Open the Door to Vibrations of your Higher Self and Healing Within the Human Energy Field

It may be that:

Thought is electrical …

Emotion is magnetic … How might that be? … If someone manifests [outflows] strong emotion, do you not feel attracted to or repulsed or repelled from them? … Similarly, if you manifest emotion: Have you not observed others to be attracted or repelled from you? …

Effort is physical …

It appears to those spiritual adepts who have been, or are, able to see the chakras as spinning wheels of light, that: The more light one has in her or his body … the less dense … and healthier, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually the person is …

The following paragraph is material channeled from Archangel Gabriel by Lois Wetzel, to be found at

Archangel Gabriel – February 27, 2011

Dimensions or Densities?


“And now let us speak further of energetic frequencies, dimensions and densities. There is much misunderstanding and confusion regarding what exists beyond the three dimensions within which you understand yourselves to exist. As you expand you will become more and more aware of other dimensions. It is easier to perceive this if you understand that those dimensions are actually densities. The more expanded (or less dense) you become the more you will feel things at a distance. You will feel what is going on in the office next door to you or in the apartment, condo or townhouse next to you. This means you are expanded into greater awareness of that which is going on around you because as you expand and become less dense, you will feel more.”


Your ability to be a light in an area of darkness may make it possible for other people to see … No matter what the darkness … cultivate the ability to look past it to the light …

I never promised to have a reference for everything, within every post, that I say on this blog :-). If it weren’t for the schism [total split, or disconnect, in some quarters] between Spirit and Science, what I have begun to say in this post would not be considered by some to be in need of logical or “left brain” proof . Btw, there was no such disconnect between Spirit and Science in ancient Egypt, for example.

You may “google” Spirit vs. Science if you like. For now, I simply note the following:

L. Ron Hubbard mentioned in a book entitled Have You Lived Before This Life, that the existence of “past lives” was voted out of Catholicism at, I believe the Synod of Constantinople. On one of her Blog Talk Radio broadcast of 2010, Lois Wetzel — practitioner of BodyTalk and other spiritual applications — mentioned that at just about the time that the Solfeggio musical tone scale was adapted, the New Testament was changed to do an about-face from putting forth the origanal [Essene] concept of Jesus that [responsibility for one’s] healing is to be found within …

There is work being done in the field of epigenetic [above the genes] biology, a primary researcher of which is Bruce Lipton, who started out as a hard “genes control everything” physical matter-energy-space-time science guy and one discovery led to another until he, scientifically, evolved a new belief system in which he has come to believe that lifeforce … intention is the source of creation of everything. This evolution is described in his lecture series The Wisdom of Your Cells and in his book, THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF — Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. Btw, Bruce Lipton’s research discoveries scientifically validate many of those of L. Ron Hubbard, which were first announced 50 – 60 years earlier with the advent of Dianetics. Candace Pert’s independent, related groundbreaking work, which she reported on in Molecules of Emotion, is cited by Bruce Lipton …

And so it is … as we approach the year 2012 … a time of spiritual opportunity even for those of us who live on this limited three-dimensional planet … there is power in groups and as I said in my previous email, the Universe is calling for us to wake up and release old limiting patterns. It is my hope to help create a wave of healing that will carry us into the next year and a new way of Being, to co-create a world where we connect as the Divine human beings we are, instead of waiting for crisis to reach out to one another.

There are possibilities of healing not limited by the boundaries of the three dimensions of earth … universal life force healing … vibrational healing … energy healing:

Are some of the possibilities that Jacky Roy speaks of on her Beacon of Light spiritual portal for real? … By visiting that web site, you may decide for yourself.


About Theta Networker

“Before I am a man, I am a human being; before I am a human being, I am a spirit” ... who chooses to move toward those who naturally emanate love and light ... and away from toxic, fear-based thought-forms or religions ... Awakening to healing myself and allowing the grace that others need to flow through me from spirit ... And so I am guided to write in the spirit of a Blue Ray ...

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