Message From The Hathors Through Tom Kenyon: The “Holon of Ascension” Technique: living in, and transcending the world at the same time

Tom’s Observations Regarding the Holon of Ascension

On March 24, 2008, The Hathors released a planetary message entitled Earth’s Magnetic Field, in which they said that the earth’s magnetic field was going through a perturbation and morphing (see the Hathor Archives for original posting).

In December 2008 NASA announced that the Themis Project had detected a massive breach in the earth’s magnetic field, and that in the near future this would allow large amounts of solar plasma to enter the earth’s magnetosphere. The magnetosphere protects earth from solar storms and the solar wind (plasma). But with the breach, scientists predict an increase in magnetic storms over the next few years. Such storms often impact telecommunications, which should prove to be “interesting” for a culture increasingly dependent upon such forms of communication (including the internet). To see the NASA report yourself, just go to— and type the word Themis in the search window. When that page comes up, you can click on Mission News.

I personally breathe a sign of relief when science validates something the Hathors have given, and I must say it seems to happen with remarkable frequency.

There are several things I find of interest in this current message. The most prominent is the statement by the Hathors that the increase of plasma in the magnetosphere will increase the vibratory rate of the KA body.

With this type of information, we are, of course, leaving science far behind us and entering a world of perception I personally call, “woo-woo.” By woo-woo, I mean non-ordinary perception (especially of the psychic variety). Personally, I think it is possible to accommodate both logic and woo-woo, as long as we keep our wits about us and the edges between them crisp. Thus whenever possible, I like to draw a clear line in the sand between what is science and what is woo-woo. And we are definitely over the line with this latest message.

The KA
The KA body was known and utilized by ancient Egyptian alchemists. It is sometimes called the etheric twin and sometimes the spiritual double. It has the same size and shape as your physical body (called the Khat by the ancient Egyptians), but it is an energy-body. It is not made of flesh and blood, but is, instead, well, made up of energy, or mostly energy. If the KA has any mass at all, it would seem to have very little. I have been experimenting with the KA in meditative states for over two decades now, and it seems to possess a host of interesting abilities. Some of these abilities are due to its inherent nature, in that it appears to obey the laws of quantum mechanics and not Newtonian physics. This opens a door to a fascinating array of non-ordinary phenomena.

According to the ancient Egyptian alchemical knowledge (as I interpret and understand it), the KA is crucial to the process of ascension. As the Hathors make clear in their message, ascension is about a movement upward in consciousness—an expansion of awareness. It is not about leaving the world or going anywhere. When one is in the process of ascension one is both living in, and transcending the world at the same time.


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