Message and Daily Meditation of the Heart From Sananda, March, 2011 Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

“Heal Your Physical Heart And Conscious Mind”

Here is the message in its entirety, thanks to Sananda through Rev. Michelle Coutant. I am sharing, with Love and Blessings. You may visit Michelle’s website at:

Beloved Ones,

We of the higher realms watch in great joy as each of you step up to the plate, as you go forth each day to create your heart’s desires. We stand with you in the love and the joy of your sacred heart. It is the love and the joy of the one sacred heart. With each breath you take, each pulse of your heart, you are pulsing the Cosmic Heartbeat of God. It is your connection to The All, the connection which serves you well in the physicality of your earthly life. Your physical body is only a small part of the vastness that is you, it is energy manifested in physical form. Your field is All Creation, it is the field of all possibilities, it is the field of Christ consciousness. Within this field, there can only be unconditional love, joy, peace and harmony, beauty, abundance, all the qualities, virtues, and attributes of God. You are the personality of God, in physical expression.

The coming equinox is a great and most wondrous opportunity for each of you to once again, reach up into the field of all possibilities, expanding your horizons, expanding your wisdom, your personal spiritual growth, expanding every aspect and facet of you. Step out of your comfort zone, as you are supported by the expansion of light and vibration of a magnitude which the earth and humanity have not know since before the fall into the density of the third dimension. Expand upon the greatness that is you. Go deeper within your Selves; discover your gifts and talents.

It is a time to intensify your meditations. You each have more of your God Self ready to meld and integrate with you, but you must take the time each day to meditate and integrate this higher light of God. Even as the light quickens in the acceleration of ascension, you must still go through the process, the steps needed to integrate your God Self. Remember the morning ritual we have given you, remember the Tenth Ray which codes your light body into the physical. As you meditate, draw in your light body, and call upon all of the higher Rays Eight through Twelve, to assist you in the merge with your I Am Presence. Do this daily, dear ones. This is a most sacred and blessed time, a gift of a magnitude which is unprecedented within human history.

You are in the front row of a grand and glorious movie. It is your movie and you may direct it and produce it in any way you so choose. Begin to direct your movie through the eyes of your God Self, through unconditional love. Miracles will occur in your life as you live impeccably, in every now moment. Your God Self becomes the director and the writer, the actor and the producer, and how cannot all in your experience be that of infinite love and joy?

Sit down in meditation dear ones, in your morning ritual. Focus on your heart center, your sacred heart, this blossom of eternity, this Flower of Life. As your physical heart pulses, surround your physical heart in the pink love light of your God Self. Radiate love to your physical heart, your connection to the physicality of The All, the Cosmos, the God Mind. Radiate love and the Violet Flame to your physical heart, transforming and transmuting the stress of your daily life. Your physical heart has served you well, and you may take the stress away and dissolve it instantly.

Allow the love of your sacred heart to support your physical heart. Sit quietly and feel the love of your sacred heart enfold your physical heart, as your physical heart rests within the expansive, all encompassing love of The All. Set quietly and feel the release, the oneness, the blending with this love, the blending and melding with the Flower of Life. Feel the blending of the physical heart, with the physical, conscious mind and allow these physical aspects to once again relieve the stress, the need to be in control. Give it all up to God, give up all the burdens of the physical heart, the third dimensional mind and allow the sacred heart and the God Mind, the Universal Mind, to take dominion within you. Allow this blending, allow your three minds, your subconscious mind, your conscious mind and your superconscious minds to be as one, with the superconscious mind as the director. Feel this blending of the minds as they become one, blending with the love of your sacred heart, the love of the Universal God Mind.

Sit quietly and feel the love, the wisdom, the power of the Cosmos, the infinite expression of the unconditional love of the God Heart, the God Mind within in you. Feel the total oneness. There is only one, and it is you, each one of you.

The times are unprecedented. Do not waste one moment. The opportunities are beyond what any of you can imagine. As you shine your diamond light more brightly, the opportunities abound even more, as you open into the great void of all possibilities. The great void is teeming with life, possibilities, with Adamantine Particles. It is the All That Is, available to every one of you in increasing strength and the variety of what you may create is endless.

The Cosmic doors have been flung wide open. The opportunities increase daily, in every now moment. To take full advantage of all that is being presented to you, the gifts being given to you, you must cleanse, clear, and integrate and meld with your God Self. Do this daily beloved ones, do this daily with great joy and love, and each step you take, brings you back home, to the wonder of eternity which you have forgotten. Remember now, moment by moment, as you merge with your I Am Presence.

I am with you dear ones, as are all those of the higher realms. Allow us to assist you, to be with you in every now moment, in the love of your sacred heart.

I Am Sananda.

You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Sananda through Rev. Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to:

Visit Michelle’s website at:

Michelle’s Cosmic Blog:



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“Before I am a man, I am a human being; before I am a human being, I am a spirit” ... who chooses to move toward those who naturally emanate love and light ... and away from toxic, fear-based thought-forms or religions ... Awakening to healing myself and allowing the grace that others need to flow through me from spirit ... And so I am guided to write in the spirit of a Blue Ray ...

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  1. Thank you, Sananda, thank you Mchelle Coutant, thank you for this most beautiful message! It came at a wonderful time for me with helpful reminders about the beauty and awesome potential of this time in our lives. I’ll pass on the message on my site as well.


    • And thank you, Latonya … I’m glad to hear of the synchronicity … of Sananda’s message through Michelle Coutant … Penney Peirce in her book entitled FREQUENCY,” which I haven’t finished yet, says: “You learn that your destiny evolves based on your interconnectedness to other souls and their destinies … in a fluid world” … and I’m becoming more aware of this 🙂 Btw, I did a lesson — not that long ago — of a couple of hours with Michelle on the Chakras and the Twelve Rays, and she sends you an MP3 of it afterwards. I’ll find the email I have on that and forward it to you from my mail2world e-mail. She’s likely offering it again.

      Just took a look and I like the spirit you put forth in your blog. Curious as to how you found mine …

      I recently remembered what Ojays said/sang years ago “Music is the healing force of the world/It’s understood by every man woman boy and girl” …
      Of course all healing is of God … Creator … the Universe … and comes from within … but as a student of Jonathan Goldman’s Healing sounds Extension Course, I like that …



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