A Guided Visualization: “The Healing Crystal Temple of Your Heart” … Visualize and be well

I recall “There Is a River” as a book about Edgar Cayce that I read years and years ago. Yesterday morning, I “saw” what appeared to me as sparkling white light, before I awoke … Today, these words came to me:

There is a river

Of sparkling white starlight

Flowing from Source …

With lotuses at its vortices

Aligned and pulsating in harmony …

Circulating in a microcosmic orbit

And nourishing a Tree of Life


With these words, came the thought that: As dis-ease occurs when there is not alignment … balance and harmony … It may be that if you visualize and meditate on the image that came to me in “There is a river,” alignment … balance and harmony … will (come to) be …

The image that came to me included the sefirot of the Kabbalah Tree of Life … as well as the chakras being on the microcosmic orbit, as observed by Darren Weissman, he who speaks of infinite love and gratitude, wrote “Awakening To The Secret Code Of Your Mind” and evolved the Lifeline Technique, which has been acknowledged by Louise Hay.


This came to me while reading Jonathan Goldman’s “The Divine Name — The Sound That Can Change the World”:

“Sounds are spirit …You cannot feel them with your senses. You must let them resonate in your heart … To create balance, harmony, change and healing.”


I did not consciously recall when the etheric sparkling starlight “vision” came to me yesterday, that, last week, I came upon this meditation from ThetaHealer Margaret Loris … Credit and blessings go to her for making Spirit more aware … and … giving “There is a river” to me in a theta brainwave or dream state — after I was stirred by some abdominal pain — before I was fully awake:


Margaret Loris The Sunhealer

Margaret recorded the following guided meditation on her Podbean blog at
http://sunhealer.podbean.com/2010/02/26/the-crystal-healing-temple-of-your-heart/, and she says:
“Feel free to pass them on.”



Take a deep breath and begin to relax. You are about to go on an inner journey to the most beautiful place in the world. You are going inside the temple of your heart.

First sink inside and imagine a beam of the sweetest unconditional love light traveling down from Source. traveling down through your Higher Self, traveling down through your crown chakra, third eye, throat, your heart chakra, third, second chakra, and base chakra.

Imagine this beam of Source energy traveling down your legs out your feet and continues traveling down deep into the core of Mother Earth.

Watch as Source’s beam of love joins with the love energy of Mother Earth and returns back through all the layers and levels of the earth, then back through you and returns to Source.

Keep this unconditional love energy exchange from Source intermingling with earth energies on automatic flowing through you as you are Source’s conduit of love.

This channel of Source’s light begins flowing into your heart chakra which is transforming into a most beautiful crystal temple.

You see beautiful crystal formations hanging from the ceiling and growing from the earth.

You see Source’s brilliance as it beams through the ceiling filling the entire temple with luminescence.

These crystals have special healing powers of transfiguration.

With their innate intelligence they will begin a gentle lifting out of all discordant energies that you have inadvertently allowed into your energy field.

The crystals will also heal imprints from this life and prior lives.

All you need to do is give permission internally for this clearing to begin.

Enter into your temple, and notice a light beam of spiritual power at the center. This is Source energy. Feel Source’s tremendous Unconditional Love pouring into your heart, cleansing your heart, healing your heart.

The crystals are activated and are now emanating their healing energy.

Begin to feel all old sadness, sorrow, and grief being transformed into this mighty light.

Allow all trauma, heartache, unrequited love, anger, or any other emotion you may be feeling to be lifted out gently into this miraculous healing light.

Letting go in a safe and natural rhythm.

Cleansing, freeing your self from the past as new and higher soothing energies come in and refill you.

Continue releasing.

Changing your imprints and rewriting your history.

Making room for the happiness you deserve.

And the love you are worthy of.

Letting joy in, lots of joy.

And pleasure.

Feeling good and feeling great!

Feeling safe.

Feeling supported.

And add any other feelings you would like to posses in your energy system.

Feel the waves of the past simply flow out from you and your field.

Sit for a few moments as this process continues.

Rest and saturate your entire self with this graceful healing energy.

And only when you feel full, allow your heart to overflow with your own unconditional love.

See it mixing with the energies from Source.

And notice the crystals sparkle greater and become brighter and as these wonderful energies continue to heal.

And when you feel complete, place your conscious awareness into a point deep inside Mother Earth.

Feel her unconditional love and ask her to share her energies with you.

See Her energy traveling up through your legs, bringing them up into your heart space.

Fill your heart with the warm healing energy of Mother Earth.

The crystals are now vibrating and pulsating in healing. Notice that they glow much brighter as they mingle and intermix with the love energies from Mother Earth, your precious heart, and Source.

Continue allowing all these energies in and integrating them.

Simply rest.


About Theta Networker

“Before I am a man, I am a human being; before I am a human being, I am a spirit” ... who chooses to move toward those who naturally emanate love and light ... and away from toxic, fear-based thought-forms or religions ... Awakening to healing myself and allowing the grace that others need to flow through me from spirit ... And so I am guided to write in the spirit of a Blue Ray ...

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