The Game of Life: Healing the Struggle WITHIN Based Upon The Word by Florence Scovell Shinn

Why the Work of Florence Scovell Shinn So Resonates

As I have been alerted to by Gregg Braden in Walking Between The Worlds — the Science of Compassion, when we look at The Lord’s Prayer in the spirit of the Aramaic, rather what has come down via western mis-translations {Think: If you “translate” a poem to another language, is it still poetry or poetic or in the spirit of the original? …}: does NOT read “Our Father who is in heaven,” which Gregg notes makes for a separation between each of us and the Creator, but rather it is:

“Our Father who is everywhere” …

And that is the spirit in which Florence Scovell Shinn did her wonderful … wondrous work …

From the beginning of The Game of Life …

Most people consider life a battle, but it is not a battle, it is a game. It is a game, however, which cannot be played successfully without the knowledge of spiritual law, and the Old and the New Testaments give the rules of the game with wonderful clearness. Jesus Christ taught that it was a great game of Giving and Receiving.

“Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.” This means that whatever man sends out in word or deed, will return to him; what he gives, he will receive.

If he gives hate, he will receive hate; if he gives love, he will receive love; if he gives criticism, he will receive criticism; if he lies he will be lied to; if he cheats he will be cheated. We are taught also, that the imaging faculty plays a leading part in the game of life.

Keep thy heart (or imagination) with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” (Prov. 4:23.)

This means that what man images, sooner or later externalizes in his affairs, I know of a man who feared a certain disease. It was a very rare disease and difficult to get, but he pictured it continually and read about it until it manifested in his body, and he died, the victim of distorted imagination.

The Christ Within — from chapter 10 {Title and Underlining — Theta Networker}

The Christ within, is his own fourth dimensional self, the man made in God’s image and likeness. This is the self, which has never failed, never known sickness or sorrow, was never born and has never died. It is the “resurrection and the life” of each man! “No man cometh to the Father save by the Son,” means, that God, the Universal, working on the place of the particular, becomes the Christ in man; and the Holy Ghost, means God-in-action. So daily, man is manifesting the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Note from Theta Networker

As Alariel via Joanna Prentis has told us in Beyond Limitations –The Power of Conscious Co-Creation, and as the Hathors have told us, via Tom Kenyon, in more than one channeling: You are NOT required to be a Christian  — or any other believer — in order to attain your own “resurrection and life,” as you are already made in God’s image and likeness, and “the Christed beingness” is WITHIN {Even as The Word actually says: The Kingdom of God is within}; it is your own higher dimensional self … as Tom Kenyon speaks of in his understanding of The 23rd Psalm.

Any thought-forms which tell you that you are “unworthy” of this or unable to choose this, are, as the Hathors have told us, quite false and toxic!

All power is given man (through right thinking) to bring his heaven upon his earth, and this is the goal of the “Game of Life.” The simple rules are fearless faith, nonresistance and love!

To be continued …


About Theta Networker

“Before I am a man, I am a human being; before I am a human being, I am a spirit” ... who chooses to move toward those who naturally emanate love and light ... and away from toxic, fear-based thought-forms or religions ... Awakening to healing myself and allowing the grace that others need to flow through me from spirit ... And so I am guided to write in the spirit of a Blue Ray ...

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