Message From Archangel Gabriel Through Lois Wetzel: Managing Fear … The Pineal Gland and Your Heart Center … Dimensions and Densities … Global Consciousness and the Social Media

Lois Wetzel is a lightworker who is a BodyTalk practitioner, shaman and practitioner of a number of other healing practices, such as EDINA Energy Medicine and Psych-K. Her web site is HOT PINK LOTUS — Gifts of Higher Consciousness for Body, Mind and Spirit

She posts on such as the Seven Spiritual Laws of the Universe, Healing Music Dedication, DNA reprogrammable with words!, Fulfilling Your Destiny – Archetypes, as well as a Message from Archangel Michael channeled by Ronna Herman, and some of the Hathor Messages Through Tom Kenyon which have been posted on this blog earlier this year, and, as Jonathan Goldman does on his Healing Sounds show on, she interviews guests on BlogTalkRadio, which also has archives from which you may download.

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Posted on: Monday, February 28, 2011
Archangel Gabriel’s Words

Thoughts for Today:     “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

Mahatma Gandhi

Archangel Gabriel

Sunday I heard from Archangel Gabriel again.  I write for the Sedona Journal of Emergence under the pen name “Lotus Fire” when I hear from Gabriel.  I have created a blog: Lotus Fire

Please feel free to click on “follow” at the blog to be updated whenever I get something from AA Gabriel.

This is what I submitted to Sedona Journal today:

Archangel Gabriel – February 27, 2011

Greetings O Precious Ones, I am Archangel Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and Outer Tides, coming to you with arms wide open in loving embrace.

Inner and Outer Tides

The waters of your bodies and of the oceans, the streams, rivers and lakes of your Earth are the waters to which my title refers as the inner and outer tides. Your emotions are extremely dependent upon fluids, including the water of your body, in order to be expressed and felt. There are some on the planet among the human race and other races who have more or less water in their bodies and this regulates the intensity with which these various beings feel feelings. For water, you see, is the medium for the transmission of feeling. Therefore it is important to take care of the water in your body and in your planet in order to handle your feelings in a way that is manageable during these intense times surrounding the precession of the equinoxes. As things speed up toward this target date on the Mayan calendar, emotions may become more difficult for you. This is because it becomes easier to move into the place called fear, because this is the place where in the “old energy” humans naturally went in the face of change. At this time in this period, you are faced with rapid, massive change therefore your ingrained “old energy” patterns will allow many to go to fear. This is not advisable. For your comfort and safety in these times of change during this several year window on either side of the much-discussed Mayan calendar date, it is extremely important for you to handle your feelings. One way to do that is by drinking extremely pure, living water. It is also useful to “charge” your water prior to drinking it. Two ways to charge water will be mentioned. First we will discuss how to manage fear.

Managing Fear

As mentioned earlier, it is important to resist fear and consciously manage the emotions. The reason it is so very important to resist going to fear is that you are becoming more and more capable of easily manifesting that which you focus upon. So it would seem logical, would it not, to focus upon what you want, not on that which you do not desire. Therefore, focusing on fear, or allowing one’s self to feel fear, is not a place that it is advisable to be. One may manifest thus that which (s)he does not want. And so how is one to respond when slipping into fear? Here is a simple meditative technique which you may use to mitigate the fear and transform it into a powerful force for positive effect in your world. When you notice that you are getting into fear find a quiet place to sit for a few moments and close your eyes. Bring up the energy from the earth into your root chakra and then upward to the upper center of your body, at the middle dantien, which is located in the center of your chest. There the energies will mingle. At the same time, link the pineal gland to your heart center with a beam of light. The pineal gland is located in the center of the head.

Now allow the fear to collect in the middle dantien, which is the large ball of light in the middle of your chest. See the fear come together in a ball. Bring your attention to the light in your heart, which is connected to your pineal gland. Shoot a beam of that light from the heart into that ball of fear which seems dark, and in so doing, transform the fear into a ball of golden light. When it has fully transformed to gold, allow that ball of light to shoot forward suddenly out of your body into the auric field about two feet out from your body in front. Then allow that ball of golden light to disperse into your aura for positive, joyous, loving energetic empowerment of your field. You can do this daily as many times as you need to do this. It is a positive outcome for feeling the fear which seems so natural to humans at this time. As you progress along this path of expansion into greater aspects of yourself, fear will seem less and less natural. Excitement and joy will take its place inside of you.

Charging the Water to Drink

For charging the water that you drink there are many techniques. The first one I suggest today is holding the glass, or bottle, or container of water which you plan to drink between the palms of your hands. And while the energy of light running between your pineal gland and heart is established , meaning the beam of light described above, then watch the light from your heart radiate down your arms and into the palms of your hands. Allow the light to come out of the palms of your hands and into the water held between them. This charges the water with spiritual light. See it as white light, or white with golden flecks, whichever feels more natural to you. Also bless the Undines of Water everywhere you go; before you drink your water, before you flush your toilet. Bless them as you walk by a river or ocean, and as you run water down your sink. In every encounter with water say, “Thank you. I love you and bless you,” to the Undines of Water. These are the devic beings who keep the water alive, healthy and usable on this planet. They are critical to the survival of all living things on this planet. It is therefore appropriate to thank them daily for they work they do.

The second water charging technique is this. Allow the water to sit in the sunlight and/ or moonlight to absorb that energy, as this is also a strongly positive technique to charge the water, so long as the water is held within glass containers. Glass will not interact with the sun’s heat such as plastics will interact with heat releasing harmful molecules into the water.

And while you are thanking the Undines of water, thank indeed the Sylphs of air who maintain cleanliness and health for the air that all living things breathe, to the Salamanders of fire who are responsible for all fires, including metabolic fires in all living beings. Thank the Gnomes of earth who are responsible for the life force which exists in all the minerals on this planets, whether in the earth or in the bodies of humans, animals or plants. They all respond to your gratitude by growing stronger.

Dimensions or Densities?

And now let us speak further of energetic frequencies, dimensions and densities. There is much misunderstanding and confusion regarding what exists beyond the three dimensions within which you understand yourselves to exist. As you expand you will become more and more aware of other dimensions. It is easier to perceive this if you understand that those dimensions are actually densities. The more expanded (or less dense) you become the more you will feel things at a distance. You will feel what is going on in the office next door to you or in the apartment, condo or townhouse next to you. This means you are expanded into greater awareness of that which is going on around you because as you expand and become less dense, you will feel more.

This channel had an experience of having her frequency shift last summer. Called to camp at Mt. Shasta in July of 2010, she received an initiation on the inner planes within Telos during the night. After this, she began seeing things from time to time with her eyes open which she had known were there previously, but had not been able to see, and which those around her were not seeing. The kinds of things one might see with expanded vision include Light Beings, “cloaked” space craft, spirits, angels, and so on. Energetic expansion also includes hearing things at a greater distance. Expanded awareness will be intermittent at first and become permanent gradually.

Consciousness is everything. Said another way, everything is made up of consciousness. Because of this it is important to monitor all your thoughts words and deeds because they contribute to the consciousness of others. Kindly do not plant seeds of fear in the consciousness of others. Be mindful of all communications including electronic ones, and particularly the social media.

Social Media

Social media is a global consciousness conduit and must be treated with respect. It is through social media that you as a species will begin to fully comprehend your Oneness, which has always been, but which you are now becoming aware of as you expand. What you focus upon as a group, you manifest more powerfully. This is becoming more and more relevant, and so is becoming more important to understand. Fear-based communication injected into global group thought is not in your best interest as a group, or as a species. Be therefore mindful, dear ones. Project faith, hope, love and joy to others! Plant seeds of goodness in others by your thoughts, words and deeds. These shall benefit you so well.

I am the Archangel Gabriel, Lord of the Moon, Ruler of the Inner and Outer Tides, loving you and blessing you, O Precious Ones!


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