Thank you for letting me join you on your journey of experiencing spirit within


 I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells … which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.

The divinity in me sees and recognizes the divinity in you … As Kriyananda has said: “Divine persons who really perceive God include everybody within the path of their love.”

“The spirit giveth life ,,, The letter killeth” 

“Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.” — 2 Corinthians 3:6

“Before I am a man, I am a human being; before I am a human being, I am a spirit” … who chooses to move toward those who naturally emanate love and light … and away from toxic, fear-based thought-forms … Awakening to healing myself and allowing the grace that others need to flow through me from spirit …


Universal Christianity … Universal Buddhism … 

As Jesus said [John 14:2], “In My Father’s house are many mansions” …  There are 12 gates into The Holy City [Revelation: 21:12] … There are many doorways to healing and joy … There are many paths back to perfect union with the Divine Self or Light within each of us.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, So is he.” — Solomon — Proverbs 23:7

“It is done unto you as you believe.” — Jesus — Matthew 8:13

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” — Jesus — Matthew 7:7


When “The Real Being” is on the Line: Manifestation and Healing Happens

I am inspired to write this post, early this morning having heard Joshua Bloom say, on his Manifest Anything video — which is part of his Quantum Energy Transformation Attraction Formula course which I am engaged in — that wanting/needing is not the same as having … It IS quite true that they are different energetic flows.

“Quantum Time” is Not Linear Time …

Gregg Braden shows on a video at how doctors in a medicineless hospital in Beijing, China — having been  trained in a technology of (human-generated) emotion, believing that the cure “already happened” –  instead of wanting or needing or hoping that a cure will manifest “some day,” in the future — were able to cure cancer. This video actually shows this happening: You can see on a computer screen a woman’s tumor shrinking and disappearing! I have never seen a more powerful, moving video …

When you have what I like to call the real being on the line … that is when the universe gives you what you ask for … what you expect … When you are BEing, in that spirit  of “already happened,” as Gregg has captured for us in that video –  and as Joshua speaks of in his Manifestation video — you are sending the universe a different signal from “some day … some day … some say” … And that is when what (western or conventional) medicine calls “miracles” may happen. I highly recommend that you go to Joshua Bloom’s web sites and to learn more and feel how this can happen … Hint: A year or two ago, I was introduced to the idea of “being in your body” by Michael Smith,  whose teachings in The Empath Toolkit I began to apply … and the concept of “quantumness” from Christopher Westra … and now I am blessed, through the good offices of the synchronicities of the universe, to be learning from Joshua Bloom …

My Thoughts

If you have been looking for a way to apply in your own life, what Bruce Lipton discovered, as Joshua Bloom explains and clarifies to us (and as L. Ron Hubbard observed, years earlier) about trauma/unwanted feelings being recorded at the cellular level, you may be moved to say, as I am, that Joshua’s Quantum Energy Transformation may be what you have been looking for :-)

Could this be the true meaning of “As a (wo)man thinketh” as in The Word ?… With the practice of  Joshua’s Quantum Energy Transformation (and, possibly, Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing) may we be entering the realm of — or in the Spirit of –Divine Time, which is to say: Healing may be instantaneous … I welcome anyone’s thoughts or experience along this line …

 The Biology Of Belief

Bruce Lipton researched and discovered that one cannot be in “protective” or fear mode and growth mode at the same time. Stated differently: Your cells are either in fear/fight or flight, in which you react to a present time stimulus as if it were something from a traumatic incident of the past — when you were vulnerable, for example as a child … Or you are in growth/healing mode, which is expansive … and healthy spiritually and physically … You cannot be in both or “half and half.”


“Engram is a term much used in Scientology though the concept predates the founding of Scientology {by L. Ron Hubbard} and is actually based in medicine. The term was initially invented by Richard Semon, a German zoologist and biologist. Semon used the term to describe a stored impression or stimulus impression. Under certain circumstances the impression, could be reawakened.”

As a student of Dianetics (which, btw, one can study and apply independently of the current organizations of Scientology), I know that  L. Ron Hubbard’s research in the field of the mind, years before 1950 when he completed the writing of the book entitled Dianetics — The Modern Science Of Mental Health, led him to the discovery of what he termed the “reactive mind.” The “reactive mind” is a stimulus-response mechanism which contains “recordings”   “on automatic” at the time of traumatic incidents. They are, indeed, “stimulus impressions” {Thank you, Richard Semone} stored at the cellular level, as far as the body is concerned, and as mental image pictures {Thank you, Ron Hubbard} which exert force and the power of command over a person’s awareness/spirit, purposes, thoughts, body/health and actions/behavior, later on or in the present,  and are  “baggage” being carried around in life which may be triggered if someone pushes your buttons. Thus the term, “engram,” was the appropriate one for Ron Hubbard to adapt … with the meaning of the word extended in Dianetics to include the concept that these traumatic incidents, could be causatively restimulated — or “reawakened, as Richard Semone said — and with the proper procedure, be released or erased!

That is exactly what Ron did: He discovered and evolved procedure, to release or clear engrams … to unburden one from these traumatic incidents, and thus free people from the effects on their mind and body of incidents long past which they may have once actually needed — at that time — to go into fight, flight or avoidance mode.

Dianetics, however, is NOT done in quantumness or holographically … Rather, it entails repeatedly “running through,” along the “track” of linear time, painful incidents, until they/their feelings {emotional and physical} are released or erased from body and mind , and if one were to think of them, they would be “neutral” or simply memories without emotional charge rather than “baggage” being carried around in life which may be triggered if someone pushes your buttons.

Envision new Choices of Behavior, Health and Future and May Peace Come From Within

As we know in quantum and from other practices/from people such as medical intuitive Caroline Myss {“Your history is your biology”}, Louise Hay, and Karol Truman {Feelings Buried Alive Never Die}, to be stuck in that mode in present time serves no useful or healthy purpose.

L’chaim {To life} and awakening to and then letting go of feelings that  have not been conscious and are reactive or no longer serve us … and helping our friends and others to do the same …

Blessings to Gregg Braden, Joshua Bloom, Bruce Lipton and L. Ron Hubbard.

A Voice for Love: DavidPaul

David Paul is a voice for love … helping us to move into feeling it … in all it’s peaceful, harmonious qualities …

I know, in my head, that [as has been discussed previously, that the Michaelson-Morley experiment has been validated as Gregg Braden has pointed out, and so] we ARE/italics all connected through the Divine matrix … It is the same, universal life force energy that flows through us all … Yet, it was only when:

I began listening to the first of DavidPaul’s 4 free videos. that I suddenly realized what has all too often blocked me from feeling, in my heart, that “we are all connected” in the same spirit as Chief Robert TallTree says “Hello to all my relatives.”

What came to me … without asking … is this:

We are connected: THROUGH THE DIVINE … Re-looking at that to myself, I found myself “saying” Yes, it is through the Divine that we are connected to “others” … who we might not otherwise/on our own “be up to” feeling connected to in any way, shape or form in any moment … if we so choose … Namaste: “The divinity in me sees and recognizes the divinity in you.”

Birthing Connectedness: Wholeness on the Within … Unity on the Without: Being Willing to “Look For” Comes Before Being Able to See …

It is the Divine within ourselves/our hearts that enables us to be willing to look for and “see and recognize the divinity” in another … without the “need” to judge or dismiss as unworthy that “other” being across from or in front of us OR feel like there is an “infinite distance” between ourselves — aka “separation” — and that “other” who “isn’t family or friend in any way and never could be … because I don’t like ‘that one.’”

Indeed, as Kriyananda has said: “Divine persons who really perceive God [I might say: Persons becoming aware of their own/others' divinity] include everybody within the path of their love.”

To Hell with it: We Don’t Die

 There is no Death and There are no Dead

There is no death, although we grieve. When beautiful familiar forms And say that they are dead– They are not dead. They have but passed. Beyond the mists

There is No Death and There are No Dead by Tom and Lisa Butler

The above is the title of a book which Sandra Champlain mentioned as enlightening her … at a time when she was skeptical …
The below references of web sites and subject matter in the realm of there being no death, as many broadly assume, were also mentioned by Sandra today, in her  interview with Kristin on nQri Radio, online {She mentioned that she also has a web site, in the realm of We Don’t Die at and a domain, at, (which she hurriedly putting up to help people, once she was past her own skepticism) with relevant audio material and the first three chapters of her book We Don’t Die {to help heal people of the deep grief of mourning}:

As Sandra puts it: The earth is not flat … although people “knew” it was … How many of us see radio waves … etc. The same applies to heaven: You do not have to see it to know it is there …

She mentioned, too, on nQri, the special, incontrovertible {my word} evidence, such as that of children and blind people {who, in their lives on earth did not ever even see “the light” or other evidences of life after death = you are not just a body = death is not the end. Quincy, MA

Electronic Voice Phenomena: Tom and Isabella

There is no Death! What seems so is transition. This life of mortal breath Is but a suburb of the life elysian, Whose portal we call Death. 20. She is not dead 

How People With Inner and Outer Riches Make the Law of Attraction Work: The Mind Body Training Company

I believe Matt Clarkson, who mentions the Law of Attraction in a video introducing his guided visualizations in his manifesting package at, works in the same realm of what I would call enlightened self-hypnosis as Ed Lester does: I mean to say that they do NOT operate in the “old school” self-hypnosis practice of putting you at the effect of someone {an “operator”} who causes you to be put into a trance — if you are “susceptible” — and re-molds your beliefs while you sleep.

Deep Neural Repatterning

Rather they work in the realm of deep neural {neurological} re-patterning as mentioned at

Matt Clarkson’s Meditations for Manifesting includes a Past and Future Self Integration using hypnotic techniques to increase wholeness and integration within “to connect the ‘you of the past’ with the “you of the future” so that all aspects of who you are can work harmoniously toward your intentions,” a Future Visioning process to “help you harness the power of belief so that you expect your intentions will happen,” and seven additional modules relating to beliefs, manifestation and gratitude. As Matt says: “We do not get what we want — We get what we expect!”

How People With Inner and Outer Riches Make the Law of Attraction Work: The Abundance Index

Ed Lester, on a video at, speaks of what he calls the Law of Creative Force, in outlining the Abundance Mastery Program, says that “your mind creates your reality,” and makes a discernment between the conscious and subconscious mind. The program he presents is about mastering the subconscious — using the Laws of Attraction and Creative Force – and “unplugging from the negative energy” of beliefs about yourself like you are “unlucky”  … or lacking: the opposite of abundance! And labeling yourself as such …

Lester notes that if you are looking for solely financial wealth without caring about (other) people, then “you are not in the right place, i.e. this program is not for you. You will learn to unplug from such {false} beliefs or myths e.g. success can only be achieved at the expense of others.

His presentation of this program resonates with me, and that is why I am posting and giving you a heads-up on this:

“Ultimate Law of Attraction”: Abundance Mastery Program: The Abundance Index in 16 Training Modules

Says Lester:

“Whether you choose to focus on becoming more relaxed and happy…more confident and self-assured…more healthy and energetic…more motivated…wealthier…even if you have a specific goal in mind… attracting the love of your life…or building your dream business. Whatever your desired outcomes, this training program will be your secret weapon of success.”

Note: There is an unconditional guarantee {on ClickBank} good for a full 60 days from the date of purchase. So you get to try out this product, risk free for a full 60 days!

The Abundance Index is said to unleash the power of your creative imagination along with the Law of Attraction. Your map to success is indeed within …

I’ll keep you posted.

Metaforms: Sacred Geometry Tools said to Enhance the Human Energy Field

I pass this on for you to draw your own conclusions … All I know is: Sacred geometry is real … and the earth grid is real …

Special Offer Page

with testimonies from Barbara Marx Hubbard … Jonathan Goldman … and others …


A Powerful Message From a Powerful Teacher: Chief Robert TallTree

I am on the Miracle Mind Shift course of Robert and Terri TallTree, and here are some words to inspire and instruct you:

Saturday Vibrations: When You’re Relaxed and Not Rushed

I have had this thought in mind for a while:

Saturday and Sunday are, for most folks who “earn a living” {an interesting expression it itself, come to think of it, as living is innate to you … as you’ve been doing it for eons} on weekdays, 9 – 5, a (momentary) vacation .

We do indeed, as I have learned from more than one lightworker, have to “slow down” in order to raise our frequencies, .

This is one of those “inspirations” that I do not believe come to me entirely from within:

This morning, in the midst of listening to one of the beginning audios on Ed Lester’s Ultimate Abundance: Unleashing The Laws of Attraction and Creative Force course and while reflecting upon the work of Alicia Power, who speaks of why our circumstances become challenging/how our soul history creates disturbing realities, and teaches of learning from “spirit tutors” who may help us rediscover our soul’s primary agenda and reconnect with our soul’s “heart,” I came to this from Daniel Jacob at, and I share this with you, as permitted, for purposes of personal growth and/or research. Thank you, Daniel!


“In their transmission entitled ‘Pleasure and Pain in Transformation,’ The Reconnections have this to say to us, regarding our journey into 3D:

“You come here to the physical dimension from a place where you can do or have anything, just by thinking it. {Italics mine — Theta Networker} Being in a place of limitation and despair is quite a vacation for someone that powerful. And truly, it is only for a season, a micro-second in the flow of eternity. And the connected, expanded parts of you who realize this are doing everything they can to insure that you get to suck every drop of juice from your “lemons” of 3D drama, before you allow yourself to rise again to power and glory.

“Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious minds, you are really a bunch of Cosmic Houdinis, trying to outdo each other in the number of handicaps you can overcome. Of course, when the pendulum swings to pleasure again, the feelings are so much sweeter because of their contrast to the pain.”

A Final Word

I am at a “place” in my journey, where I would like to evolve/re-claim the BEingness to once again be in a place where you can do or have anything, just by thinking it – even if that place is still this planet which is — or  has been until relatively rececently — a 3D “haven” for souls who have been behind a “Veil of Forgetfulness” … I want to be in my “Saturday vibration” 24/7 … How about you? …

Telepathic Communication with Your Spirit Tutors, the Human Energy Field and Reconnecting with Your Soul’s Agenda

I first told you of Alicia Power and her Spirit Tutors … and teaching others to connect with and co-create with our own … when she was interviewed by Debra Poneman on her Your Life Without Limits series at

Recently, Eram Saeed  interviewed Alicia on her Heartache To Joy Series 7, with the Interview Replay to be found (still available for the moment) at Alicia’s program is offered at and — I noticed — the same offer is still available at

Why We Work on the Energy Body or the Human Energy Field

Alicia speaks in terms of the “web” {akin to the shattering of a car’s windshield after something hits it} in our auric field as a {an energetic} pattern that your spirit tutors/technicians can see … and their ability to change that pattern {of your “electrical” wiring} … manifests … There is an opportunity in our stuckness if {IF} we are willing to let yourself feel the truth about yourself if even for a moment …

It is, indeed, Rudy Hunter has said on his web site “There are reasons you’re stuck. They’re in your energy field.”

“The energy body is the template for the physical body,” says energy healer Dr. Bradley Nelson, the creator of The Emotion Code and The Body Code

1 tem·plet : a gauge, pattern, or mold used as a guide to the form of a piece being made

There Is An Opportunity in our Stuckness

What I take away from Alicia’s interview with Eram is that she is saying that: It is a change in the energetic pattern within your auric field, by your spirit tutors/technicians (at your request), that creates the change {changed pattern} in your emotions/emotional response pattern — if you create a tiny moment of letting yourself feel the truth about yourself.


A “Pattern Interrupt” is Not Simply an Emotional Manifestation

{Note: I admire those of us who “train themselves” into new behavioral patterns, whether it be through The Sedona Method of Letting Go or Colette Baron-Reid’s way to shift the internal landscape of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs  (as she teaches in her book, The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life)  in The Landscape of Peace and Calm, or Ed Lester’s Unleashing The Laws of Attraction and Creative Force teachings, or any other practice}

That gives me a deeper understanding of what has been called a “pattern interrupt”: an interruption of the (reactive) patterns of response {known as the “fight-or-flight” or “stress response” we see between people so often … I note that: We are in the midst of evolving patterns of behavior born out of a relaxation response or love response, which I believe equates to the healthy, “growth mode” spoken of by Bruce Lipton.

At this point, I — who have been one of those who often does not “feel” the subtle energy shifts due to the work of those lightworkers who are able to channel higher-dimensional beings on such broadcasts – am feeling that this program which I perceive as a journey of soul empowerment to co-creation with the spirit world may be the next step in my journey …

If it feels like that for you, perhaps I will “see” you there …

The World Begins With … Shifting Into Wholeness Within

This (for me) may be the most precious post, to-date, in the evolution that became Theta Networker’s Journey.

The reason I am putting forth to you Tom Kenyon’s sacred, special chanting of The 23rd Psalm, “along with” a YouTube presentation of Neville Goddard in which he states his understandings/revelations about you/each of us being “I AM THAT I AM,” is that Tom says that the chant which he does of The 23rd Psalm opens your Celestial Soul and I understand, from Neville Goddard, that he had the same Perspective of (Y)our Divinity as the Hathors.

The Hathor Perspective of (Y)our Divinity

“From our perspective” {as put so eloquently by the Hathors via Tom Kenyon}, “you require no person, no entity or organization to be an intermediary between you and your own Higher Self, your own Godhead, your own Divinity.” That is to say: You are worthy of connecting to your Celestial soul and you are able to …

Wholeness is the Opposite of Fragmentation or Separation

“As the within so the without” — The Kybalion


Rearrange The Mind – 1 of 5 Neville Goddard

My understanding is that both the Hathors and Neville speak/believe from a perspective of us not (needing to) pray to something outside of ourselves … to connect with our own Divinity.

These sound gifts {MP3 Audio Recordings to be Listened to or Downloaded} which are being shared are NOT in the public domain.The Terms and Conditions under which they are to be used are at the top of Blessings to Tom Kenyon for making them available to the world community …

The 23rd Psalm Alchemically Decoded, The Chanting of The 23rd Psalm, and Opening Your Celestial Soul

In the 23rd Psalm Alchemically Decoded recording, Tom explains {I understand this to be what the Hathors revealed to him} that while The 23rd Psalm is a mantra of protection which has roots in the Judeo-Christian tradition, it also has meaning in the Hermetic School of ancient Egypt {I understand that to mean that it traces back to Hermes Trismegustus, he who wrote The Kybalion}. He explains how it is of a  dimension outside of time and space … and thus {the actual audio recording of Tom’s Chanting of The 23rd Psalm} can enable one to open their Celestial Soul while still being in a body (on earth).

In The 23rd Psalm, chanted by Tom {It is my understanding that the way he chants it — and he explains why he alternates, in doing so, between the feminine and masculine aspects — came to him through the Hathors. That is to say: Neither me nor thee could chant The 23rd Psalm, no matter our tonality — and create the effect created by this audio recording.}

When I went to Tom Kenyon’s web site, almost two years ago, I did not see BOTH audio recordings of The 23rd Psalm.  Thank you to Becki Baumgartner whose website I just found, I am brought back to:, and I see that The 23rd Psalm chanted by Tom, as well as The 23rd Psalm Alchemically Decoded, is indeed one of the sound gifts to be found.

I  would like to note, also, as Becki does, that:

“A visit to his website, will provide valuable information on acoustic brain research and other amazing articles” …

The Word: All the answers are there IF …

All the answers are there IF …

When we view/understand through the lens of the 7 Principles of the Kybalion, looking at his teachings through the lens of “All is in vibration” as Florence Scovell Shinn does … we are able to see that Jesus certainly did live AND was the highest spiritual example for us all …

Tom Moore’s Opinion

Says Tom, who wrote a book called The Gentle Way {and puts forth a newsletter by the same name}, here’s what he says in his Newsletter of 9.3.2011:


“Regarding reading the Bible as “all the answers are in there.” I beg to differ. All the answers are not, because back when the Bible was assembled, the Pope, Bishops, etc. VOTED on what books to include in the Bible and even what passages in the books to delete. I seriously doubt that they have ever studied how this began at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. There are several accounts of this council you can Google, some with more information than others. There were several other councils, but this began the procedures used as to what to include and not include. As Theo {who Tom channels} has said before, the next Pope will open the Vatican Archives and much hidden will slowly be revealed. ”


“The answers are in there”

I agree with Tom on this … with the huge caveat that, although the teachings of Jesus were falsified … and the truths of his teachings were truly hijacked and omitted  to the point that mainstream “christianity” evolved to becoming un-Christ-ian, meaning not of the teachings of Jesus … Jesus certainly did live AND was the highest spiritual example for us all … And we now are enlightened enough to sort out the truth that he taught {having studied of it in Nallanda … India} from the ethnocentric and misogynist falsehoods passed off as his “teachings” … particularly in the western part of the world. 

Btw, the “next Pope,” from the time in 2011 that Tom’s 9.3.2011 Newsletter came out, has already been installed, and some hopefully “preliminary” opening of the Vatican Archives has begun …

I say hopefully “preliminary,” to indicate that, perhaps what THEO and tom Moore have spoken of will happen … in response to the truth that has come out from other (archaelogical) sources … and the decency of Pope Francis …

The HeartMath Institute, Psychophysiological Coherence and Unity Consciousness via Spirit Science

Here is some more enlightenment from

This is from Lesson 15, the last lesson of that video:

Psychophysiological Coherence

Psycho = Psychological~Mental + Emotions
Physiological = Physical Body
Coherence = “Systematic Connections” also-known-as Harmony

Thus: Psychophysiological Coherence means a Harmony between Body, Mind and Emotions

And, indicates the narrator of the Spirit Science video, the 4 elements of earth, air, fire and water relate as follows:

Earth ~ Physical World*Body
Air ~ Mental*Mind
Fire ~ Spiritual*Energetic
Water ~ Emotions

And the HeartMath Institute has scientifically {over 20 years of research} shown that generating positive and health emotions bring three of those elements into coherence … and likely the fourth {spiritual} although they don’t look at that as such.

Since we fell in consciousness {Italics mine}, we went from the unity consciousness of the heart to the {2 hemisphere} duality/polarity consciousness of the brain … Now we are evolving back into the heart …

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The Word via Spirit Science: The Origin of the Word “Christ”

From the Spirit Science 1 – 15 FULL MOVIE SERIES 2012 video at {Note: This video ends off on the subject of spirit Science after 3 hours: 5 minutes — with a full display of enlightening references that the work is based upon. It then goes on to teach about crystals … and then, after 3 hours: 40 minutes, {the {9 Insights of} The Celestine Prophecy … and then {Lesson 15 of this video}: Power of the Heart and the work of The HeartMath Institute} ,

which draws on The Emerald Tablets of Thoth of Atlantis, who also lived as Hermes Trismegustus {the original author of The Kybalion},


kybalion (Photo credit: labanex)

I bring you this:

“The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion.
It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology.” –Albert Einstein {Think: The “Cosmotheism” of Manly Hall}

Christ derives from KRYSTHL-A: The word that derives from the 7 Core Audible Tones of Creation: Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La


was broken down, and changed through oral tradition, into two words:

KRYST which became Christ and HL-A which became Allah …

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Buddha on the Cause and End of Suffering via Manly Hall: “Cosmotheism”: Working out your own salvation

Buddha, as Manly Hall knew, never called himself a god or thought of himself as an agent of one … And in elucidating (an appropriate, in this case, though fancy word that I almost never use :-)) Buddha’s understanding of the cause and end of suffering {Hint: Other spiritual teachers have referred to “the indwelling spirit”}, near the end of this presentation, he uses the word “cosmotheism” {as in: the (harmonious order of)  the cosmos … the universe … nature} in a spirit of noting that Buddhism does not enforce upon one the way to act … One, through looking (inward) at his own acts learn to discard those that have … caused suffering … (Note from Theta Networker: I believe this is called cultivation)

Note: I care not of Manly Hall’s purportedly being recognized as a 33º Mason, or his founding in 1934 of the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) I appreciate his calm, idealistic approach to the solution of human problems, in a spirit of freedom from educational, political, or ecclesiastical control, and his intention to integrate philosophy, religion, and science …

The Word from Dr. Brad: Follow Your Heart

I recall Robert F. Kennedy, when he was a senator from New York, saying that: Some people see things as they are and ask ‘why’ … Others dream things that never were and ask: ‘Why not?’

What’s Your Passion?

What do you do that you become so engaged in … that you are so passionate about, in your heart, that you lose all track of time … that you do not even (feel like you want to) stop to eat? …

The Heart Wall

As Dr. Brad has said:

When you graduate from school, what are you told? … to follow your spleen? … your kidneys? … your liver? … NO!! Your are told to “follow your heart” … your dreams … which is pretty hard — sometimes spelled I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E, while you have a “heart wall.”


The Principle of Rhythm and Overcoming Fear

Fear: A Reactive Program of “Us” vs. “Them” or Our Own “Feelings Buried Alive” vs. Our Higher Self

The Word: “A perfect love casteth out fear.”

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Principle of Rhythm

“Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right, is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates”–The Kybalion.

The Hermetic Masters … discovered that there were two general planes of Consciousness, the Lower and the Higher, the understanding of which fact enabled them to rise to the higher plane and thus escape the swing of the Rhythmic pendulum which manifested on the lower plane. In other words, the swing of the pendulum occurred on the Unconscious Plane, and the Consciousness was not affected. This they call the Law of Neutralization … The Hermetic Master, or advanced student, polarizes himself at the desired pole, and by a process akin to “refusing” to participate in the backward swing or, if you prefer, a “denial” of its influence over him, he stands firm in his polarized position, and allows the mental pendulum to swing back {Theta Networker: The “back swing” does yet manifest in some form/to some degree} along the unconscious plane.

My Thoughts

There is no danger in being neutral enough to listen to whatever it is that your own “trapped emotions” have said or are saying to you … They can be released or cleared: Your body does not have to resonate with or entrain to a “ball of energy” that is out of synch with the present-time environment or your health … out of harmony with the rest of your body … You do not (have to) entrain to lower frequencies within.

Neither should you fear that you will “lose yourself” or {be compelled to} entrain to lower frequencies without.