Spring Forest Qigong: A Healing Practice That Opens the Energy Channels …

My opinion: Millions of people (in China and elsewhere), who have practiced, and are practicing, Qigong because of its great power of healing, for thousands of years can’t be wrong 🙂  

Qigong uses mental concentration, breathing technique and body movements to activate and cultivate our “elan vitale” or vital energy, what is considered to be the universal life force as it flows through the invisible energychannels of the body.

Lest there be any doubt: I write this, in a spirit of sharing, as a new practitioner of Spring Forest Qiqong …

Master Lin reminds us that Jesus said that we can do what he did, and he says … Each time you are in front of your friend, says Chunyi Lin, you are letting the universal energy flow to you to pass it to your friend: You become a conduit to direct more healing energy to your friend …

This video on Spring Forest Qigong http://www.learningstrategies.com/Qigong/Video.asp should give you some idea of Spring Forest Qigong, and I suggest you “take a look around” at the information generously provided by Master chunyi Lin and Learning Strategies …

Two examples of how Spring forest Qiqong teaches you to use your mind, body, and spirit together to unblock energy and balance yin and yang energy in the body may be found at


YouTube: Moving of Yin and Yang

YouTube: Sword Fingers

This link http://ancientway.com/blog/?p=2008 speaks of the scientific validation of Spring Forest Qigong.

“Gong,” in Spring Forest Qigong, means to work, use, practice, transform, cultivate, or refine this energy to create a healthy mind and body. We are all born with the vital and intelligent energy of Qi. 

Master Lin teaches thatSpring Forest Qigong focuses on the use of Qigong for healing. Blockages prevent energy from flowing freely in our energy channels. These energy channels run throughout the body to keep it fully functioning.

Qigong has been shown to be effective in the prevention and healing of many diseases. (I am not aware of whether or not Master Lin addresses the question of the “true karmic roots” of what western medicine calls disease.)

We are formed by two kinds of Qi — yin and yang. Yin represents something female, passive, and spiritual; yang represents something male, active, and physical. Examples of yin are woman, water, earth, and spiritual life. Examples of yang are man, fire, sky, and the physical body.

Yin {female} and yang {male} energy must be in a good balance. Too much of one will cause an imbalance, creating an energy blockage. When a blockage forms, we feel symptoms in the physical body. We call it sickness. Colds, arthritis, and tumors are simply the symptoms of the imbalance of yin and yang.

Spring Forest Qigong was created by Chunyi Lin as a healing practice, although of course, it is spiritual healing in nature, and says Master Lin: If you have  unconditional love from the soul, forgiveness and kindness within, the universe will help you {be a conduit for your friend’s healing} … and help your purify and heal yourself spiritually and physically.

Falun Gong as taught by Master Li Hongzhi, which I have an earlier acquaintance with, was created as a spiritual cultivation practice, and does not help you to heal your friends or family  — unless they decide to become Falun Gong practitoners/believers.

Removing Blockages

As Rudy Hunter  http://www.huntershealingcalls.com says: “There are reasons you’re stuck — They’re in your energy field!” Says L. Ron Hubbard in The Route to Infinity Lectures: “You’re a disintegrator pistol.” What might you disintegrate? … Seems to me: Blockages also known as: Ridges or  Facsimiles {mental image pictures of painful incidents} or stuck flows in your energy field.

According to Qigong, we have many energy channels in our body. There are twelve main channels and eight reservoir channels. Each channel serves a specific purpose. The main channels carry energy to wherever it is needed in the body. Extra energy in the main channels flows to the reservoir channels. The body draws on energy in the reservoir channels when the main channels run low.

Blockages in the main and reservoir channels prevent energy from getting to all parts of the body that need energy. Body functioning slows down or stops, and we feel sick. To get well, we have to remove those blockages and open channels. This rebalances the yin and yang energy. We open channels and remove blockages when we engage in   practices such as Qigong.

A perfect, or — I might say, true — healing would heal the body physically, mentally, and spiritually. Traditional healing techniques primarily help the body physically. Qigong opens the door for holistic, perfect healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Qigong is an active and preventive way to heal the body. Medicine is a passive way to heal the body. Both approaches play an important role, but Qigong can potentially heal the body more effectively and perfectly.

“When our channels are not completely open, energy cannot flow easily to reach the organs that need energy. Part of the functioning of these organs shuts down. That is why we feel sick … We can use our mind to open up energy channels in our body … Once the channels open, more energy flows to the organs that need energy, allowing their functions to come back to normal and the sickness to disappear. That is why some people experience an overnight ‘miracle.’ Once the channels are open, you only need to keep them open to maintain that quality of health.”


About Theta Networker

“Before I am a man, I am a human being; before I am a human being, I am a spirit” ... who chooses to move toward those who naturally emanate love and light ... and away from toxic, fear-based thought-forms or religions ... Awakening to healing myself and allowing the grace that others need to flow through me from spirit ... And so I am guided to write in the spirit of a Blue Ray ...

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  1. Thanks so much for the honorable mention! I’m a big fan of the 6,000+ years of wisdom in QiGong. It’s still amazing to this very day…and often very helpful when all the modern “whiz bang” stuff has not fully delivered. It’s true, those blocks are in your energy field…and the great news is they can more easily be removed there than anywhere else.
    Much love,
    Rudy Hunter


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