Healing Sounds: Techniques of Frequency + Intent: Heart-Based Sound, With Feeling = Healing

Proverbs 16:24

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.

Luke 6:45

Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaketh.

Jonathan Goldman: “FREQUENCY + INTENT = HEALING”

I cited the following in last November’s post which can be found at https://thetanetworkersjourney.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/healing-sounds-resonating-the-chakras-to-stimulate-the-body%e2%80%99s-ability-to-balance-and-heal-vibrations-resonance-entrainment-and-emotion/

I am re-citing this — along with  some material from http://www.oraclecards.com/chakra5.html A Site For Self-Transformation — in order to:

(1) Clarify/reinforce the Hathors’ admonition in the message to be found at http://tomkenyon.com/jumping-time-lines (or my post of August 30, 2011 at https://thetanetworkersjourney.wordpress.com/2011/08/30/message-from-the-hathors-through-tom-kenyon-techniques-to-jump-timelines-let-us-say-for-the-sake-of-example-that-the-timeline-you-wish-to-live-in-is-one-of-benevolence-loving-kindness/) for us to use what they call our sovereign right to choose and our capacity to feel which are in our nature — and it also relates to the Hathors’ suggestion for us to generate appreciation or gratitude …

(2) Lay the groundwork of understanding for what lower astral levels of mind may be and for what we do/do not want to invoke … create when we use Prayerful Affirmations — such as the one I recently posted — which contains the following verse:

I close my light being and aura to the lower astral levels of mind.

From http://www.holisticwebs.com/sound/sound.htm:

Says Ricardo Serrano:

“There has to be a reason or an explanation to why sound has this effect to my emotional body which was answered by Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of Dawn – Teachings From the Pleiadians book, “Emotion, because it brings feeling and connects you to feeling, allows you to recognize different states of consciousness. The logical mind does not allow you to recognize states of consciousness because it holds onto its own identity. It is locked into the boundary of ego and does not want to recognize other areas. Feeling, however, always acknowledges other areas because feeling discerns the difference. You can read the signs and the definitions by the energy that you call feeling. It is, in actuality, a vibration. Sound brings about states of emotional feeling. When you create harmonics of sound, it reminds your body of something. It reminds your body of Light, of deep Cosmic love and other worlds. Your body comes into joy and sometimes overwhelmingly into sadness. It seeks and accesses a frequency that it has been longing for, of which the sound has reminded it. As you allow your sound to play your body, you discover a frequency that you have sought. This frequency is connected to the evolution of the helixes within your body. Sound is a vehicle or conduit to connect you to the higher chakras outside your body because you do not have a way of accessing them logically. You must access all frequencies and chakra centers by feelings, and sound will connect you with feeling, which will allow you to understand the information.”

“When you do sound healing, the sound resonates from you and moves energy to remove unwanted blocks or beliefs, like a thread between you and the other person. Sound stirs energy at deep levels, releasing all emotions and increasing the flow of intention. Cells have vibrational memories and just have to be reminded to release and balance themselves,” says Renee Brody in The Healing Sounds of Crystal Bowls.

Now, here, from http://www.oraclecards.com/chakra5.html A Site For Self-Transformation,  is this for your consideration to integrate into your use of the voice [sound, The Word, etc.] [sound healing/vocal toning the chakras or use of the New Testament, etc.] I find it to be very educational [particularly the portions I have bolded]:


The Base of the Throat Chakra

“The Base of Throat chakra is located at the top of the breastbone, in the V-like notch at the base of the neck.  It supports the thyroid gland, which regulates metabolism and physical growth through the production of hormones.  In combination with the Base of Neck chakra in the rear, this chakra provides the location for the Soul impulse to interact with the physical body. And when desire to know Creator is pronounced, this chakra will often operate through selfless service to others and to the world as a whole (see Base of Throat chakra).

It may be true that when a person has a malfunctioning Base of the Throat Chakra, there you (are most likely to) find the “negative idealist, who although committed to others has nevertheless a rigid, prejudiced view of the world, and a non-accepting of opinions other than his/her own [Paulson, p.63]. [Such people] may be attracted to ‘old-time’ or conservative religions, which are frequently associated with phenomena such as talking in tongues (glossaria) and Lower Astral visions of and voices from entities purporting to be Jesus.”]

“In a way similar to how the Thyroid gland regulates growth in our physical body, the Base of Throat regulates growth in our Aura. As events of the moment draw together the karmic drop in the Anahata, the Base of Throat acts on the stuff through focus on the higher will.  This builds the Astral body through the Solar-Plexus projection.  If the higher will has been aligned with the lower will, the Aura will be nourished by the combustion of astral energy.  If on the other hand, the lower mind and lower will (3rd chakra) are more active, the Astral body will reflect a picture of the karmic patterns that are already in place, thereby forfeiting the opportunity to experience the higher self presence.

The Throat Chakra

“The Throat chakra is located midway between the heart and the tongue and, with the Back of Neck chakra, is associated with sound, both speaking and listening, including hearing spiritual sounds such as voices and music. On a more subtle level, the Throat chakra is associated with the dream state, as well as with the faculty of lucid dreaming.  It is also associated with the processing of physical and emotional substance as a form of nourishment. When the lower desire is especially activated however, this can result in an inflated enjoyment for food.  (see Throat chakra).

“As the Vishuddha Chakra opens, the Drop of Nectar that gets stored in the Lalana chakra drips down and gets processed. The nectar is extracted and becomes the ‘food of immortality’, and the poison is released and absorbed into the karmic drop of the moment. Through the use of the voice (sound, The Word, etc.) the poison can be transmuted through the implementation of the higher mind in connection with the higher will (5th chakra). Unfortunately, when the lower mind controls the lower desire, the nectar is burned as fuel and the poison then needs to be reprocessed by the system. In this case it would act to limit the Wisdom available to the lower mind, making it even more difficult for the lower vehicles to release from unhealthy karmic patterns.

The Palatine Chakras – Talu or Lalana Chakra

“There are actually three chakras here located along the roof of the mouth (soft palate), that act in unison to mediate the descending Chi energy of the functional channel.  The Lalana chakra is situated slightly behind these and acts as a glandular reservoir for the nectar that drips down from Bindu chakra.  As long as the Vishuddha Chakra remains inactive, this nectar (Ambrosia) then flows down to be burned as fuel in the fire of Manipura. However, when through meditation the Vishuddha Chakra is awakened, the drop enters there to be refined and purified, thus becoming the nectar of immortality (see Talu/Lalana chakra).

“In other words, the Vishuddha Chakra can be thought of as the location where poisons–both internal and external–can be transformed and transmuted, bringing forth the bliss of the nectar which is always present with the poison. Poison here is regarded as any disturbance that may be occurring in the body, whether physical, emotional or mental.  Behind every situation that is troublesome, there is an alternate view on that situation which carries with it an advantage of some sort, even if ever so subtle. By always seeking the vision of an event that carries the highest value, our conditioning becomes reprogrammed to that process and the bliss of everyday living then becomes the byproduct.” [I would say, in the spirit and science of Bruce Lipton [The Biology of Belief] and Candace Pert [Molecules of Emotion], that it is our nerves or neurons  that change … and that creates the change within, and outward in our everyday living.]


Savitri Simpson, in her book, Chakras For Starters — in speaking of the throat chakra — reminds us to “use our voice as a channel for calmness,” and she says that we “will find that “you really can change your own and other people’s consciousness simply with the quality of your voice,” and to” develop the speaking or singing voice in a conscious way — using it to express harmony and kindness,” which will “help develop the beneficial aspects of the throat chakra.” She notes, also, in the section, Singing Through the Chakras, “The [expansive] sense of oneness will be spiritual only when it is supported by an upward movement of consciousness from the lower chakras, and particularly by the feeling of selfless divine love in the heart center” …


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