The Word: Father, Son and Holy Spirit? …

Father, Son AND Holy Spirit? … I have had a question about this for quite some time … How could it be that way? … And so I share the commentary of some who have considered the question, below, in a spirit of learning and education.

Only this week — as I am about to post Florence Scovell Shinn’s The Game of Life and how to Play It, wheirein she alludes to/explains this as she sees it — my question may be resolving …

Alice Bailey spoke in terms of Soul, Spirit and Matter, Soul being the intermediary between Matter/Body and Spirit …


“Sacred Scripture tells us that there is only one God (Dt 4:35; Isaiah 45:5; 46:9). Yet it also refers to three distinct persons as “God”: God the Father (Gal 1:1), Jesus Christ His Son (Jn 1:1; 20:28) and the Holy Spirit (Acts 5:3,4). Since God cannot lie or contradict Himself, His Word cannot contain discrepancies. This seeming contradiction is easily reconciled by the belief that the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are Three distinct Persons in One God. This is the truth which God was conveying through Scripture, a truth which Christians later labled “The Trinity” (literally “tri-unity”).

“Christians also believe that God is Triune based on the biblical revelation that God is Love (I John 4:8, 16). Love cannot exist all alone; it is by very nature directed toward another. We love someone or something, who is the object of our love. In fact, in order for love to exist there must be three elements:

  1. A “Lover”, that is, one who does the loving
  2. A “Beloved” – the one who is loved, and
  3. The Love itself which binds them together

“Now if God is Love, and love needs these three elements, then these elements must exist in God. And they do: God the Father is the Eternal Lover, God the Son is the Beloved (Eph 1:6; Mt 3:17) and the Holy Spirit is the Divine Love binding Them together eternally.

“Some may object “What if one loves oneself? Then there are only two elements”. Actually, there are three elements here as well, for the “beloved” in this case is actually ones self-concept! We each have a particular concept of ourselves (which may or may not be accurate!). If we “love ourselves” we are really loving our self-concept, and if we don’t “love ourselves” it’s really that self-concept which we find unlovable for some reason. So in love of self, the “lover” is the self, the beloved is the self-concept, and the self-love is the third principle.”



“This is also an excellent image of the Holy Trinity, for it clearly reveals the origin of the Beloved Son. The Second Person of the Trinity is the Personal Expression of the Father’s eternal Self-Concept. Thus the Beloved Son is also called the “Word” (John 1:1), the Expression or Utterance of God. The Father loves the Son because the latter is a perfect Image of Himself (Col 1:16; He 1:3), a perfect Self-Concept (after all, how could the Omniscient One have an imperfect Self-Concept?). And the Holy Spirit arises from the Father’s love for His Son/Word.”



“God was One but when creation had to come into existence He severed a Part of Himself and placed It to work in creation so that the latter could come into being and continue to exist. This Part was sent out with the Fiat “Let there be Light.” With this Fiat, a Part of God was placed beyond the border of the immediate vicinity of God so that this Part could radiate and illuminate the void from there. Without the Light being consciously placed at this outpost through an Act of Will of God, it would have been impossible for Creation to come into being because this Light is the Power for the existence and sustenance of Creation.

“This Part, which God anchored at the outpost of His immediate vicinity is what is referred to in the Bible as the “Spirit”, which was “moving upon the face of the waters.” At the beginning therefore, God sent out his Spirit so that this Spirit could be the anchor through which Creation and all that is in it could come to be and exist. God’s Spirit therefore, is that Part of Him which creates. That Part of Him concerned with the beginning and maintenance of the Creations. That Part of Him is like one of His arms concerned with a particular activity which in this case is creating. This Part of God is the Holy Spirit, personal in His working, in His creating but at the same time firmly linked to God. The Spirit of God therefore is the third personality in the Holy Trinity and has generally become known as the Holy Spirit. Jesus referred to Him as the “Spirit”, the “Counsellor”, as “He” the Spirit of Truth, which indicates that He is personal. The necessity of the coming into being of Creation therefore led God to become two-fold.

“How did He become three-fold then? When mankind drew away from God and the way back to Him could no longer be found, God as an Act of Mercy severed a small Part of Himself as a gift of Love to mankind to incarnate as Jesus on earth so that we as human beings could have direct access to the Holy Word and also receive power through the One who had incarnated. This will receive further elaboration later. With the birth of Jesus therefore, He became three-fold, Jesus being the Love of God.”



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