move on to the specific part of the body.

Back/Spine This is your support. The lower back is the area of financial support
Bones are where you hold resentment and anger. This is also an area of your foundation and structure.

Ear issues represent resistance to what you hear.
Eyes Health issues with the eyes represent rejection of what you see.

Feet represent moving or movement. They also indicate how grounded and connected you are to your physical life. Fingers are the details – the little things in life.

Heart represents love, of course. Issues here relate to an inability to give and/or receive love.

Hips are the balance point of the body.
Joints represent flexibility or inflexibility in attitude and action.
Lungs are the area of the breath of life. Issues here represent a fear of fully living or feeling like you don’t deserve to live.

Muscles indicate the strength and well-being of your personal will.
Nerves are the pathways of your inner communication
Shoulders represent responsibility and burdens in life.

Stomach Issues here indicate what’s eating you or what you can no longer stomach.

Tendons represent your flexibility in life.
Throat issues indicate whether or not you’re speaking your truth and are speaking out.

As you can see, it becomes fairly easy to interpret the messages your body is giving you because it’s so literal. When you experience pain, disease, or discomfort in any of these areas, you’ve created an energy blockage with your thoughts and/or emotions.

To discern what your body is telling you about it, reflect on a recent situation or event that was distressing for you. Discern what you’re thinking and feeling about it.

Here are some examples of interpretations:

If you’re suffering discomfort in your knees, it can indicate that you’re you having difficulty making a decision about moving in a specific direction. The right knee indicates blocking the energy of stepping into action. The left knee may indicate refusal of accepting the situation in which a choice of direction needs to be made.

If your eyes are painful, what are you seeing that hurts you? If your distance vision is blurry, what don’t you want to see – or can’t see – in your future? If your close vision is blurry, what is there in your life now that you don’t want to see?

If you have a toothache on the left side of your body, what tough problem might you be chewing on? If it’s on the right side, it may mean it’s time for you to stop chewing on the problem and do something about it.

If your throat is sore and infected, what is making you angry, but you’re afraid to say something about? If it aches, what would you love to say but are holding back?

The first step to healing is awareness. Become aware of what your body is telling you so you can help it heal.


There are many, such as Louise Hay, Karol Truman, Deborah King, Caroline Myssand … Florence Scovell Shinn who use similar, symbolic interpretations of what your body — or energy field — is telling you. What are your understandings?


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