Message From Kuthumi: Rewiring The Heart Chakra … The Higher {Sacred} Heart Center Within

I came to this on the same day, in the same “breath” that I found the messages of Patricia Cota-Robles:

Ascended Master Kuthumi
“The Heart Flame Of Salvation”
The Heart Chakra Rewire

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feel drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents. I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to greet thee at this time, and to gift unto thee a blessing of an awakened mind, a blessing of a most precious awakening within that awakened mind, for you to be able to realize beloved ones, that the time has arrived for each and every one of you, and the likes of you, to step out of your victimization and to embrace each other with that awakened mind in a whole new light. A light that will give to you the gifts of planetary healing, of soul healing and of deep inner personal and transpersonal understanding.

Although there are mainly two areas up until now that have truly been considered heart centers of your planet, one being the area of Maui in Hawaii and the other the United Kingdom {italics mine – Thetanetworker}, I need to share with you when it comes to the chakric system or the chakras, it will become very clear as time goes by, that every one of the chakras will exist in every country on your planet. So in other words, a lot of energy will begin to shift, very fast, and you will realize when your country is going through a heart experience or a base experience, or various individual cities are creating these experiences, a heart experience or a crown experience, or so on and so forth and the reason why beloved ones, is due to collective energy shifting in that direction, thus in time to come you wont divide energy amongst countries or continents for everywhere it will be beautiful and balanced, unlike anything you have ever experienced, in fact we’ve shared this with you so many times. It is absolutely impossible to truly share with you the magnificence that awaits you, that awaits the planet. In fact that awakening is already taking place. It is taking place on a small scale, as there are pockets of awakenings happening all over your planet. Therefore you will see that a lot of the mass changes will almost happen instantly. As you know Rome was not built in a day, therefore as we have shared previously, it might take some time, some changes might be done over one night, some over two nights, some might not be able to be done overnight at all. But where the planet is moving towards in her awakening years as a magnificent star and with that your awakening to the star within thus your crystalline consciousness, that, beloved ones, is paradise energy, unlike anything that you can actually currently relate to, therefore it’s almost impossible to for you to be able to grasp much of this.

Because of the doubting Thomases, many people then say they cannot believe that this will actually be a reality, but in fact some of it is already is a reality. For over the last couple of years, especially since 1987, many of us from the enlightened realms and the angelic realms and the star realms have been working feverishly beloved ones in creating holographic imprints around your planet, the reason was because of your calling. The deal was when humans can begin to remember themselves as part of the divine aspect called Creation that is when many of us may step in to become the supporters for this awakening energy, which is what is currently happening.

You have had a lot of teachings, a lot of experiences with this energy and more recently in the decision to share some of the information of the system of your energy fields with you and the rest of the beings that need to hear and find this information. There are a lot of information centers out there, there’s a lot of information centers within you, and what will be happening is you will begin to feel an electricity within your body and that electricity is as a direct result of your multi-dimensional senses awakening. In other words, instead of being limited to the five, you will become aware of the extended twelve centers. Your multi-dimensional personality will then allow the information centers inside to open up and integrate the information that is out there. For information is available to anyone at any given time, it is really only up to you to open yourself up to the extent of allowing yourself to integrate that, which is very much an awakening heart experience

The aim is to create a one-heart consciousness. A one-heart consciousness, beloved ones, is a consciousness that carries your fifth dimensional energies. In other words to do all that you do for the greater good of all that is. What does that mean? In simple language it means harm none. That’s all. To do all that you do for the greater good of all that is. Instead of getting confused about how you should be of service, rather understand to do what you do, but harm none. In the old third dimensional consciousness the saying was do as you wish unto yourself but harm not another. The fifth dimensional way is the understanding that if you bring any harm to yourself then automatically you harm another, not so? This is where this shifting of consciousness is leading you to. It is taking you through incredible transition, incredible awakening of the self, the soul self, for ultimately once you begin to master the paths of your journey you will come to the understanding of that most blessed, most sacred, still part in you. You will come to reach that stage where you have to be in complete stillness, not to upset any of the energies within and around your energy field and it is this anchoredness, that stillness that gives to you the assurance that you are completely loved without conditions.

Beloved ones, the love that is extended to you from the heavenly realms, from the Creator, from all of the Masters, from the hierarchy of Spirit, the love that is extended to you from every molecule of Creation, your guides, your guardians, your animals, the plants, the planet and all that is, this love is completely without conditions.

Unconditional love is to be able to share your love with any one and for you to be able to accept theirs without having to alter any of its reality in any way shape or form.

Unconditional love is an immensely powerful and intense energy. In fact there are very few humans within current human consciousness that fully 24/7, 365 vibrate on unconditional love levels. For the unsureness of the self and other insecurities always want to question, always want to make sure that there are no ulterior motives, that there’s nothing added extra, but the key is to do this without pouring extra fuel onto the fires of vindictiveness and malice and jealousy and greed and shame and hurt and pain because of conditioning. The growth that has taken place over the last couple of years is incredible. It is absolutely mind blowing. Beloved ones, the higher call here is for you to become aware that you are all part of the transition of the planet, thus in other words, you are all currently working behind the scenes rearranging all of the elements within the earth’s heart chakra. Not so?

And {You may see the rest, at the web site, cited at the beginning of this post}:

Beloved ones, the aspect of love and unconditional love as well as the aspect of treasure, of appreciation, of care, of compassion and gratitude, these are the energies that work with awakening the self to the evolved heart or higher heart centre. The higher heart centre, beloved ones, which is the sacred energy just slightly above the heart, is the aspect of the self that truly knows no judgment. All of this which I have been speaking about, all of that which you yearn for, you already have, it’s already there, it is programmed into that centre. How is it programmed into that centre? Very simple, through an energy that is contained within that centre called your God-Core cell. We have shared about this on numerous occasions. Contained within this cell are all of the qualities and the attributes of The Creator engrained, and so too is the realization that if the qualities and the attributes of the Creator is contained within that most sacred aspect of the self, then so too must these qualities and attributes reflect the mirror image of the self if the self was created in the mirror of Creation.


Intense energy increase.

That most Holiness, that most precious and sincere aspect of the self, that most purest and most innocent, the most loving, the most unconditional energy, the most compassionate understanding, all of that is already there. The moment you bring the attention to that sacred space, it shifts your focus. The moment we shifted your focus over the last one and a half minute from your lower heart centre to your higher heart centre, the energy in this room increased. The intensity increased, didn’t it?

A. Yes

MK. Do you know why? Because of the ingrained naturally unexplained respect that you carry for the energy contained within the high or sacred heart. It is because in you there is a truthful aspect that knows yourself beyond any doubt. Deep inside your heart, slightly higher than you physical heart and your heart chakra, is a golden aspect of your heart that vibrates only on the most pure and highest levels of respect and honor and integrity. And it is this sacred energy beloved ones, which triggers down impulses towards the lower heart centre. The lower heart centre from its core sends that trigger out to raise the vibration of the heart and therefore instead of becoming green with envy, you become pink with pleasure, for pink is the internal flame of the heart, and green is the external yearning of the heart.

The high heart centre is a crystalline energy that takes on if anything, an extreme golden and diamond vibration. That is the part of the self where you, and only you, as an individual being reside. It is the part where you hold hands with the One that created you, and if there is anything in your current life that can add any value to anything that you have experienced during this incarnation and for those to come, once you leave here it is recorded and contained within that higher aspect of the heart, for that is all that you can take with you. The physical body stays behind, the links to its physicality diminishes until eventually it’s just being recorded in a tiny, tiny cell, like the black box contained within some of your aircraft, or most of your airplanes, at least most of them that professes to have a functioning black box.

You have that cell in you, that God spark, that God essence in that higher aspect of yourself and that is what takes the energy of that which you experience, that you will benefit from with you once you leave here. In there, there is absolutely no recollection of any anger or negativity, lack or resentment in any way. For once the choice comes to you once again to make a decision or a judgment upon the lifetime that you shared here there is no expectation of that judgment, in other words, all the judgment which rests upon what you refer to as “judgment day,” is in fact mere acknowledgement, beloved ones.


Resentment and rejection are another two energies that really play havoc within this energy centre, for resentment is the anger action of judgment that you place upon another, and rejection is your inability to claim your own worth. For truth be told, how can you be rejected by anyone if you don’t accept their rejection of you? How can you feel feelings of rejection when another, perhaps a lover, or a partner, be that on a personal level or a business level ‘decides’ to reject your energy? How can you feel the energy of rejection if you truly value and validate the self and live your worth? It is a very difficult one; we understand that, much to wrap yourselves around, but with the new energy and the intensity of the energy speeding up upon this planet and especially with the clearing within the mental faculties that will take place over the next two to three months or so, at this level of your understanding, now is the time for you to begin this day, beloved ones, to grasp the truth behind rejection. When someone rejects you they no longer require you to be within their space, or they perhaps feel that they no longer wish for you to be in their space. When someone rejects you the choice is yours to see the worth of the self and to weigh it to such an extent that you too opt for your value to be far better if experienced elsewhere. At the time of the rejection it is incredibly difficult, and we understand that, because of the lower emotions that comes into play. The lower emotions that of course run amok within the sacral centre, and of course all of the lower aspects of the other centers all then work together with the result the person feel invalid.

But the truth is to see the self as that worthy God spark. If you can keep your concentration on the higher aspect of your heart, in other words, at times of conflict, at times of resentment and rejection and judgment, at times when you feel that you are to crumble move the focus, and instead of placing your focus upon your lower mental centre which is your solar plexus, place your attention rather on the area of the higher heart. For the higher heart, beloved ones, is the aspect of the self that knows its value beyond any doubt, and because of that is unable to relate to being invalid, is unable to relate to any rejection of any kind, is unable to relate to any resentment of any kind, for the need is not there to please the person with passive phrases some that simply make no sense at all, simply because of the insecurities that is recorded within the centers that are situated below the level of the bridge or the transition into the heart.

The value of the self beyond any doubt beloved one outweigh all other energies of any kind and quantity for this reflects the pure aspects of the self that knows that you are God within. This is the part of the self that needs no convincing of any kind to feel assured, comfortable, comforted, safe, cared for as this is the aspect of the lower self together with the higher self that comes to the rescue when the lower heart spins out of control, for when this happens the mind takes over, and when the mind takes over you have problems for your mind as you know is the most amazing gift that is either your best friend or worst enemy therefore any person that during their incarnation base the experiences of this lifetime upon the decisions that are made from the mind aspect is in trouble.

The mind is a irrational decision maker whereas the heart only knows one way that’s inevitably to be followed, and that is the golden passage into the sacred heart for even though the heart does know anger, vindictiveness, jealousy, malice, the shame, blame, guilt, even though the heart may know and experience these energies internally at a very deep unconscious level it knows of its divinity for it trusts completely in that aspect of the self that knows only purity and light. It is where you are anchored into the Heart of Creator Essence. That divine knowing is what awakens this part, beloved ones. This divine knowing is what many of you currently are having an internal war with.


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