Health Wisdom: From Ben Ong

Ben Ong truly pinpoints the issue against drugs, making it crystal clear that this is NOT about “preference” … IMHO it’s about uninformed consent or “agreement” with the propaganda of the medical-pharmaceutical-corporate complex which has unfettered access to the mass media, and a myriad of conflicts of interest, [which will be taken up in future posts].

“It seems most people have only a very vague or even no understanding of the differences between Prescription Drugs, Herbal Supplements and Food Supplements. So today’s second newsletter devoted to clarity will explain this for you.

“What is the difference between synthetic and natural? It is not just that one was created in a laboratory and the other can be found in nature? The significant point is that over thousands of generations our bodies have evolved to have a tolerance for and understanding of how to digest and make good use of natural foods.

“The moment a natural food touches our tongues, the body begins the process of deconstructing them. It [the body] knows how to extract all the goodness they have, both to generate energy and also to use those nutrients as building blocks. These building blocks will be used to maintain the strength, stamina and immunity of your body.

“In contrast, as soon as you put a synthetic biochemical on your tongue, your body views that as an alien intruder. It sees a potential poison and it begins the process to seek to isolate that intruder and ideally to expel it from your body, though often it is unable to do that.

“All prescription drugs are Synthetic Biochemicals designed to interfere in some way with the workings of your body and mind. By definition they are all toxic because the body does not recognize them as food. It is this combination of being toxic and interfering with natural processes that cause all medicines to have undesirable side effects.

“In a health emergency, a medicine can be a lifesaver and in that situation a side effect is tolerable. In chronic disease however, taking medicines over years mostly cause more problems than they solve. This is especially true when there are natural ways to heal disease as opposed to merely suppress symptoms.

“If you are just suppressing symptoms, it means the disease is still getting worse. Only now the lack of symptoms means you are unaware of that deterioration. Eventually that deterioration overwhelms the ability of the drug to suppress those symptoms. Then you need more drugs or invasive procedures to deal with the ever worsening disease.

“So where does an herbal supplement fit in? Herbs can sometimes also be foods. But sometimes they are unrefined natural drugs in the sense that they have a pharmacological effect on the body and can therefore also have side effects albeit those side effects will always be far less than you will get with prescription drugs.

“Most prescription drugs start out in life as herbs from which the active ingredients are then extracted, concentrated, synthesized and modified so that it can be patented. It is the process of extraction, concentration and synthesis which makes the resulting drug more alien and therefore more toxic to the body.

“And what is a food supplement? A food supplement is selected concentrations of nutrients manufactured by extracting them from natural foods. That generally means no side effects apart from very rare individual allergic reactions.

“So why do I recommend the use of Food supplements rather than drugs or even herbal supplements? Most chronic disease is caused in the first instance, in large part because we eat the wrong foods and do not eat the right foods.

“Chronic disease includes all the diseases of our modern western affluent society. So, obesity, diabetes, heart and arterial disease, cancer (including prostate cancer), arthritis and many others, all start with breakfast, lunch and supper.

“This is a process that happens over tens of years.

“It should be obvious that the first step in healing disease caused by foods is to change from the foods that caused the initial problem to foods that can prevent it and heal it. That is why my guide “All about the prostate” deals at great length with diet.

“The second step is to find ways to pump the body full of those nutrients it has been starved of for tens of years. The research shows that you need forty times as much of any nutrient to hope to reverse a condition as you need to maintain health. The only way you can provide an ample sufficiency of those vital nutrients is to take food supplements.” 

I have received Ben Ong’s permission to post this information on this blog.

L’chaim [To your health],

AAK [Web acronym for “Alive And Kicking”]


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