The New Paradigm via The 2012 Scenario: SaLuSa: Prejudices have created false divisions and beliefs …

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Staff of The 2012 Scenario
February 22, 2011

Oh, hey, {Comment poster’s Name} no need to ask for permission to use anything I write. Fill your boots. Once it leaves my pen, I seldom give it another thought. Articles, graphics – they’re all yours.



It is in that spirit of Steve that I post this from

We will be shown that our prejudices create false divisions which have been ramified over centuries. Some beliefs, for example, that only Christians will reach heaven or that people of color are inferior to whites, etc., will be hard to remove. And the galactics will not force us to remove them. They will simply present us with the truth and leave the rest to us. But our choices will have consequences. If we cling to these beliefs, we cannot raise our vibrations in preparation for Ascension.

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish to assure you that the Galactic Federation are well aware of the dangers in Space placed there in opposition to us. However, we are not desirous of starting a Space War, and in fact it would be out of the question. We can deal safely with all attempts to engage us, and we shall also ensure that weapons are not turned against you.”

New readers may not be familiar with space-based weapons like Rods of God, etc., or with Project Blue Beam, the plan to project holographic images of spiritual figures and spaceships onto the sky to scare us into opposing the galactics. SaLuSa reminds us that beings who have flown across the known universe to be here have the technology to render these devices unworkable. But at the same time, they will not start a war because they follow universal law and Creator’s decrees.

“We represent a peaceful mission by Divine decree, and it is carried out with a loving intent that shall release you from the dark Ones. It is well past the time that you were allowed to proceed to your future choice without hindrance. That is something we are pressing for, but the dark Ones can be very obstinate. However, victory is already yours and yet to be celebrated.”

God has authorized the galactic mission. Those who do not believe in the existence of God will have to revise their beliefs because the Divine does in fact exist and no true estimation of things is possible without coming to grips with this central fact of life. The galactics have come to release us from the grip of the dark forces (Illuminati, etc.). But the dark have refused to give up. Nonetheless the final outcome is not and has never been in doubt. Eventual victory is ours.

So you can see that the new paradigm is being spoken in every sentence of SaLuSa’s messages. It is there for us to know and accept. It will open the door to the wonderful events of our future. It will allow us to drop the remaining dross that clings to us, raise our vibrations, and put our feet firmly on the path to the great shift in 2012 which is popularly known as “Ascension.”

Thank you Steve/2012 Paradigm for so regularly “going beyond words” in your posts, and thus … helping to relieve us from being locked within our heads and bodies …


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