Cultivation Practice – Spiritual Renewal and the Exercises of Falun Dafa (Falun Gong)


Presented at Harvard University in April,

2000 by Jingduan Yang, MD

{This is the last section of his presentation, more of which appears on the Falun Gong page of this blog}

When you see our demonstration, you may find the movements are very graceful and soothing. However you may not find {the appearance of} it particularly different from other forms of Qi Gong, Yoga, and Tai Chi.

How come this practice has attracted such a large population within such a short time? How come its practitioners claim such wonderful, sometimes miraculous healing effects?

While the term qi, life force or energy, is becoming popular to many everyday Americans, Falun Gong practitioners are trying to get rid of the qi and replace it with what is called Gong. Described in Mr. Li’s book Zhuan Falun, Gong is a higher energy from the universe. While qi is subject to all kinds of dysfunctions (what are described in Traditional Chinese Medicine as qi deficiency, rebellious qi, sinking qi, stagnant qi, collapsed qi etc.), gong is seen as a higher level of energy from the universe that is resistant to any kind of pathogen. However, Falun Gong holds that the only way to obtain this higher form of energy, or gong, is to cultivate one’s spirit and mind to assimilate to the nature of the universe; Zhen, Shan and Ren {Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance}. Practicing the five sets of Falun Gong exercises is said to enhance and accelerate the process of Gong development, but only if one accompanies the exercises with cultivation of one’s heart and mind in daily life.

So, is this belief true? And what exactly happens if gong is in fact developed? Professor Lili Feng and her assistants at the Scripps Research Institute in California are studying 17 Falun Gong practitioner’s lymphocytes’ efficacy against HIV virus in vitro, and the preliminary results have been very impressive. Some of these cells have been proven to be resistant to HIV viral infections. Accidentally, another scientist in the group found the practitioners’ neutrophils, white blood cells which have a key role in fighting bacterial infection, live 30 times longer than average cells, and also remain in high function during their extended lifespan. Currently this molecular biologist is expanding her study samples to include more practitioners’ data. She could not explain her findings using science’s current understanding of such things. She told me, “it can only be explained by the teachings in Zhuan Falun.”

According to the Buddha school, bad karma accumulates from wrongdoing in this and past lifetimes, causing suffering. Falun Gong holds that the suffering from illness results from karma, and that through self-cultivation this karma may be eliminated, bringing one to an illness free and ultimately enlightened state. In Zhuan Falun, Mr. Li states, however, that: “cultivation depend on one’s self, and a cultivation system depends on one’s teacher”. So it is understood that through obtaining the right teachings and through self-cultivation, one may not only reach an illness-free state, but enlightenment.

When a practitioner follows the right teachings, miracles can happen. This is the way I understand what happens in Falun Gong practice. They begin to be fully aware of their personal, ethical shortcomings, and make improvements. They begin to understand how to live a truly meaningful life, and for this they are rewarded. It becomes very clear to them that without the health of one’s spirit; one’s mind and body can never be healthy.

Starting 1949, when the Communists took power in China, any belief in enlightened beings, divine beings, demons, or gods were totally regarded as backward and superstitious. In fact, every aspect of traditional Chinese culture was viewed this way. The people who dared to hold onto their beliefs were severely punished; many were even executed. Since the Communist party has controlled the educational system and media since that time, and due to their exalting science while doing away with traditional beliefs, very few Chinese of recent generations believe in anything beyond what exists in this material world. A quote from Jiang Zeming , the president of China, represents this view well: He asked, ” Why do many Americans, living in such a scientifically and technologically advanced society, believe in God?”

In the last 7 years over 100 million people in China and abroad have become spiritually renewed through practicing Falun Gong. For them, though, it hasn’t been simply faith that has led them in this direction, but incredible personal experiences, including healing of chronic, and sometimes so-called incurable illnesses, and enlightenment to the truth of the universe. Because of the power of such experiences, upon facing severe punishment and even threats of death, practitioners have not given up, but instead have become more persistent. They return the government’s fabrications with stories of truth; they return the persecution with compassion and tolerance.


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